Retailer Slams No More Heroes Ports To Promote No More Heroes 2

By Spencer . July 16, 2010 . 5:41pm

image“Forget what happened with the PlayStation 3 version and Xbox 360 version,” HMV wrote on their No More Heroes 2 product page. “A new No More Heroes!! More extreme!!! More SEXY!!! It’s reborn on Wii!!!!”




HMV continues chewing out the ports by saying the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, released in April, had a number of (?) bugs.


Hours later HMV changed their tone. The retailer pulled the product page and posted an apology that said their previous statement was “unsuitable.”


OK, question time. Would HMV’s first statement make you want to buy No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle?

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  • Hraesvelgr


  • Wow. Well, it’s No More Heroes, I already have my mind made up! If anything this retailer’s ad would make me wonder what marketing class told this was a good idea.
    Maybe it’s because I’m used to just retailers just stocking the items and not really giving any sort of opinion on it. Even as someone who works in retail, I’d be feel uncomfortable explaining guests concerned about that.

  • iie.

  • mirumu

    I can’t say their first statement would affect my purchasing decision, but that’s in part due to my experience with the first game on the Wii. When playing it I couldn’t help but think how much better it would have been on PS3 and/or 360 without the Wii’s flaky motion controls. Of course many moons later they actually released what I’d been hoping for on the PS3 and 360.

    With the sequel I’d rather just skip that middle step, hold out for the superior versions to be released and buy then.

    • sfried

      I completely disagree with you. NMH was the perfect demonstration of how the motion controls should be done, and they were in no way flakey or abused. They worked perfectly.

      In fact, I played NMH2 with Wiimote and nunchuck the way it was meant to be played. Even the Classic Controller option did not sway me.

      • mirumu

        I don’t doubt my opinion is a minority one, especially given No More Heroes is one of the Wii’s most acclaimed games. I just found the controls frustrating and inaccurate. To each their own.

        • sfried

          There must be something wrong with your configuration, then.

        • Aoshi00

          Actually I completely agree w/ you. I played the Wii ver first and hated the waggle, put down the game after the first boss Death Metal. Now I got the 360 port, I had much more fun w/ it and got to the 6th Assassin. The only downside were the rather long load times. That I could put up w/, but freezing on me a couple of times was a bummer. Otherwise I much prefer the port playing w/ the controller and dual track. It’s too bad it’s so buggy… I’ve always hated the spotty control for most Wii games, like Okami, I played the Wii port first, the cutting was annoying as I kept missing, then I went back to the PS2 ver and it was a much more fun game.

          • mirumu

            I totally hear you with Okami. I ended up buying the PS2 version myself after trying both. It’s interesting as an example too because it counters the argument that people dislike Wii games because of it’s graphics. in the case of Okami the Wii version was the one with the best graphics.

          • Aoshi00

            I know right.. the Wii ver. does look better on a HD TV compared to PS2 (though artistically the original water color PS2 ver. might look better depending on your taste), but fighting the enemies and paint brushing were so tiring w/ the waggle it just drains the fun out of it, like the simplest action was made unnecessarily frustrating.. I was just going to check on the back of the box to see if there’s classic control, then I realized I sold it lol and just kept the PS2 ver.Too many PS3/Wii owners take things personally and feel the need to defend their systems are the best… I just pick the best ver. if a game is multiplatform. All 3 systems have great games, just that.. but boy, the ad up there was messed up..

          • malek86

            I didn’t like NMH, but not for the controls. Those were ok enough. It’s just that the fighting had no depth whatsoever. And the minigames sucked. And you still had to do them a bunch of times. And the boss fights lasted too long without any real excitement.Honestly, can’t see what all the fuss is about. I still have to find a good Suda51 “game”.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, the side missions to make enough money before facing each boss were very repetitive. I liked the boss stages and the stylish bosses though. They characters were fun and quirky. I wasn’t too crazy about the gameplay and pacing either, but the Wii control killed it for me, playing w/ the controller made it more bearable and fun at least. This is actually the only Suda 51 game I’ve played so far, I want to finish the port and then try NMH2 though. I like the chars a lot I’m tempted to get the Jpn ver for the bonuses.. but I’m worried if they would port it later and add Jpn track again..

            EDIT: also, another thing that made the port more enjoyable for me was the addition of Jpn subtitle, since the US ver on Wii didn’t have subs at all. I can’t stand it when games don’t have the subtitle option like Assassin’s Creed, I heard Singularity too, because it’s hard to catch all of the dialogue sometimes. The bad thing was you can’t turn on the Jpn sub while you’re listening to the Jpn dub though, I thought that was silly…

          • malek86

            Aoshi00: yeah, that must be it. Most people liked the game because of his style. But for me, I’m generally reluctant to forgive gameplay shortcomings because of style.

        • thebanditking

          I also agree, I find most Wii games controls to be frustrating and /or inaccurate. For me the best Wii games are the ones that use the motion controls the least (Like Mario Galaxy).

    • Guest

      graphic whores/port beggers come in all shapes and sizes.

      no more heroes 2 + port + xb 360/ps3 = Kinect/move editions, so i don’t think waiting for your so called superior versions will do you any good.

      it’s a different world now.

      • mirumu

        It appears people who jump to conclusions come in all shapes and sizes too. ;)

        I’ve nothing against motion control in principle. I just want it to work, and personally I didn’t find this to be the case with the original game (feel free to disagree). If NMH2 had supported the MotionPlus I likely would have given it a go, but it didn’t.

        Move and Kinect work rather differently to the Wii’s standard motion control system and as such may well work better for all we know. Move has a MotionPlus-style gyroscope for a start which theoretically should help matters.

      • malek86

        “graphic whores/port beggers come in all shapes and sizes.”

        Well, yes, there are port beggers on the Wii too. Remember RE5?

        I guess people never stop dreaming. Whenever a game is announced, the first thing you see being said is “please make it for [platform of choice]”. Can’t blame them, though.

      • kupomogli

        Unless it’s all being done at the same time it’s much harder to port a game from the PS360 to the Wii. You have to completely redo everything because the graphics in comparison are such a low quality. It’d probably cost the developers as much as it costs them to create the game on the initial system to just port it over to the Wii.

        Besides. How many Wii games do you see people ask to be ported over to other systems? Most of the people that are begging for ports are on the PS3 or 360.

    • Guest

      How was the HD port superior…..NMH2 supports classic controller…so the only thing you’re gonna get in a port is “HD” in press release and on the box because NMH port barely looked any better than the Wii games. But whatever if you hate the Wii that much like a ton of people do be stubborn and dont buy/play them. I’ll still get to enjoy them but man this kinda stuff is irritating I gotta stop taking the internet so serious =P

      • mirumu

        I don’t hate the Wii. Muramasa and Fragile Dreams are some of my favorite games this generation, and I still happily buy Wii games if they look fun. NMH1 just felt held back by the platform. Even “barely” better is still better.

      • Aoshi00

        Why would you accuse mirumu of hating the Wii? I didn’t like the first NMH on the Wii either, but I also like games like Muramasa, Marios, and Sin & Punishment, I would just rather not bother w/ waggle or motion if they don’t register well.. I liked Disaster Day of Crisis and the only part that bothered me was holding the remote sideways like a steering wheel driving during the Tsunami, that part did not control well and I had to replay the hell out of it. I too prefer the NMH HD port (I got the 360 ver because I don’t want censored), barring the load times and freezing, because I like dual track and felt the controller played better. I did pick up NMH Desperate Struggle on Wii though since it’s on sale ($17), I will play that and use the Classic Pro after I finish the first game. If not for those shortcomings, the port would’ve been the definitive ver. for those who prefer no waggle. And not even that many games take advantage of the motion plus still other Tiger Wood, Red Steel 2, or Zangeki no Reginleiv. I have two motion plus w/ me (that came w/ the pink & blue controller), basically they just made the remote more comfortable to hold because it’s longer to rest your hand on now.

      • Are you sure you’re not the guy who wrote the ad?

      • Woah, woah, woah, The one problem I have with your comment is “barely looked any better than the Wii games.” I have seen them side-by-side and there is a huge fucking difference. It looks so gorgeous in HD, the way Suda 51 intended. But I liked playing them with the Wiichuck. I mean, it’s the only way the movements correspond.

    • thebanditking

      I have to agree, the motion controls for the first game were quite annoying (not Sonic and the Secret rings bad though). Its not that the Wii doesn’t have good titles but for a lot of them it feels like the hardware is holding the design back or hampering the controls as devs try to figure out decent gesture based controls for actions that worked just fine with buttons. As for mirumu’s HD comments I also have to agree, game play over graphics has been said a lot this gen, but most Wii games on a HD LCD or Plasma TV look awful so while NMH on PS3/360 don’t look on par with other HD titles (game play over graphics remember) the bump in native resolution helps a lot.

    • EggmaniMN

      This is completely ridiculous. The game had absolutely nothing holding it back with motion controls. If something didn’t work right, it sure as hell wasn’t the game’s fault.

      I would love for you to actually name what it was that was so bad that it “held the game back.”

      • mirumu

        I’m not really blaming the game for motion control problems by and large. I’d think it’s more the Wii itself and how the game makes use of it. If the Wii’s motion detection was perfect and always 100% accurate Nintendo would never have released the Wii MotionPlus. When playing NMH I regularly saw my actions mis-detected, especially when the pointer goes beyond the edge of the screen. This happens in plenty of other Wii games too so I’m definitely not singling NMH out here, but in some games this doesn’t matter so much. Maybe some people don’t mind? Maybe some people move slower or extra carefully so it doesn’t happen? Even moving carefully I could make a motion the same way two times, but it would only be detected correctly one of those times. Personally I just find all of this frustrating and that rather than the results depending on my skill, there’s an element of luck involved. If controller detection problems prevent my intention from being conveyed to the game then it breaks my immersion, and of course that negates the entire reason for using motion control in the first place. This isn’t a problem with my specific Wii hardware. Every Wii I’ve used works the same way.

        In terms of the game itself, I don’t think the shake-to-charge up mechanic added anything but annoyance to the game either, but that’s totally a matter of personal taste. If I recall correctly the mini-games made some annoying uses of motion control too.

        If none of this happens to you or for whatever reason you don’t mind it then great. Honestly I’d be glad that you could get something out of it I can’t. Don’t let my problems get in the way of your enjoyment of the game.

        • “If the Wii’s motion detection was perfect and always 100% accurate Nintendo would never have released the Wii MotionPlus.”

          Do you even know how Motionplus works? It adds functionality, not accuracy. There’s nothing in NMH that would have benefited from M+.

          • mirumu

            I’m not sure how you think MotionPlus works, but a tuning fork gyroscope does indeed provide more accuracy. They are simply better than accelerometers such as the ones used in the Wiimote. It’s like comparing DVDs to VHS tapes. Gyroscopes also provide additional information about rotational movement too, which I assume is what you mean by adding “functionality”, but that is certainly not all they do.

    • But… the Wii versions ARE superior! What are you talking about?

  • Aoshi00

    That’s messed up.. but you have to admit, it’s the truth. I was going to hold out and wait to see if they would port the 2nd game, as much as I like the first port (w/ dual track), the freezing was annoying (it still freezes after the patch btw), so I just picked up the Wii copy for now, it’s cheap anyway.. What they really should do is to add Jpn track to it, that would be great. I prefer almost all the other chars’ voices in Eng., but I liked Travis’s Jpn voice (Nagai “Wakka/Zoro” Kazuya) better, he’s the man. Sylvia I like both the accent one and Inoue Marina.

  • There’d still have to be, at least, 20 games on the Wii that I wanted to play before I bought the system. Still haven’t cracked 10 (getting close, though).

  • Electrium

    Isn’t their ultimate goal to sell as many copies of both games as possible? Alienating the audience is not how that’s done, fellas.

    • The HD port is a lost cause already. At this point, their goal is to sell as many copies of NMH2 as possible.

      • If maybe they’d localize them, I don’t think they’d be such “a lost cause.”

        Geez, man, Wii fanboys are scary in their devotion to their system. You tell them something might be better without motion control and they act like little kids who you just told there was no Santa.

  • When did this get ported?

  • now ps3 have the ps move so…

  • Extra_Life

    Nothing HMV ever says would make me buy anything from them. Of course, I did pick up NMH2, but from a more reputable source!

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