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By Ishaan . July 19, 2010 . 10:14am



Shame on me for missing these earlier. The Metroid Database went to the effort of translating the Metroid: Other M developer videos that popped up on the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel in Japan last week. They’re quite insightful, and they give you a few interesting bits of trivia about the game’s development:


  • Initially, there were arguments as to how much onscreen time would be given to Samus in her Zero Suit.

  • In Other M, Samus’ beam begins firing before she raises her gun completely in order to imitate the instant reaction of the 2D games. (I thought this was an extremely interesting technical detail)

  • A fair amount of CG footage was completed, then scrapped because it was detrimental to the experience.

  • Close combat QTEs change depending on what enemy you’re fighting (phew).


Somehow, I find myself increasingly excited by the prospect of Yosuke Hayashi being involved with Other M, each time I hear him talk about the game. He’s young and clearly has ambition, and somehow, I don’t quite feel this collaboration would have been as smooth had Itagaki still been at Team Ninja…


If the subtitles in the video don’t show up, turn on the captions from the bottom-right corner.

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  • lostinblue

    Well, Itagaki was still there for a long time in the development cycle, after all this started being actively developed in 2006… and it’s being released now. Itagaki left Tecmo in June 2008, so…

    I think he was wise enough to not interfere all that much though.

    • Guest

      What are you talking about? Nowhere does it say that Other: M started being developed in 2006. Itagaki has no hand in this. They even released a statement saying that it was a secret among TK that this game was being developed with Team Ninja.

      • lostinblue

        You’re wrong.:

        Sakamoto: “In 2006, having seen the Wii, its capabilities and the features available through it, I wanted to challenge myself to see what I could produce for that particular system (…) My team and myself have had experience working on Metroid game, but it’s all been in the handheld realm and it’s all been in 2D, so we lacked both the experience and the manpower to create a 3D Metroid experience. It was at that time that I realized I needed to find a partner help me realize my concept.

        When I was considering what I was going to look for in this partner, I not only wanted to find somebody who was going to understand my concept as it existed, but could also contribute based on their own experience and expertise and I was very fortunate when I proposed this idea to members of Team Ninja and they seemed to really be able to understand and grasp my idea and they were happy to jump on board as well.

        During those INITIAL meetings, I did not approach Team Ninja knowing that they were Team Ninja and had that experience behind them. Granted, I appreciated the fact that they did have game development experience, but not specifically with regard to action games. What I was looking for was a partner that could contribute their strengths and possibly balance out our weaknesses, assuming we could do the same for them. We have the experience of creating Metroid games. They have the experience of creating action games. Together, instead of being Nintendo and Team Ninja, we became Project M. And our goal is to create the best Metroid: Other M that we can.”

        Planning stages started around 2006, and from that point (initial stage) onwards the game was a joint cooperation. At most, it started development in early 2007. Also bare in mind that Itagaki talked about the Wii quite a lot, considering they “supposedly” had no active projects for it.

        Hell, even Itagaki talked about Metroid Other M already, and sure didn’t sound like something he didn’t know about, rather, I bet it was him who assigned Yosuke Hayashi to that specific project.

        • I wouldn’t necessarily take every statement being made with regard to this game as accurate though…even by Sakamoto. If you notice, one of Hayashi’s comments in this video is, “My first thought was, I’d be into it, if it was playable with just the Wii remote” or something to the effect.Obviously, this isn’t the case as Sakamoto has already narrated the lengthy tale of how he and Team Ninja were at odds when it came to restricting the design to the Wii remote alone. Similarly, conflicting statements could and probably have been made with regard to when Team Ninja were approached.

          Regardless, I don’t believe that Itagaki would have been able to contribute very positively to this game’s development had he been involved.

          • lostinblue

            I’m not pinpointing a month or day for the project starting, but I’m effectively saying it started while Itagaki was still there, for sure.For starters this was unveiled at E32009 and they said then, they had been working on it for years then, and they wanted to show it a year prior, at last E3’s but the game wasn’t at a stage they were confident in showing it (bare in mind nintendo now only shows games when they think they’re nearing the end of development and most ideas are final) that gives us the info the game was in development back in E32008, and that was before Itagaki resigned.Also, no matter what point you look at it, this is a title that surely has more than 2 years of development now, probably roughly 3 years now, taking planning stages and prototyping stages aside.

          • I’m not saying you’re pin-pointing a day. All I’m saying is, we’ll likely never know the real circumstances under which Team Ninja were approached. They went to them not for their experience with action games but for experience developing games?

            Why not go to Capcom? They’ve worked closely together before. Maybe it was a cost thing, maybe it was a contacts thing. Maybe Itagaki WAS involved at some point and he was the reason they went to Tecmo in the first place. We’ll never know any of this. Crazy things happen behind the scenes ALL the time. :P

            My point was, I don’t think Itagaki himself would have been able to get along with Sakamoto the way Hayashi does.

          • Whoops, one more point. Okay, two more. Sakamoto wanted to develop this game in 2006, but that doesn’t mean that he went to Team Ninja the same year. I mean…what if SPD1 tried to develop this by themselves and found they were incapable of doing it? They’d never come out and say that publicly. :P

            The other thing…I’m curious to see who’s handling Ninja Gaiden for 3DS. Hayashi spearheaded the DS one, and I loved it, so it should be super interesting to see what he’s taken away from Metroid that he could apply to Ninja Gaiden using something that isn’t a controller with 16 buttons on it.

          • lostinblue

            I understand what you’re saying, but then again, we also know how things work and this game started development before 2008/2009, for sure; specially considering Team Ninja needed the time to make an engine for the Wii and pull these graphics.

            As for the metroid team being unable to tackle this… I’d say we’ve known that for a long while, that’s why there wasn’t Metroid for the N64 right? and the reason they went for the gba for their 2D metroid games. They were aware of being unable to develop something in full 3D with competing graphics. That’s the whole reason for this being Project M and not the shelved (also 2006 project) Metroid Dread.

            As for Team Ninja being approached… it might have been due to Itagaki indeed, when talking about the Other M project Itagaki said he knew Sakamoto very well for many years now. Seems like it was easier for the Metroid Team to relate to them than Capcom.

            Capcom begged Nintendo to develop a Zelda game back on the GB days, a recent iwata asks said, so that working relationship was created like that, in a way that seems to follow protocol, but stuff with Nintendo usually doesn’t work like that. Kojima only got Snake on Smash Bros Brawl because he asked sakurai (and is friends with Sakurai)

            Also, Itagaki is saner than he looks. He praised Sakamoto about Other M, and just the other day, on famitsu he actually said he was meeting Shinji Mikami to talk 3DS… Well, Shinji Mikami and him are supposed to have some bad blood going since he called bayonetta crap and has a feud going with Kamiya a guy who’s regarded as someone mentored by Mikami himself.

            He’s all talk, but deep down, it’s a show, he’s kinda like Muhammad Ali badmouthing his adversaries, it’s not like he means it, he’s just making the game more interesting with feuds and the like.

  • Well, i learned samus was a girl a long time ago, and i am still shocked xD, but i dont really mind, even though ive only played the metroid of GBA, maybe other M will be my first console Samus

    • If you’ve played Zero Mission, you’ve played the best Metroid there is. :)

  • Aoshi00

    I caught sight of this video interview on Amazon Jpn the other day but only watched half of it because it was too long and the image was very small. I think they should put Jpn closed caption on all of these interviews, it helps a lot in understanding them reading along, I definitely prefer to hear the original dialogue to Eng. dub which takes me out of it somewhat.

    Best thing I like about the video, when they showed Samus’s seiyuu, I don’t really know Kobayashi Ai, seems like she’s been around for a long time but did only a few roles. Pretty lady though, I hope the US ver. is dual track just like Sin & Punishment 2. W/ $20 credit on Amazon, this is a no brainer.

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