Dodonpachi Sequel Headed For iPhone

By Spencer . July 20, 2010 . 8:50am

imageThe sequel to Dodonpachi is leaving arcades and coming to the iPhone. Dodonpachi Resurrection gives players two new tools to navigate through bullet hell. Hyper counters let you shoot and destroy enemy bullets. Counter lasers shield your ship from light laser attacks.


Like EspGaluda II, Dodonpachi Resurrection will be localized in English for its first international release. This iPhone game also requires a later model of hardware. You’ll need an iPhone 3GS, late 2009 model iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone 4 to run it.


Dodonpachi Resurrection comes out worldwide this summer.

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  • Just another reason I need to get an iPhone.

    • another reason for cave to port this to x360 where people can play in cabinets or on TVs with joysticks and controllers :)

  • doubletaco

    No, Cave. This is not the right platform.

    Cut it out.

    • pacanug

      Can you really fault them for going after such a large captive audience?

      More money for them=More games from them

      Then perhaps they’ll release a game on the “right” platform.

  • Any way to conserve these Iphone games?
    I like shooters because they offer long term fun and don’t ‘age’ the way a lot of other games do, but I’m reluctant to invest in stuff I can’t replay in a couple of years.

  • espgaluda II plays and looks great on the ipad…

  • The console port begging and cries of OMG WRONG PLATFORM in every Cave iPhone article are getting real old. Cave’s been making cellphone versions of their arcade games—and original cellphone games—for years now. (ESPGaluda 2 came out for i-mode in 2006!)Just because now their games are coming out for a phone you’ve actually heard of in an app store you can access doesn’t mean there’ll never be console ports. IIRC, Cave has said they’ll be specifically targeting the console market in the future anyway, and they’re obviously reaching out to non-Japanese locales. So put your shirts back on.Let the iPhone users have their fun, and go back to playing Deathsmiles*. Futari or ESPGaluda too, if you imported. Many of you probably haven’t managed a no-continue clear of the lowest difficulties, outside of Novice modes…have you? ;)* PAL regions exempt.

    • Is it so much to ask to get more ports that don’t disrespect our capacity for bullet hell like the rest of the planet?

      • Is it so much to ask not to get the same port-begging comments on every article?Yes. You (a general you, not you specifically Excel) want console ports. Everyone knows already. I want more console ports too. Know what? Cave is planning more console ports. Two more of their existing arcade games, according to Makoto Asada, and then they’re going to concentrate on brand new games. They may change their minds and choose to release more of their back catalog than that. They may have to scrap their current plans and release none. No one knows yet.That is also not counting what external licensors like 5pb may do.So why not wait until they say what is and is not coming before whining and wailing about a little cellphone game? It’s not like they’re diverting significant time and resources from their console or arcade divisions in order to release a sub-$10 iPhone app.If the issue is that their console ports might not be released in the US, that has nothing to do with the iPhone and is not Cave’s problem anyway. It’s up to a North American localizer to pick up their licenses, and those localizers know there is interest. (Whether those localizers think there is enough interest is always the question…)

        • Nova250

          Cave has said nothing about their plans regarding console ports for a while now. This two more 360 ports thing might not be the case anymore for all we know. Their recent statements and interviews have almost exclusively concerned iphone development. If we don’t get any console related news on or before August 14th, then it’s definitely not wrong for those who want to see more Cave on the 360 to be worried/whining.Just sayin’.

          • I can understand whining if you don’t hear anything new by then…but not whining about the cellphone games (which are inevitable) or worrying. Half the point of their ‘Matsuri’ expos is to hawk goods, and they’ve got at least one new arcade release to deal with too.

            There was what, a two year gap between the PS2 release of Ibara and the announcement of a Deathsmiles port…during which (IIRC) nothing console-related was discussed at all—much less concrete plans to port two games. I’d wait at least half that long before speculating that Cave has abandoned the console market forever.

            …All that said, I’m pretty sure they’ll have some good news for us console peasants during Matsuri. Bee positive. ;)

        • If no one asks, no one will provide.

          • Do you believe ‘asking’ incessantly in the comments of a minor news site rather than posing a polite inquiry to Cave themselves (reachable in English via Twitter, Youtube, and at least one e-mail account) is the best way to get that point across?

  • Aoshi00

    Come on, iPhone before 360 :(? I really don’t feel like signing a 2yr contract w/ AT&T to get a phone w/ a bad antenna to play a shmup.. that’s why I got an arcade stick. I guess I really need to succumb to Apple and get iPod touch one of these days.. So anything that works w/ an iPod or iPhone would also work on an iPad automatically? If so, having a 10″ screen in your hands is kind of cool.

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