Dead Or Alive 3DS Has Motion-Controlled Jiggling, Too?

By Ishaan . June 27, 2010 . 12:15pm


Remember the jiggling boob feature from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? Tecmo are going to be putting it in the palm of your hands once again, literally, with the 3DS version of Dead or Alive.


The news comes by way of — wait for it — an investor, who got some hands-on time with a few 3DS tech demos, and posted his impressions of them on his blog. Additionally, he also mentioned that he overheard a Tecmo representative state explicitly that the boobs in DOA jiggle if you shake the 3DS.


Soon after, another enterprising blog snagged a screenshot of the post for evidence and reported it.

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  • malek86

    How can you have motion controls on the 3DS? You lose the 3D effect when you move the console.

    I guess it will be useful for when the 3D effect is disabled, though.

    • Well, but i suppose you move it, and then you stop to see… the “magnificence”? is already hard enough to see it while moving it :P

    • endaround

      The camera’s on the back track positioning. In one of the tech demos/games you moved the 3DS around to shoot faces flying at you.

  • andref

    i guess the 3DS is losing its nintendo is for all ages but most importantly for kids images. XD, you can’t give jiggle physics to elementary school kids and what will parents think having the game. Picture this story, kid in living room shaking his 3DS and giggling, mother gets curious and sneaks up behind him, low and behold what does she see?… A close up picture of kasumi and her jiggling breasts as the little boy shakes his 3DS up and down. In the background the former studio head, Itagaki-san with his shades on is posing and giving a thumbs up

    • Vino (Tim N)

      Its better probably if the 3DS isn’t in the hands the younger kids. It is ages 7 and up anyways.
      And I’m sure parents won’t be buying their kids a game with well-endowed women on it :P

      • Are you so sure?

        • If is about the kids, just checking the news will do -.-

      • i dont really think most of the parents care (most of them, not all of them)

        • Well, I don’t really care if my son sees jiggling boobs or not, he’ll see them sooner or later anyways, but seeing sexy video game girls too early might get his idea of ideal women messed up. :>

      • Guest

        As WildArms said, most parents tend not to care…that is why there are oversensitive children-based lobbies (at least in australia) about the rating.

        I’d rather this game just get an M15+ rating or PG-13 or whatever, around that age to help deter their children…although, some parents even buy GTA for children as young as 10…and quite frankly, the damage is done after the first one is bought.

        Or possibly, even the kid has friends in high school/middle school that have the game and keep talking about, and right there, the damage is spreading. It’s not a lost cause, as you can prevent your child from getting the game…but the chances are…he’ll keep complaining and complaining and you might eventually give in because you’re scared he might just try go over to his new “friend’s” house to play it instead.

        Of course, I wouldn’t know, I don’t have kids. I just speak from experience. (I didn’t touch GTA till I was old enough to buy it myself though).

    • I grinned wide at the Itagaki inclusion at the end. Nice touch!

      • andref

        thanks, i couldn’t help but laugh when typing too

  • kupomogli

    What’s better than jiggling boobies? Jiggling boobies…. in HD. What’s better than that? Jiggling boobies…. in 3d.

    • pressstart

      What’s even better than that? Jiggling boobies… in HD 3D!

      • MisterNiwa

        And what is hundred times better than that? Jiggling boobies… of a real girl.

        • Yeah but that is hundred times harder to achieve, you need to do a lot of quest when you wanna go for the real deal xD, i mean, with this you just gotta go to a store, buy it, put it in the3DS, go into your rom, and…. shake…. lol this sounds wrong

          • That’s why we have the internet :D

          • MisterNiwa

            It is like in a game, you have to stay up till 3AM to get this archievement/trophy.

            … :d

        • SeventhEvening

          While I don’t disagree, real girls can’t be carried in your pocket and pulled out any time you want. They lack the convenience of 3d portable boobs.

          Not to mention, most girls, even those close to me, take offense when I pick them up and shake them for a good jiggle.

          • MisterNiwa

            Well, jiggling real boobies without getting hit is a Ninja Gaiden.

            .. got it? *giggles*

  • cowcow

    jiggling boobs is so 90’s. Where’s the jiggling butts?

    • fallen


  • don’t worry, 3DS have Parental Control

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