Two Leaked PS3 Digital Imports From MonkeyPaw

By Spencer . July 9, 2010 . 2:12am

imageMonkeyPaw Games plans on bringing Japanese games to the West. More specifically, Blockids and Magical Drop F to North American PlayStation 3s. The ESRB beat MonkeyPaw to the punch and leaked both titles before the upstart publisher could announce them.


Magical Drop F is Magical Drop with a quest mode. Blockids, an Arkanoid style game in 3D, is an interesting pick since it was published in North America already. Natsume brought it here back in 2003. Perhaps, MonkeyPaw Games grabbed the rights to the English version? I wonder if they translated the quest mode too since that was one of the defining features of Magical Drop F.


Since ESRB ratings are popping up we should find out soon enough.

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  • Mazen

    Nice pick, this game has an interesting looking RPG mode, will buy this for sure.

  • Raiyu

    I hope they do pick up some of the Tales games that never made it over here..

  • If you haven’t played Magical Drop 3, I highly advise you pick up the Data East Collection on the Wii and get to it! It’s a fantastic game in a wonderful series. Oh, and it’ll get you pumped for MD F.

  • jarrodand

    I’m still hoping Greiner can team with his old bosses and bring over the PCE Tengai Makyo games on Virtual Console & PSN. Ys IV would be appreciated too.

  • Amazing! This is what I love seeing.
    Sadly, no PS3 yet, but I’ll look forward to what they have planned next.

  • I am constantly baffled by this company’s business plan. Is there a huge Magical Drop audience out there that has been holding their collective breath for this title for years? And it happens to overlap with the PS3 demographic enough to warrant a port? I just can’t see the rationale for digital ports of 10-year-old games to marketplaces so choked with garbage that finding anything remotely obscure is a herculean task. I wish MonkeyPaw luck, I just think they’re out of their minds.

    • I thought their interview covered all that:

      There are lots of games we missed out on, and I’m sure there are people out here interested in seeing them, be it 10 years, 5 years, 20 years, etc. You won’t know what will pull a chord with the public till it’s out there. People are getting their PS Final Fantasy games, so why not these, as well, you know?

      • The mantra of “there are lots of games we missed out on” is 10-year-old thinking. There are very few games these days that get “left behind,” and there are usually good reasons for those that do. There certainly is no shortage of content out there these days. How are these guys planning on standing out? By porting Hamster’s Major Wave label to PSN? A damn shaky proposition in my book. I agree that one can never know what will set the masses into a frenzy, but throwing stuff out there and hoping it works is a horrible business model. It’s like these guys want to run head first into bankruptcy, and I don’t want that for them.

        • I don’t see them just “throwing” games out there, though, at least these particular ones. If I were in their position I’d probably would (and burn alive laughing), but these people have been around long enough to have a good idea/goal here. Just look at Victor Ireland’s projects.
          Also, I firmly believe we missed out some games, some we know and some we don’t know about. Then, now, and in the future. That’s just how I see it :P

        • M’iau M’iaut

          An unpublished Magical Drop seems a safe first release. You’ll get the knowledgable fans to pick it up because of the title and is casual friendly to those just checking out the newest dl titles. It also requires far less lead time to get out than an RPG, VN or some other niche game dream that was recommended in the earlier thread.

          But ya, I’d hope going forward their previously unreleased titles gain a bit more meat on dem bones.

  • Considering how much I love Magical Drop I will put my cash down hard and difficult as soon as I get a PS3, and I will enjoy that sooo much.

    Viva la magical drop! (And la steel based geta!)

    ^^ Please someone get that joke!

  • Letiumtide

    Just the idea that the PS3 represents possibility for us to get translated PSX games that we previously never received makes me giddy.

  • kupomogli

    Brigandine Grand Edition, Monkey Paw. Best game that hasn’t been released outside of the US.

    I actually own the game on the PSX as well as the US release of the original Brigandine, but I’d purchase Brigandine Grand Edition on PSN if I would be getting a localized version.

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