Super Street Fighter IV Has New Challengers?!

By Spencer . July 21, 2010 . 2:20am

ssf1 Capcom is testing an arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV in Japan later this week and this version may have something or someone new.


A scan is circulating with pictures of the Nesys cards, bonus stages, characters, what’s this on the bottom… “here comes new challengers?!”  Officially, Capcom has not announced any new characters for Super Street Fighter IV arcade.


Is this flyer hinting at additions to the roster?

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  • fermented

    As much as I’d like some new characters, there’s already 35 of them. While the top characters feel pretty balanced, some of the characters on the lower end need serious help like Makoto, Hakan, and Gen.

    Hopefully they can address those issues with much needed buffs for those characters before thinking about adding new characters.

    • cowcow

      wuts a buff

      • fermented

        An improvement. This could be something as simple as adding an extra frame of invulnerability on a move or as complex as an entirely new move to deal with projectiles.

        • Kuza21

          No Kidding. Makato is at the bottom of the tier list.

      • Mark of the Wild/Gift of the Wild

  • This shouldn’t be a surprise. Ono has talked about adding in extra SSFIV characters as DLC for a while, so I am guessing the arcade version will get them first.

    I’d be very happy if it were Rolento and Karin.

    • raymk

      yep that’s actually how its going to be, i mean why not test out the new characters in the arcade version first and then port them to home to make their job easier. I also bet its those 2 characters you named plus r.mika and prob hugo which ono also likes.

  • This would be the 4th version of SF4 in 2 years (after Arcade SF4, console SF4 + with extra characters, console SSF4), and, should this see a release as DLC, the third version that players would have to buy in order to stay with the crowd.

    • jarrodand

      There’s also SSF4 3D Edition for 3DS coming. And the iPhone version of SF4.

  • jarrodand

    Elena plz!

    • kylehyde

      I second that

  • Hraesvelgr

    Cool, now they can make Super Street Fighter IV Turbo for consoles.

  • Perhaps it’s just referring to the console and Super SFIV character that hadn’t been in Japanese arcades until now?

  • Uh… maybe the new characters from Super Street Fighter IV? Just a suggestion.

  • DerrickDnaruto

    Now that these characters are on Arcade we can see the japanese push them to their full extent

  • I wouldn’t get TOO excited. The, “new challengers” could just mean the new characters for SSFIV finally being introduced in arcade form. I’d like for it to mean ACTUAL new characters being added to the game, but if it does turn out to just be the characters already in the console version of SSFIV, just added to the arcade, then I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Technically, they wouldn’t be lying by calling them, “new challengers” for the arcade, so people don’t have a reason to be upset if it does turn out to be nothing, lol.

  • RAVENKam

    Great news, so long they’re released as DLC rather than another game.

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