Search Comic-Con For A Dragon Quest IX Treasure Map

By Spencer . July 19, 2010 . 9:17am

imageComic-Con attendees set your Dragon Quest IX to tag mode while walking by Nintendo’s booth. Nintendo is giving away a treasure map to Mortamor during the show.


Players can access tag mode after reaching Stornway and talking to Erinn. Treasure maps, like the one Nintendo is giving out, open up new dungeons.


Stick around to play Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and parts of Metroid: Other M before it launches on August 31.

  • Tag Mode is accessed by talking to Erinn. It’s the second option on the first menu presented to you when you talk to her. You talk to the Celestrian for multi-player.

  • kupomogli

    Tag mode is amazing. I just love missing out on special items that are only acquirable through finding other people who play the game or events that I was never going to go to in the first place.I hope more games have this awesome concept of finding people with the DS and the same game in order to get special items. Please don’t ever make these available in WiFi or purchasable in game in a secret shop or something, as that would be just retarded. Who wants to be able to have easier access to this stuff? Not I.

    • Electrium

      It has all of the wonderful benefits of DLC and game patches with none of the convenience or mass-availability!

    • I concur! Why, I cannot start the day without firing up the ol’ wagon and making an irresponsible journey to find other people in my area (or at conventions several days or longer away by car) with copies of some dopey Japanese RPG that isn’t going to catch on no matter how much Nintendo markets it.

      It’s thrilling, is what it is. It’s the light of my life. Awesome! This was my favorite part of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. You know, all the powerful new equipment being buried away in multi-player battles nobody is bloody interested in.

      I like how developers think nowadays! Sucks for anybody who doesn’t have Dragon Quest IX right this moment, but they aren’t true fans anyways or they’d go parading about the country bothering strangers and attending conventions to get the most out of it.

      • Can’t wait for the day when all games will be true throwaway products. Buy NOW and play NOW or not even enjoy half of it. This and increasing measures against reselling games will fill our days with joy.

    • I like this, but i cant agree with you… Please make this freaking Wi-Fi, what the hell, i have this game since it was released and i only have 1 person “canvassed” and this person is my brother, i wont ever find someone with this where i live, and i dont think i will ever get past 5 people (5 people will actualy be a lot). This is cool but i cant exploit it, is like, i brought just half of the game T-T.

      • He’s being sarcastic.

        • Darn… sarcasm is so hard to catch on the intrawebz

    • Joanna

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I tried canvassing randomly this Sunday and I got no one.

      The fact that these events will be US-exclusive isn’t making it any better.


      • Gamestop is holding a map event at certain stores all across the U.S. and Canada at the end of this month.

        Depending on how well this one does there could be more over the next year. Just remember Tag Mode didn’t really catch on in Japan outside of Akihabara either until news about the map where you could only find Metal King Slimes on the 15th floor broke out.

        • kupomogli

          I looked at the events and the closest Gamestop in my area that happens to be participating in the event is 50 minutes away. Great. I have to waste two hours of my time and possibly $10 in gas if not more.

          They should have taken the time, probably very little I might add, to just add on option with this through Wifi. You could speak to the same person, but have it bring up a Wifi menu like that of FF3 DS and the option to share maps.

          I know someone at work who has been playing it so I’ll ask him if he can go to the event since he lives a lot closer. If he can’t I can live without of the extras. I don’t spend money on DLC, so definitely not going to waste my time and more money getting something that is technically the same thing.

          • You can give maps you’ve acquired through Tag Mode to other players, like a “Chain Tag” I guess. So you don’t need to give him your copy of the game to get the map. Of course, like you said, if he can’t go, then you can still play without it.

        • Joanna

          Hey thanks a lot for sharing. One of the locations is actually not far from my house (30mins drive). I’m not sure if I’m free Saturday (in two weeks), but if I am, I will definitely go. :3

  • cowcow

    Enough of this DQ IX…..I just want them to localize DQM Battle Road Victory for the Wii because I a m currently playing that game and I’m a bit lost….

  • Just to let you all know, all the treasure maps are available in the game already. The ones acquired at events are just super-shortcuts to get some of them. The DQVC(does this count as a secret shop?) will sell them too. The other special items are just cameo equipment that aren’t really worth that much gameplay wise.

    Sure w/o tag mode you can’t find some alchemy recipes but you can easily find them on the Internet.

    I know the “This isn’t Japan” arguement is going to pop up sometime but I’ll link to these anyways.

  • I’m a bit jealous but I’m hoping I can share in some map love when I start to go out and try to “tag” people. = Has anyone gotten whooped in the high level dungeons yet? I can at least celebrate my Martial Artist’s level 73 this morning… Hey, it’s the little things…

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