Metroid: Other M Story Trailer

By Ishaan . July 27, 2010 . 10:43pm


Fresh off the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel is this Metroid: Other M trailer, showcasing some of the game’s more dramatic moments. Look out for the brief Shinespark shot amidst all the running and gunning and yelling.

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  • I noticed that the further along the story in some of the these scenes seemed to be, the less squad members there are in the scenario. And it looks like Anthony is going to have a heroic sacrifice moment at some point. =( I hope I’m wrong.

    • cowcow

      Anthony can you hear me?

    • malek86

      For some reason, I always find it difficult to care for my squadmates whenever I’m playing some sort of shooter. Even if it’s a story-heavy one. Actually, there will be times when I purposely let them die first, so I can take on the enemy by myself.

      • gatotsu911

        The first time I played the original Halo, I would go out of my way to save as many squadmates as I could. Since then I have become more desensitized, and also come to recognize how often squadmates in shooters are severely retarded and straight-up get in your way (even in shooters with fantastic enemy AI, e.g. Halo and Half-Life 2) I’ve come to be a bit more willing to, if not sacrifice them, at least let them die – though I still feel the compulsion to play the hero every once in a while, and I wish more games would reward you for it.

        • malek86

          Oh yeah, Half-Life. Fun times. I remember killing the security guards so I could get their ammo. Those guys were useless anyway.

    • I feel like they’re all going to get wiped out,, honestly. I mean, we already know Adam snuffs it at some point during the course of this game. But, yea…at this point, I care more about Anthony. :'(

      (We’ll “remember you” for a long time to come, soldier! *salute*)

      Man, this is such a weird feeling. I know people are complaining about the story bits, but I really think Sakamoto could be on to something here. Every trailer makes you care just a little bit more about these Galactic Federation guys. I keep thinking back to his speech at GDC about tension and buildup and then the pay-off. How he kept saying it was about the pacing.

      Like I said, we already know Adam’s going to die at some point, but after watching this trailer, I feel like prior knowledge of his death isn’t going to make it any less uncomfortable. ><

      And I'm sure a couple people have forgotten by now that the story isn't just about Samus and the GF. Remember, there's that clone issue from the very first trailer to deal with, too…or whatever that was.

      • Jaxx-Leviathan

        Until I saw this trailer I had no idea just how important the GF soldiers were to the story, I thought they were just gonna be some kind of story-presser and a kind of presence to make you feel less alone. But yeah, I could see myself beginning to care for them when I fight beside them and get to know who they are individually. And I agree, I believe they’ll all be dead by the end with only Samus flying away, it just seems to fit with the sci-fi/thriller-theme, like an Alien movie or something.

        • ThunderGod_Cid

          Yeah, that’s how stories like these always end.

      • Hmm… that’s right, there was the mysterious lady at the end. I think the “I’m Samus Aran” bit is from Samus herself and not the lady. On the other hand, since there might some significance in why the abbreviation to the game’s title is M:OM, such as Mother Brain and Samus being a surrogate mother, the lady could be possibly Samus’s mother, which shouldn’t be possible either, right? She does look like she’s supposed to be older than Samus.

    • I wish they were all dead before the story in the game started. I don’t want any squadmates. Samus is supposed to be isolated! Boo.

      • They’re only with you for certain battles. You still have to wander the stages by yourself.

  • neocatzon

    I never play metroid before, maybe it will be a good start.
    But something bugging me, In the ball form what happened to Samus body ?

    • gatotsu911

      No one quite understands, but it’s lampshaded in the Metroid Prime games – you can discover a Space Pirate research record describing how they attempted to create similar technology, only to end up crippling their test subjects.

      By the way, if you want a taste of the Metroid franchise, as well as to experience the direct chronological predecessor to this game, I’d highly recommend downloading Super Metroid from the Wii’s Virtual Console – it’s only 8 bucks and is considered by many to be not only the best game in the Metroid series, but one of the best games of all time.

    • Zero Mission is fantastic, too, if you aren’t sure whether the series is for you or not. It’s shorter than Super and just a little bit tighter in my personal opinion. (the majority prefers Super though)

      • malek86

        Didn’t like Zero much, it was too easy, and the last part felt tacked on just for kicks. Then again, Super was easy too, but at least it was more dispersive. In fact, the series really only started to get difficult with Prime (Metroid doesn’t count because pretty much every NES game was difficult).

        Well, as long as he stays away from Fusion, he should have enough fun with any of the games.

        • You break my heart. Zero is my favourite! You should play it in hard mode if you found it too easy…it’ll frustrate you to no end. :(I actually thought the Zero Suit level was awesome! It’s almost as if they created a new genre…2D stealth-action. I didn’t like Fusion nearly as much as Zero Mission, but that did some super interesting things, too. Fusion was like 2D horror, almost. It had some great bosses, too. I kept hoping Other M would have a stealth section like ZM, but Sakamoto already said he wants to keep the Zero Suit stuff to a minimum…I guess everyone sees Metroid in their own unique way! I mean, my favourite Prime games are 2 and 3 (I think 3 is probably my fave). I just can’t play Prime 1 any more…it builds up a little too slowly and I dislike some of the environments immensely, like the underwater areas and certain parts of Magmoor.

          Edit: Thought I’d throw in my two cents about Super. I love the game, but Zero Mission’s controls — the jumping in particular — feel a lot tighter. Plus, I kind of don’t like the underwater area in Super, too. I forget what it’s called…

          • malek86

            SM was awesome, and one of my favorites game ever. Though going back and playing it again, I can see just how easy it was overall. I agree that the Maridia stage was a bit annoying, but it also added some layers of difficulty. It was easily the most dispersive area of the game. I found it annoying but liked it at the same time.

            PS. i don’t really consider the extra difficulty modes in any game I play. To me, a game is difficult if it can be difficult the first time around.

            I was already pissed off enough when I started playing Prime on the Wii… I noticed that something weird was going on, like it was too easy… and then I discovered Nintendo had messed up the levels for the re-release. Why are developers afraid to challenge gamers? No, scratch that. They changed the difficulty level even though there was no need for it, because there already was an Easy level in the GC version! Except they called it Normal here. What’s that, didn’t want to hurt some people’s pride? But Metroid is not the kind of series that will be played by grandmas anyway.

          • See, that’s the one thing I’ll never complain about, personally — difficulty. I tend not to have a lot of time to play all the games I want, between Siliconera and my classes and not having access to a TV in my room. Whenever possible, I play stuff on the easiest setting just so I don’t have trouble getting through it.

            The only time I make an exception to this is when I’m replaying a game and I’m not committing myself to finishing it. When I’m replaying purely for fun. Stuff like RE4 on professional or Zero Mission on hard or Prime 3 on veteran.

            I don’t think they’re thinking, “This game is for grandma.” I just think they’re thinking of the working crowd that probably don’t have as much time for games. There’s always higher difficulty settings, though, you know.

          • malek86

            Ishaan: well, we have some confliciting views here. I don’t play a game to get through it, but to have a fun and possibly a challenge – which is probably why I prefer games with little story. When there is no next cutscene to see, you don’t really need to go advance no matter what.

            Besides, a game can be hard and played in small doses at the same time. Just think of VVVVVV: hellishly hard at times, but with so many checkpoints, you can just die all the times you want and it still won’t make much difference.

            Aside from that, it’s good that companies put different difficulty levels in games, of course. My complaints were about something else.

            1) Why do they almost always keep the Hard level locked so that you need to finish the game on Normal first? What if I want to play on Hard from the beginning? It’s like they are afraid someone inexperienced might click on it by mistake, think the game is too hard, and not buy any other title from them. Or maybe they want to artificially increase the longevity. Either way, it’s annoying.

            2) In Trilogy, seriously, why did they need to go through the trouble of renaming their already present difficulty levels? Was there any problem with the Easy mode being called “Easy”?

  • gatotsu911

    Favreau? Wonder if that’s a shout-out to Jon Favreau? (given the GFMC’s big metal body suits and the Metroid franchise’s occasional tendency to name characters after Hollywood personalities)

  • SpiderCVIII

    Looking forward to this.

    Interesting how I still get psyched up during the trailer even though I don’t understand what they are saying.

  • EvilAkito

    Man, I shouldn’t have watched that. Now I’m going to play Other M thinking “man, I sure wish I could hear that awesome Japanese voice acting.”

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