999: 9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors Escaping Overseas Thanks To Aksys

By Spencer . June 25, 2010 . 10:20am

imageAksys wasn’t at E3, but they have new games to announce at Anime Expo. One of them is (probably) 999: 9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors, a mystery game for the Nintendo DS from Chunsoft. Gamefly just leaked it.


9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors chronicles nine characters trapped on a luxurious cruise ship. You have to help them escape by solving touch screen puzzles. The escape the room mechanic is only half of the game. 999: 9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors also has a novel-like story to follow.


Chunsoft, the makers of the critically acclaimed 428 and Shiren the Wanderer created this puzzle game meets visual novel blend. Look for it on the Nintendo DS later this year.

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  • jj984jj

    Wow, never expected this in a million years! Aksys learned from Jake Hunter since they put out a second version so there should be no content cuts this time, right? If so, I’ll definitely pick it up.

  • Oh wow that sounds pretty interesting. Visual novel + puzzles seems like a nice blend. We don’t get too many of those over yonder. :3

    • SeventhEvening

      I was about to post the same thing.

  • Great aksys, i hope this is one is coming!

  • cowcow

    YES! Finally more ADV titles. I tried playing this as an import and got lost obviously but it seemed cool

    Now why don’t they bring over 428 too since it got so many positive reviews

    • jj984jj

      428 has video sequences that probably makes it a lot more difficult to localize.

      • BrotherCavil

        There’s this absolutely awesome little innovation in localization high-spec technology called “subtitles.”

        • jj984jj

          How many people would get a game with that much VA in a language they can’t understand? They’re dealing with niche markets here, and you’d have to be naive not to see the difference between this game and 428. But thanks for the ***hole response anyway Captain Obvious! It fills my heart with joy. ^_^

          • BrotherCavil

            How many people would buy a visual novel with very few actual gameplay elements in a time where even 5-minute cutscenes are looked down upon? They’re dealing with VERY niche markets here, and you’d have to be naive not to see the risk of even simply considering releasing a game like this one.

            But thanks for the ignorant response anyhow, Boy-Wonder Robin! It fills my heart with content! ^.^

          • jj984jj

            So you’re saying localizing both games have the same risk/reward for Aksys? Who’s the one really being ignorant here, broheim?

          • BrotherCavil


            “Debating” with you is worse than talking to a wall… When arguing with a wall, everything you shoot comes back. You’re like an incorporeal wall – everything goes *through* you, and thus completely miss the point…

            Have fun, dude. And I hope one day your extraordinarily extensive knowledge of the gaming demographic, market values, and localization processes pays off for you…

          • JC

            It’s because of close minded idiots who INSIST on dubs we don’t get a lot of these kinds of games released here! Voice acting is SO expensive (seriously, dubbing is more than 10 times MORE expensive than text translation!! that’s crazy money!!) that having to dub means the minimum sales threshold shoots through the roof!

            Yes, dubbing makes SENSE for titles which have good sales potential. BUT, there’s plenty of titles where it’s just not economically feasible, while a text translation would be!

            If video games are to be treated seriously like, say movies, then games with no English dub should be allowed to be released too!

            There’s plenty of foreign films that are never dubbed, yet they do see a subtitled release!

            There is a market for subtitled foreign films, who are you to say there wouldn’t be one for subtitled games?!

            Some subtitled foreign movies made quite a lot of money, the same might happen someday with videogames, you never know!

            And some profit is better than none!

            And are you aware there HAVE been quite a lot of undubbed visual novels released in English, for the PC?? Obviously, if there was no market for games without dubs, nobody would bother to release them!

            And BTW, there’s plenty of Western games released in Japan, with the English audio, and the text translation… And no, the average Japanese doesn’t speak English.

            The dub only rule enforced by Sony and Nintendo’s Western divisions actually increase the financiary hurdles towards releasing many Japanese games in the West!

            Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Japan don’t require Japanese voice acting, while their Western counterparts require English VA, which is completely unfair!

      • JC

        Games like GTA and Bully have been released in Japan with English audio (no Japanese dub), and Japanese text translations!

        If the Japanese Sony, Sega, Nintendo and Microsoft HQ’s had stupid, unfair rules requiring Japanese audio, like their Western counterparts require English, these games may NEVER have been released there, because nobody was sure they’d sell. CAPCOM thought GTA would bomb, yet, they took a chance, and GTA3 sold 300k copies, and it’s a foreign game!!

        • JC

          Muramasa was released with Japanese audio only, yet, guess what? It sold 140k copies in the US!! And 66k in Europe! This is proof that games with no English dub CAN sell!!

          As long as you release a good game, there will be people that will play it even if the voices are in Venusian, or Klingon!

      • JC

        Aksys released Agarest War with Japanese voices only! They obviously do NOT agree with you that undubbed games are a financial nonsense!!

        Because you sir are talking out of your ASS, and you obviously DON’T know the first thing about localization, how much dubbing costs, etc!

  • deltazero

    Whoa! I hope this gets a decent localization with no cuts. *begs Aksys to not botch it*

  • Moriken

    Writer did KID’s Infinity series, so that means hoping for a good story…but reading on the DS is such a chore -_-

  • kylehyde

    Part of me is glad, but other part is worried on the translation side, after all the narrative is a very important element of this kind of games and if the team in charge of this make a poor job well, the game tend to lose all their appeal.

  • I’ve played through every route in 999 in Japanese, totally blew me away. Although I loved every minute of it, complaints among the Japanese were that skipping already read text in new game+ wasn’t instant, it’s too similar to certain horror/mystery movies and to previous game Ever17, … I don’ remember the rest.

    Unlike most visual novels where there are long periods of null, 999 always keeps you on the edge of your seat as something exciting is always happening around every turn of the story. It’s like cliffhanger after cliffhanger. And omg, the final ultimate ending is totally unique.

  • Pichi

    I thought this game would never come here, thanks so much Aksys!! Will get!!

  • Oh wow! I really wanted to play this, but I never ever thought it’d be localized! I think I’ll get it! Although… where’s 428?

    • Joanna

      Same here. I heard about this game awhile back and I thought it sounded interesting, but I never, in my wildest dreams, expected it to actually be released state-side. I’ll have to pick this up. :3

  • Oh god, yes!! I completely forgot about this one so I’m even more excited for an English release of this one… I played a bit of the Japanese version and the game is presented very nicely, great graphics, great atmosphere! Can’t wait! <3

  • Chow

    I somehow foresee Saw 9 doing exactly this premise.

  • Artavasdus

    Aksys is truly incredible. They are satisfying practically every niche fanbase at the same time: BlazBlue for the 2dbeu crowd, Death Smiles for all danmaku shmup lovers, Agarest, Mimana and Laevatein for jrpg fans and Theresia and 999 for adventurevisual novels enthusiast. And they are releasing some of the best limited editions seen in the west in the last ten years, too.

    Really, keep up the good work guys.

  • OMG seriously?! This is a good news!

  • masuto

    OMG! I am so gonna buy 999 at day 1!

  • Hours

    Cool, I always thought this game looked interesting. I’m glad Aksys is taking a chance of games like these, I wish more companies would follow suit.

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