Steins;Gate Getting Animated

By Ishaan . July 25, 2010 . 1:27pm


Following in the footsteps of predecessor Chaos;Head, Nitroplus and 5pb’s Steins;Gate has been making quite a name for itself among critics and consumers in Japan. As of January, the game had sold over 50,000 copies on the Xbox 360 alone, and is slated to be released on the PC on August 28th.


Considering Chaos;Head was successful enough for an anime adaptation based on the game to be greenlit, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Steins;Gate is receiving its own animated series as well.


The news comes via 5pb’s Twitter account. No further details regarding the series have been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted. For reference, Chaos;Head was animated by Madhouse and eventually licensed by Funimation in North America.

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  • malek86

    I suppose that’s a high number for a console VN?

    • Generally, I believe anything above 10,000 is considered successful.

      • FHOIW

        Really? That few? I know VNs don’t usually get that many sales, but I had thought around 30,000 was okay successful and 50,000 successful.
        Maybe I’m mixing it up with japanese singles…

        • I’m sure it varies from project to project, but from what I’ve been told, on average, above 10k-ish is supposed to be considered good. You have to consider that in the current market conditions, the majority of these products don’t even sell that much.

          • FHOIW

            Yeah, that makes sense. Cheers.

  • Aoshi00

    I played the demo but gave up in the middle (it was very late at night), it was interesting but very long.. still wondering if I should get this game, just feels a little expensive to get a game for $70 that you just read mostly.. It doesn’t feel right getting this w/o getting Senko no Ronde Duo first..Miyano Mamoru (Light in Death Note) is okay as OkaRin I guess, the main char is really far out, well I mean he was pretty goofy as “the King” in Ouran HS Host Club.. I would definitely want to finish the game first before watching the anime.. So this guy is the composer for 5pb? He’s in Taiwan now?

    • Code

      rar, maan I want DUO, I just reached top 100 on the original’s leaderboards, hooray >w<~! But it's getting matches at this point is really, really, sparse. I'm pretty much all set to import, but Playasia has been sold out for weeks now, so I've been holding off. I gotta ask though maybe you've tried it, have you tried downloading a Japanese Game On Demand to an US system? I was curious as to if that'd work, but word is I'm hearing is it doesn't sadly.

      • Aoshi00

        Top 100, that’s awesome. I saw many Jpn players online when I was playing Wartech before, not sure about now, maybe they’re playing Duo.. I haven’t actually bought any Games on Demand from Jpn Live yet, because Jpn MS point cards are so expensive, I have like 1700 points left (I made the big mistake of getting the Mushihime-sama DLC on Jpn Live while it was also available on US Live, argh…) I would assume you need a Jpn system to play even if you can d/l it on your US system. What I’m worried is if it wouldn’t even work on a Jpn 360.Also I have most of the games I need on hard copies aldy, even Mamoru-kun or Idol Master (which I didn’t like), it was a pretty fun vertical shmup. Are you eyeing on anything now or you want to wait for Duo to turn up on games on demand? So far most of the shmups have been put up online, like Otomedius and such. I want to check out Memories Off 6, but I don’t think I have enough points :(…

      • malek86

        Man, getting into a Top 100 is awesome, but mantaining the position is just too hard, because people are bound to surpass you when you don’t play the game anymore. Especially with japanese players.I’m currently in the Top 100 for both Serious Sam HD games, but that’s probably going to change if/when more people play them, because my scores are definitive, as I don’t think I’ll play the games again. Granted, they are pretty good scores, but still. I guess they will only hold for so much.There was also a time when I was in the Top 10 of Frogger XBLA! Well, that only lasted about ten minutes, and only because I had bought the game as soon as it was released :P

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. I’m like a noob on leaderboards… like Sin & Punishment 2, I like replaying and getting higher scores, but I know I’d be at the bottom of the food chain so I don’t even try that much. I try to exceed people on my friend’s list though :)

          • Code

            Yeah, usually I’m not pulling any highscores (hooray I broke 10,000 on something, lol) but I’ve just gradually after played Senko every night or two, and about a week ago, I finally broke the top 100, it’s not quiet as much of an accomplishment since the game is pretty much dead now, and it’s an accumulative thing, but I’m pleased with myself >w<' Finding matches is hard though especially since DUO came out, doing good to find 2-3 unique players a week ever since. Plus it was even hard is finding people with medals needed to increase rank T_T'

            @Aoshi00(below): Yeah when I researched it I discovered all G.Rev's games have shown up on Japan's Games on Demand so I was like "rar, badass I'll just wait it out and see if I can download it! Why didn't anyone think of this!", but then I mentioned my marvelous plan on Gamefaqs, and a person was all like "That doesn't work! What are you dumb!? Dumby! If that worked everyone would do it, dumby!" so I was like "nyoro~n? owo? maybe it doesn't work!" So then I reverted back to mission, Buy a Japanese 360, hooray~! DUO's is one of the main selling points for me swapping over (I even got a buyer lined up for my old system!), but the idea of being able to buy/play more shmups without the red tape of regional protection locking me out is really attractive, even if Cave has actually been releasing most of there games regional free lately.

          • Aoshi00

            If you don’t mind the wait, it does seem like many titles are creeping onto Games on Demand eventually. But if I have a Jpn 360, I might as well get the retail copy because Jpn MS points cost almost double. Also the price tag on there is in yen (needs Jpn credit card), I wonder how to purchase in points.. also there might be the DRM hassle like transferring license if you ever get a new system. If you could get Mamoru-kun cheap, it’s pretty fun, it’s more like KiKi KaiKai (Pocky & Rocky) because the screen doesn’t scroll up automatically, and you shoot in 8 direction.Not being bound by region lock definitely feels great. Glad to hear that you can sell your current system, just keep in mind there are a handful of US games that are region locked and not playable on a Jpn 360, just a few though you probably won’t miss anyway, I know there’s Infinite Undiscovery, Operation Darkness, Culdcept Saga, the US Deathsmiles, these are the ones that I know of, so if you want to play Deathsmiles you’d be disadvantaged because the Jpn ver doesn’t include the new DLC. It seems like for the newer Cave shmups, both the Jpn and US ver (if localized) will be region locked again.. so it’s good to have both Jpn and US 360, in case they are some future US games that are region locked. Such a pain right?

            Do you plan on getting the new Slim or the current model? I didn’t like the glossy surface before, but now the 4Gb flash ver is matte black, and there’s even the Halo Reach LE (matte grey w/ special pattern) which looks really sexy. I’m going to hold off upgrading until some really good stuffs is out on Kinect later maybe.

  • Please, I don’t want that the anime turns like 11eyes… The pc games was so good but the anime I didn’t like it

    • Chaos;Head was ugly and because of that I can predict that this show will be the same s*** but nowadays those kind of show are popular.

      Besides I don’t like to see cool VN geeting animated.

      • And they make fast money with the anime…. but really, 5pb and Nitro+ are doing the wrong think

      • cowcow

        I would like to see ANIMATED visual novels

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Hyes! I’ve been wanting another anime like Chaos;Head since I watched it 2 years ago. Really looking forward to this.

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