Seth Green Shills Dragon Quest IX

By Spencer . June 28, 2010 . 6:09pm

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has an unlikely spokesperson in North America. Nintendo of America picked Robot Chicken creator Seth Green for the game’s TV commercials.



Beyonce helped push Rhythm Heaven to popularity. Can Seth Green do the same for Dragon Quest?

  • To me, he’ll always be the kid who was eaten by the monster under his bed in Tales From The Darkside.
    Goofy and cute, I like it. Is Nintendo kind of going back to that type of thing now? The Smash Brothers commercial for the N64 is still one of my all time favorite game commercials. That, and the Majora’s Mask commercial – simply amazing

    • lucy1986

      Wow, someone else remembers Tales from the Darkside…..nice
      I like Seth Green, it’s good to see someone that seems even vaguely like they would pick up a DS. I don’t know what the advertising campaign was like in America but in Britain, we don’t get beyonce…..we get ant and dec.

  • joesz

    Seth Green+Playing Dragon Quest IX=FTW!

  • I guess i should know who this guy is… uh? xD

    • raymk

      It would be nice if you did, Robot chicken is a good show.

    • BrotherCavil

      You ought to be ashamed not to know him.

      • What? Ashamed???

        • BrotherCavil

          Robot Chicken is work of art. Seth Green’s name MUST be known.

          • He also starred in Buffy the Vampire slayer and has had his hand in Family Guy as well.

          • Yeah, I like him for his role in Buffy mostly. Robot Chicken has had some funny jokes as well.

          • I guess our opinion on American pop culture being “work of art” differs.

            There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t know his name.

            Not saying Robot Chicken is trash, but come on!

    • Ereek

      Nah, not really. Don’t worry about it, he’s overrated.

      • I don’t really get the appeal of him either. I will, however, defend him for a moment as an enjoyable pilot in Mass Effect. =) Outside of that, I don’t really know anything about him! Heh. (Oh, and I’m a nerd and enjoy BtVS a lot, so he was big in that for me).

  • andref

    thats rich

  • Hraesvelgr

    Seth Green is great as Joker in Mass Effect, but, uh, I honestly can’t think of anything else good he’s ever been in. Is he actually into the game, or is it just a random paid endorsement? I’m guessing the latter, which makes me not really care.

  • i dunno if you know about this but Nintendo had some child actors, some actress i don’t know, Lil’ Jon at a celebrity sneak peek event.

    edit: the link doesn’t bring up any images, but if you type dragon quest into the search bar they’ll show up

  • maxchain

    Well, I’ll be damned! I’ve missed you, funny Nintendo commercials! This beats the heck out of watching someone (celebrity or otherwise) just sitting on a couch and playing it.

  • Ahaha, now my little sister wants to play it. See, she’s a big Buffy fan, so seeing the actor of Oz got her interested, and now she’s gonna buy it.


    • i think there’ll be many more like. IGN says that commercial will show up at theaters before Twilight: Eclipse showings

  • Kuza21

    I won’t be buying. Simply because I’m sick and tired of gaming companies taking their squeals from Console games to Handhelds. It makes me sick and I think I’m the only one who has this problem.

    • Ren


      • Kuza21

        Whoops. Didn’t see that typo there! but the rant still stands!

  • eliel

    lol only if he dose a parody on robot chicken

  • puchinri

    The commercial was amusing, and I love Robot Chicken (and Seth Green), so that was nice. And it probably will help at least a little in the long run (especially since it’ll be seen on TV and theaters).

    It’s also a relief that he is actually a gamer. Though now that I know a wife is a bigger gamer than he is, it would have been cool to see them in a commercial together maybe…? Then again, that probably wouldn’t work. (But gamer families, especially celeb ones, are still fun~.)

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