What Is “Puppeteer”?

By Ishaan . July 23, 2010 . 6:10pm


We recently uncovered a trademark filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for something called “Puppeteer”. We’re guessing this has nothing to do with Ghost in the Shell (although, that was Puppet Master, wasn’t it…), and perhaps, more to do with the PlayStation Move.

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  • It’s like Kinnect, but the opposite, as it controls YOUR movements.

    • MisterNiwa

      Well, funny thing is.. Most people are playing games for Kinect, that show you what to do, and in the end, they say, wow this was really flawless!

      Like that new Dancing game from harmonix, that got the best game of the e3 award from some website, I cant remember.
      Man, people these days sure are silly.

      With the name Pupeteer I could really imagine a game where you guide a little doll with the Move as strings. :I

  • Well i made a story related to this word “puppeteer” it can be taken in many ways so is hard to say what would they do with this…

  • xxx128

    There are animations programs of the same name. Sony isnt very bright or creative when it comes to naming stuff. Alas they are not very innovative either.

  • Maybe a European title for Echochrome 2?

  • Don’t tell me that it’s going to be a puppet game in which you use Move Controllers, I remember at last years E3 someone asked Miyamoto about a game that uses two Wii remotes with Wii Remote Plus called Marionetta.

  • nyobzoo

    sounds cool and all but SCEE hasn’t really done anything worth while this generation, so I can’t say I’m really interested in this

  • Guest

    I… think I’m the only one on Siliconera that doesn’t understand the point of reporting on filed trademarks. Some of them are used, some of them aren’t. It’s rarely ever something to talk about, in my opinion. It’s like if I parked my car outside of somewhere, and automatically you assumed I’m going into the building right in front. Puppeteer most likely has to do with the Move, though. I broke down.

  • “Being John Malkovich: The Game”?

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