428 Director Fears LovePlus On 3DS

By Ishaan . June 27, 2010 . 4:18pm


People love LovePlus. People also love the 3DS. And hey, since people also love money, you’d think that’s reason enough for Konami to already be working on a 3DS-compatible successor to the game. Either way, 428 director — and he’s also part of Level-5’s Time Travelers game — Jiro Ishii feels that, such a project, if it were to exist, would be dangerous.


“I think LovePlus for the 3DS is probably dangerous,” Ishii said on his Twitter. “This time I might not return home.”


While we’re not entirely sure what he’s referring to in the second sentence — make of it what you will — Ishii doesn’t need to say more to get the idea across. LovePlus on 3DS could be a scary prospect indeed, for obvious reasons.

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  • andref

    two words…… 3D groping

    • BrotherCavil

      Why stop there? *creepy perverted smile*

  • Hahaha, might be dangerouscxD…, well, with the 2nd sentence i think he meant there would be many stuff for them to do, and with the 3Ds there may be countless of possibilities to enchant the game, and he has to “please” the ppl who love loveplus

    • I think he rather means “he might get lost in the game and not return to reality” – he’s not part of the Love Plus developers or anything. Maybe it’s a hint that he will be for a 3DS version, who knows. But I rather believe this post was entirely from his perspective as a gamer himself.

      And yes, Love Plus 3DS would destroy lives, I’m sure of it and I wouldn’t ever touch it (never mind that I’m not part of the target audience anyways). End of story. <3

      • Or maybe he fears that once he goes out of his office, the otakus will be waiting for him asking for moar

        • Well, IF he is in any way related to a possible Love Plus 3DS, I still don’t think so.

      • Or…. he could be talking about this program they’re having all across Japan where you get to download exclusive stuff your Love Plus game:
        (NSFW – Mature Content link)
        “Distributed throughout each prefecture of Japan, these stations will each provide a “locality capsule” to Love Plus players, which grants access to several special characters (it’s not clear whether these are full blown extra characters or something else, but the official announcement does say “character”), each limited to certain prefectures.

        Each prefecture is said to have a special “rare character” as well. Leveling up locality characters will give access to special rewards, all designed to elicit the powerful collector mentality otaku are known for.”

        Better start packing!

  • Aoshi00

    Not only does Love Plus need to be on 3DS, but also on Kinect as well lol..I finally started to play the game 2 days ago, it’s great. Finished the first half of the game and Nene is my gf now. It’s not that scary, the girls are very CUTE :) Minaguchi Yuuko has been my favorite seiyuu for years.. Tange Sakura as Rinko is cute too, I haven’t heard her since I watched “Marmalade Boy” in high school, crazy..The first half was like regular dating sim, now let’s see what the 2nd part is like..

    EDIT: btw, I haven’t been playing Love Plus for 2 straight days, finally played Muramasa (but not Ignition’s ver. :) beautiful game.. now before the last boss Fudou Myou’oh..

    • nyoron

      Wow I thought Sakura Tange had retired… at least that’s what I heard way back when her role as Kasumi was recast in DOA 3. Would be cool to hear her again.

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, I haven’t heard her in ages, it’s like she’s suddenly back after 10 yrs.. I remember her as Suzu-chan from Marmalade Boy the most. No wonder Rinko is many people’s favorite from Love Plus.

    • BrotherCavil

      Aoshi! D: You’ve been infected! Noooo!

      • Aoshi00

        guess I finally succumbed to the devil huh lol, don’t worry, there’s a mode you can choose so that it’s not in “real time” (in sync w/ actual time on the DS), so she can’t control me.. once she becomes your gf, she’s really needy though :) Seriously, all 3 girls are extremely cute and the game is pretty fun, if real high school love life were like that..

        • Uh, oh. I left the game in real time and haven’t gotten back to Rinko in about 2 months…
          “I got a wife and kids. Oh, that reminds me. They’re probably wondering where I went. I told ’em I’m going for coffee. That was a week ago!”

          • Aoshi00

            How could you!? I hope she kicks you in the shin :) Hm.. I wonder what happen when you left her for two months.. I was playing the game wrong at first, I tried to hit on all 3 girls evenly and didn’t get any of them when I graduate at the 100th day. Now I just got hooked up w/ Nene. The girls are so darned cute.. lol good Burnsy quote… I kind of wish I haven’t gotten the first game and get the upgraded Love Plus +, I’m not sure if I should double-dip..

          • Well, there’s that “getting fit” part of the game that’s new in LP+

            Personally, I know this game isn’t for me. It’s a really cool concept, but after going through the first half of the game I think I enjoyed it as much as I’m able to. I’d be interested in what they have planned for future releases, though. I’m glad that these games coming out. I think they kind of explore, maybe even blur, the interaction of the player and concept, or “game”.

          • Aoshi00

            That’s cute! I actually had a tough time not choosing Manaka. There should be many other new scenarios too but I’m not sure if I have time to play all of them. The game is pretty fun, the first half is like your regular dating sim, it’s the 2nd part that requires more commitment like real life, once you’re hooked up the girl always needs you to tell her or show her you love her.. I thought this part is so funny, Rinko’s being the clingy wife in your dream,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmb0VspNYS4&feat…Well, I’m going to at least get the other two girls to confess to me. I guess you need to switch to real time in order to get some events on specific days..I’m interested to see what they can cook up w/ 3DS or Kinect too (though I’m not sure how well the voice recognition would work, and it’s too embarrassing to say things out loud anyway..). It’s been a while since I’ve played this kind of game, Love Plus is definitely cuter than your usual Moe stuff. I kind of wish I have the bigger DSI XL for this, or Prof Layton.. the seiyuu are really nice though, truth is I’ve had a thing for Minaguchi Yuuko for a long long time ever since Yawara lol.. so of course I’m picking Nene first.. It’s good to have Tange Sakura back too, she kinda disappeared from the VA scene 10 yrs ago and now making a come back.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I mentioned it on Facebook :P But the thought of Love Plus on the 3DS is, as Ishii puts it, dangerous.

    But, we all know how that well that will sell.

    • Doh, sorry I must have missed that!

  • kylehyde

    The persecons are more closer than we think.I warn you, I warn you all, that thing was created by the same Lucifer (or maybe Clamp)They will…will….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNyx52NzIao

    • MisterNiwa

      Do you know the feeling if you try to think too hard?

      It hurts, and yeah you are fault that my head hurts nao.

  • dusk

    My God. The guy is joking, man. Just read the follow up sentence. “I might not come home” implies he might not go home to his wife. Some of you need to lighten up. It’s just a game. I’ve being playing it daily since the launch of the first title and I’m still OK.

    What I’m not okay with is all the hate I’ve been seeing in numerous articles and comments all these months, particularly from people who didn’t even touch the game before. And those people weren’t just teasing the game playfully, they were irradiating some serious crazy hate based on just the idea of a realistic simulation game.

  • if the character become 3d …. its like otaku’s dream come true … well, no really “true”, at least half-true is already good

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