Hands On Enslaved: Odyssey To The West’s Post Apocalyptic Escort

By Spencer . June 30, 2010 . 4:44pm

1Enslaved: Odyssey to the West follows Monkey, a brute with bo, and Trip, a sly hacker, traversing a ruined world 150 years in the future. Instead of brown skies and gray stones, Enslaved’s world is lush with flora covered ruins.


In one area, the ground was littered with mines. I had to get Trip and Monkey past the minefield, but the game only let’s you control Monkey. A representative said there were a couple of ways I could solve this puzzle. Before he could finish, I made monkey grab Trip on his back and tiptoe past the mines. When Trip reached a ledge she couldn’t jump on, Monkey gave her a boost.


While Monkey is the brawn and does most of the fighting (earlier, I bashed robots with a giant stick), Trip is a notch more intelligent than other “protect me” partners. You can tell her to scan an area for enemies, make her decoy enemies, and tell her to hide. Sending Trip out though is risky because the two characters are linked via a slave crown. If Trip dies, Monkey dies too.


Trip’s intel can come in handy during fights too. By scanning your surroundings, Trip can find alternate paths for Monkey. Apparently, there was another route for the mines if I didn’t want to take the challenge head on. Fights are the same way. You can sneak up on enemies instead of smashing them and utilize background objects like far away turrets. While I went the brute route, another player could have been crafty, like Trip.

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  • Aoshi00

    Sounds good, kind of like they are linked together like Ico and Yorda. This should be even more fun than Heavenly Sword w/ puzzles (not to mention Trip is mucho hotter than Nariko :) . Andy Serkis is always fun to watch and listen to (he plays Monkey right?), can’t wait.

    • Code

      I know it’s off topic, but Aoshi00 didcha look into your new mini-Japanese 360? I have been looking at them, but something occurred to me wouldn’t you need a new mini-US 360 power cord (since it’s different then the original 360 model) to play it? I have no idea where to get one of those, so I’ve kind of held off for now, but I figure I’ll look into a mini too!

      • Aoshi00

        I bought too much stuffs recently, so I’m holding off getting a new Jpn 360 Slim at the moment (there’s not much that I want to play other than Steins;Gate), plus I want to use the Deathsmiles faceplate :) Yea, there’s still an external power brick but a smaller one, it should come w/ the new system though right? I’m thinking maybe I’ll upgrade by the time Kinect is out… or if NCSX would drop their price a little.. I wish Jpn would do a Kinect system bundle or something.

        P.S. If you want to know what I bought, it’s Dream Club and Love Plus related lol.. since P-A is having a sale on CDs.

        BTW, Metroid Other M has $20 credit for pre-order on Amazon!

        • Code

          Ahh alright, true, where you have a JPN system already, can’t hurt to hold off >w< I've been curious about this power cable in particular since I can't seem to find anywhere, where they sell them. Also Metroid: Other M $20 off preorder credit!? Color me interested!

          • Aoshi00

            wait, you’re not looking to buy the new cable separately right? The 360 systems all use different bricks, 203W, 175W and 150W for the different models, original, Falcon, and Jasper. And the Slim has a new one brick now, w/ the connector kinda like the PS2 Slim’s.

            Actually another reason I don’t want to import one yet is I’m not that confident in the new model, I want to wait a bit, right now both of my systems are running fine, I don’t want to transfer everything to the new system and then have it break down on me per chance :) I’m not too crazy about the touch sensitive btns either, I prefer the btns on the PS3 Slim and old 360, feels like I pressed something.

          • Code

            Yeah I heard you can use a US power adapter on Japanese units, which will give it the proper wattage. But the new Slim one has a new, different adapter, and I can’t seem anywhere where you can get this separate, so until that sorts out and you can find them separate I can’t really do a lot I figure T_T’

            Yeah I’m not in any rush, as of right now I’m mostly just watching and seeing what the word is on it. They did have some of the original model come in, but I think I might hold out, better to move forward then backwards I guess >w<

          • Aoshi00

            The US and Canada have the same voltage 110V right? Jpn is 110V too, I’ve been using the adapters that came w/ the Jpn systems (for my Jpn Wii, PS2 Slim, & 360), I don’t think you need to find a separate adapter if that’s what you’re worried about.

          • Code

            Wait really, geez and here I was thinking for the longest time I needed a US power adapter so I could run the Japanese system from the wall without any kind of converter x_x!! Awesome news >w<~!

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