Nintendo Of America Are Taking Dragon Quest IX On A Tag Mode Tour

By Ishaan . July 29, 2010 . 10:55am


Nintendo said they would do what it took to bring exposure Dragon Quest IX overseas, and they’re doing just that. For starters, earlier in the week, we reported that the game had broken into the UK sales charts upon its debut.


While we’ve yet to find out how the game is doing in North America, Nintendo aren’t sitting on their laurels when it comes to post-launch promotion of DQIX. Nintendo of America started out by promoting the Tag Mode via a treasure map at Comic-Con, and they’re doing it at Gamestop next.


Zoma map: On July 31st, this map will be made available at certain Gamestop outlets.

Estark map: On August 7th, the “Estark” map will be at select Best Buy stores.

Malroth map: And from August 17th – September 19th, NOA will be holding weekend sampling events at select shopping malls across the U.S., where you’ll be able to grab yet another map for attending.


To access Tag Mode, you’ll need to get to the town, Stornway, and talk to Erinn at the Quester’s Rest Inn.

  • … And when are they going out of the US? :D (yeah right)

    • If I was rich enough, I’d make do a tag mode tour of Latin America and give out all these Legacy Maps.(Not actually a safe idea, I think) But alas I’m just a poor college student who doesn’t even know how to drive.(I should start learning…)

      On a serious note, you’ll just have to do the alternative I said in my comment.

  • o.O They’re all Legacy Maps, including the Comic-con one? Hmmm… I guess the alternative is to beat down on Baramos over and over until he gives up the ones for the others.Edit: Ok maybe I was wrong about beating down on Baramos for these special maps but you do get other Legacy Boss Maps by beating him.


    Specific locations for anyone interested.

  • Just another thing I’ll have to get using Gameshark. The only downside is that doing so will make it so everyone that tags me catche “cheaters disease” and will have access to everything too, which is horrible really.

    • (Advanced AI Android voice mode) Just to let you know, Extra quest 151’s reward is Malroth, 152’s is Estark, 158’s is Mortamor, and 167’s is Zoma. If you can’t make it to these events, please wait until these quests are available.

    • Ereek

      These maps are not exclusive to the events, you can get them in-game.

  • I really hope Nintendo of Europe follow this example. I really can’t believe I’m having trouble finding DSes on Tag Mode in Central London… and I thought it was hard working trying to find other Dissidia players…

    • Wait another week or two. Everyone’s probably too shy to share their maps right now. Once people start getting maps with just grotto only monsters, maybe they’ll be willing to share.…If you want, you can set up something on your own with social networking, just be safe about it.

      • Thank you for your advice, sir ~ it’s much appreciated. I actually managed to get my first map this week… much to my surprise though, it originated not from a European copy but from my friend’s Japanese edition of DQIX!

  • shadoarrow

    grrr…. i still need to find the book with the sage vocation in it. bah!

    • Ereek

      It’s quite late in the game when you find it. Not to mention that you can’t actually complete the quest until the final dungeon. That or you get a moderately leveled Grotto.

  • Joanna

    Just want to say, this is a great idea. I went to the Gamestop event (in Canada) and the best part was probably meeting other players and having their characters join you in the Inn. I hope more of these events will make it out of US and come to other countries. :)

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