Portable Gaming Declines In North America

By Ishaan . July 1, 2010 . 7:20pm

image In May, the NPD Group’s Gamer Segmentation 2010 report revealed some interesting statistics regarding the number of games purchased or received as gifts in 2010. According to the report, both console and portable games experienced increases in this regard, over last year’s study, by 16% and 10%, respectively.


The report summary sent to Siliconera also touched upon average play time by platform. Interestingly, while the amount of time spent playing PC and console games increased by 6% and 9% over last year respectively, gaming time dedicated to portable systems dropped sharply by 16%.


Additionally, portable consoles also contributed the most to the decline in hardware sales for the month of May, continuing the trend from April. Yet, the Nintendo DS remained the best-selling hardware system for the month, with 383,700 units sold.


Overall hardware sales for the month of May 2010 contributed $241.5M to industry revenue, down 20% from May 2009’s $303.0M. However, this is largely due to the reduced price of hardware as compared to last year. Actual unit sales growth compared to ’09 was flat.


The hardware sales chart for the month is as follows:


System Sales
PlayStation 3 154,500
PSP 59,400
Xbox 360 194,600
Wii 334,800
Nintendo DS 383,700

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  • kupomogli

    I support the DS and PSP. Legally, I might add.

    • Ereek

      Seconded, on all accounts.

    • Thirded. I worked hard to buy my PSP. Pirates I’ve talked to don’t seem to understand that.

    • kylehyde

      Fourthed well I don’t know if it write in that way but yeah I support the legal adquisitions

    • Same. I used to use an R4, but now I buy all my DS and PSP games. Please don’t give up on portable gaming!

  • ToKiO UnKnOwN

    It’s a shame that people call themselves “gamers”, but at the same time they proudly call themselves “pirates”, and hold that title high. Being a gamer means supporting those games, and that means buying them. I have my own views on pirating. I look the other way when my friends grab a import that’s pirated. However, I still want some justice, we wont have games for long of it continues like this, at least, not any games that are affordable

  • I have been diving more into PC gaming as well as cellphone gaming in comparison to portables like the DS. With FFXIV coming out, it will be even less until the 3ds releases and I can upgrade from my ailing lite.

    Frontier also stole a lot of my gaming time.

  • Might be preparing for the new console like DSi 3D or would rather avail Xbox 360 S. Like you guys, I support legal way. I don’t want to happen for the game publisher’s to lose hope and in the end will no longer make a new fantastic games because of piracy.

  • I did my gaming legitimately, unlike certain people that I know, in real life.

    Heck, the very game I proudly day 1’d was Luminous Arc 2.

    • Joanna

      me too. I bought both Luminous Arc games day 1. I really hope that Atlus publishes the third one because it looks to be the best in the trilogy. But no E3 announcement has left me very worried. :(

  • handheld gaming just isnt what it used to be, i have a DSi, but i haven’t enjoyed one game i have pirated, after 5 minutes of playing i get bored just end of getting rid of them. I guess the graphics and game play of handhelds just dont do it for me anymore.

    • there’s a certain excitement that gets lost when you “acquire” so many new games at once. especially if you get rid of them after 5 minutes. with a hardcopy you’ll want to push on ahead to see if you actually got your money’s worth. you might get bored put it down, but later you might give it a second chance. all that’s lost when you blitz through titles.

  • Joanna

    This is sad news for some like me who prefers handhelds. Oh well, I always knew I was in the minority anyway.

  • crunc

    I don’t think portable gaming is declining, rather it has moved and expanded to other platforms. Most notably, the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. If they included sales of games on the iOS platform the story would be quite different, I suspect. What’s happened is that people have realized that what they most want in a portable game is … portability, and the DS and PSP don’t have that, not really, especially when people are already carrying an iPhone or iPod touch anyway.

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