Pokémon Black & White To Feature Video Chat

By Ishaan . July 12, 2010 . 1:15am


If you play Pokémon Black & White on a Nintendo DSi or 3DS, you’ll have access to something you don’t on the DS Lite — video chat, using the inbuilt camera(s), both locally and over Wi-Fi (note that the above screenshot isn’t related to this info).


The feature, dubbed “Live Caster”, is mentioned in the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine. Once you obtain the ability ingame, it will allow you to video chat with up to four friends you’ve exchanged Friend Codes with locally, and two over Wi-Fi.


In addition, Black & White also feature their own Tag Mode, akin to Dragon Quest IX and the Nintendo 3DS itself. Named “Pass by Mode”, this one uses the C-Gear item mentioned in a previous reveal. CoroCoro says that the Tag Mode will aid your quest in some manner, but doesn’t specify how.


But the tweaks to the game don’t stop there. Additionally, the magazine also mentions that three-on-three battles factor in the placement of your Pokémon (at the front or rear) to calculate the effect of attacks that target multiple opponents.


And finally, Black & White also feature exclusive areas. Depending on which version you buy, you’ll either have access to White Forest or Black City.


Thanks, as always to Pokebeach and Serebii.net for their CoroCoro sleuthing!

  • andref

    Glad to see more upgrades to pokemon instead of some new device, more pokemon, and a new region.

  • kupomogli

    Nintendo is so safe and family friendly that they open up a new doorway to pedophilia.

  • Feynman

    I am getting so sick of these “tag modes” in games. Oh sure, they’re great in Japan, where people ride the subways with their DS out, but in the US, it seems like the majority of the population seems to play their portable games, ironically, in the privacy of their homes. Not only that, but an awful lot of us live in less-than-urban areas… in my sleepy rural town, I will never, EVER run into somebody else to trade maps with in DQIX. It really irritates me, because I’m missing out on a lot of content.

    They really need to add a version of the “tag mode” that goes beyond just local wifi so that those of us who don’t live in densely-populated megacities can have some fun, too, because these social game features that work so well in a crowded place like Tokyo are just awful anywhere else.

    • Pichi

      Agree very much. Would be best for the feature to be online for overseas fans rather than local. I think this will be a continuing problem for many Japanese games that have these features in the future.

    • It’s not like it’s a core aspect of the game; it’s just something extra.

    • I think tag mode’s awesome. Sure, for a series thats not so popular like Dragon quest, it might not be used very often, but for pokemon, If you go out with your DS, your bound to interact with someone. Its a feature that actually encourages people to go outside and play their rpg’s and such with other people who also enjoy the games, and you might even end up making new friends because of it. Its a feature which needs to be implemented into more games IMO. its kinda like a Pokewalker I guess, which I was lovin’, until I accidently washed it T_T

      Besides, Idk why your flipping out because this is in like less than 10 games to date and they also have the WIFI chat thing; its most likely just an extra like Aarachnid said.

      • Bound to interact with someone: That someone being some awkward grade six kid. Oh wait, no, it is an even more awkward grade 11 kid, who hangs out with awkward grade six kids.

      • I don’t mind, since I attend a university, I’m bound to find gamers wherever. (like Pokewalker connection ever chemistry lecture). However if I didn’t attend a university, it’s likely I’d never find anyone….

    • kupomogli

      Dragon Quest 9 is the only game I own with this feature and yeah it’s retarded.

  • Hope people weren’t planning on importing this or playing the US version on a Japanese or EU DSi.

    Video chat means this game will be region locked for DSi’s and XLs

    • One step forward, one step back… :/

  • Seems like the trend this year is 3-D (PS3 and HDTVs) and video chat (iPhone 4 anyone?).

    How good could the DSi’s crappy inside camera do video?

    Isn’t the DSi’s RAM way to puny to even do video?

    • DSi has 16MB of RAM. That’s a fair improvement over DS Lite, which only has 4MB. That leaves you with potentially 12 megs to allocate to video chat.

      • From my experience with Skype, having at least 1GB or RAM (in the modern day) running a video at VGA smoothly is about right.

        12MB is way too little for decent video chat.

        • But that’s 1GB of RAM at high voice quality with your PC running Windows and a ton of other background applications. This is going to be optimized for the 3DS. You won’t get high-quality video or voice quality on the DSi obviously, but it’s still a step forward.

          I really doubt they’d even consider the idea of video chat it if it weren’t plausible. :)

  • I hope this “tag mode” is online, with internet, please

  • Joanna

    “And finally, Black & White also feature exclusive areas. Depending on which version you buy, you’ll either have access to White Forest or Black City.”

    Boo! I don’t want exclusive areas! This is the wrong direction GameFreak! I hope these areas are some minor thing. This ticks me off and I was so happy about this Gen too.

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