Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Battles Decoded

By Spencer . July 9, 2010 . 1:01pm

Square Enix posted a video of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded’s battle system and this Nintendo DS game uses something similar to the deck system introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.



A new meter next to Sora’s face appears to grant bonuses. At level 1, Sora has attacks like “land crash” and “slide dash”. After pummeling some Shadow heartless the meter changes to level 2 and Medic (in Japanese) pops up above the menu. When Sora reaches level 3 the words Spirit Attack pop up and finally when the meter is maxed out it says Attack Boost.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is scheduled to come out in Japan this fall.

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  • cjeromek

    Is that Haley Joel Osment? I’m not too familiar with Sora’s Japanese voice.

    • holyPaladin

      Sora Japanese voice by Irino Miyu

  • Hrm… I only hope the control scheme isn’t as atrocious as 358/2 Days’ was. It seriously dissuaded me from spending any significant length of time with the game – I didn’t even complete the main story. ;_;

  • BrotherCavil

    So…even with the BBS’ command deck inclusion, the bonus system puts the focus back onto button mashing, and completely dissolves any speck of strategy it could’ve had.The tiniest smidgen of interest I had in this = gone.

    • Okay, seriously. Why do you enter every Kingdom Hearts comment thread if all you intend to do is pooh-pooh the games? Every single one. Don’t ruin it for others; I’m not going to repeat myself.

      • BrotherCavil

        The day my god-given right to an opinion is taken away from me, you may feel free to contact my filthy assistant on the matter.She’ll prolly just ignore you whilst continuing to file her nails. The bitch…

        Long story short, if you don’t like what I have to say…then pretend I didn’t say it. >_> Oh, and please don’t slander… I didn’t trash every comment thread regarding the games. If you actually paid attention to the stuff I’ve said over, and not just selectively read my comments, then you’d know that isn’t true.

        For example. Take my comment up here for instance… “So…even with the BBS’ command deck inclusion, the bonus system puts the focus back onto button mashing, and completely dissolves any speck of strategy it could’ve had.”

        You either noticed that I commended BBS’ strategic command deck system here, or you’re a complete muppet. Long story short, stop what seeing what you want to see, and see what there IS to see.

        • Or I could ban you. Again. I mean it…it’s gotten to the point where other commenters are pointing out your behaviour. Stop it. I’m not discussing the matter further.

          • BrotherCavil

            And I am discussing the matter further, cause I’m getting godamned tired of your attacking me for having my own opinions.I’ve *never* done the same myself, nor have I ever actually insulted or attacked anyone who has opinions different from mine. Only times I clearly came close to that was when there were serious signs of abuse of misinformation, and in that case, I simply called them “obnoxious.” You on the other hand tend to get on my case very damn often simply because I have an opinion that differs from yours – and no other reason. That I dislike something you like. And then you flaunt around as a professional journalist… What’s the matter with you? Perhaps it’s time I have a word with Spencer about this? Cause frankly, I’ve tried “putting it behind me.” Cause every time I do, you just find something new to attack me over. Like now, for instance.But you know what, go ahead. Ban me. Ban me because I dislike something you like – again. Go right ahead. If you think that’s perfectly justified, go right ahead. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Censorship and all. But good luck trying to balance being a “journalist” and an “obviously raging fantoid” at the same time… Because that’s exactly what you’re being right now. Grow the hell up, and realize the world doesn’t spin around Ishaan.

          • Hi, Spencer here.

            I just reviewed your account and it doesn’t seem like you’re discussing. You like posting your opinion, which is fine, but it’s often in a way where no further discussion can be had.

            Looking backwards, some of your comments directly attack other commenters and staff members, which we really can’t tolerate. How can anyone talk (write?) when someone is trying to (digitally) insult or demean over them?

            We really can’t endorse that and we’re going to have to ban you again. Sorry!

          • Aoshi00

            May I file a petition for him to stay :)? I think BrotherCavil’s comments are quite constructive and enjoyable to read, and makes the siliconera comment section interesting.. people do have different opinions, like and dislikes. Of course we should still do so respecting one another. So is this like a remake of the first KH? I think I’m all KH’ed out though…

          • Sorry man, I understand you like him, but if you go through his comment history and look at all the times he’s called people retarded or sounded overly condescending or just been outright disrespectful of developers he doesn’t like, there’s been quite a few of those incidents.

            You know we like to play nice around here. Differing opinions are always fantastic because they encourage discussion, but disrespect and being overly negative doesn’t. :(

          • It’s a remake of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts:Coded. Basically Jimminy Cricket is looking at the journal and a cryptic message that he didn’t write. Next thing that happens that Mickey and friends get sucked into the Journal and get attacked by Heartless. Luckily(?) a Data Sora shows up, but has no idea why he exists. The journal takes the form of Riku and tells Data Sora and co. that if they want to find out more about the message, Data Sora has to debug the journal(clearing those red and black boxes). There’s more reveals to the overall KH plot in the last chapter of the game, so… I dunno where I’m going with this last sentence.

  • Well it looks good, but i may end up passing this, sadly, this is too much of a filter, and my finger suffered so much in 358/2 days, i dunno why but moving in the game tired my finger so freaking fast, something that didnt happened to me before, ever.
    The DS pad and me are not fond, psp one is a lot better, hope is better for 3DS

    • BrotherCavil

      The 3DS uses an analog nub…so, I think it’ll work out better.

      • Still,… it may be a good idea to make the pad better, we could use it and the analog stick to move the camera (or viceversa)

  • joesz


  • FireCouch

    Hey, look! It’s KH1…again.

  • Joanna

    I am so behind on Kingdom Hearts. I still have to beat the first game (and pick up 358/2). My backlog hates me. xD

    • you could probably leave 358/2 days out :/

      • Joanna

        I guess I could, but a few people I know say it’s an ok game and that’s good enough for me. Of course, I’m not buying at full price…I don’t think it’s worth 40, but 30, sure.

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