Pokémon Black & White’s Cross-Gen Transfer Method Revealed

By Ishaan . July 31, 2010 . 7:04pm

Pokéshifter Serebii.net has a quick explanation of how you’ll be transferring Pokémon over from previous games to Pokémon Black & White. This is done through the use of an ingame feature called the “Pokéshifter.”


Located somewhere within the Isshu region is a building — similar to the Pal Park from Hg/Ss and Di/Pe/Pl — that will allow you to connect with previous games, provided you have two DSes. Once you connect, an option will appear in the Gen IV games to allow you to complete the transfer. You’ll be able to move six Pokémon at a time, although, there’s no mention of whether there are any limits per day (or any other timeframe).


Capturing the monsters on the Black & White end involves a minigame where they’ll pop out of a set of bushes on the DS’s top screen. Using the touchscreen, you’ll need to aim a reticule to shoot a Pokéball with a bow (a…Bowkéball?) to capture them.


The minigame in Black & White will require you to adhere to its time limit.


Pokéshifter minigame image sourced from Serebii.net.

  • Woa… it will take a huge load of time to transfer all the other pokemons if you have a full pokedex -.-

    • andref

      I’m not even sure if i would even want to take the time to do it. Usually the only ones i transfer are the pokemon that reached lv 100 or ones i EV trained and that’s usually it

      • Joanna

        and game exclusive legendaries.

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Is there any reason why they can’t just let us transfer nice and simply? Do we really need to waste time like this?

    • NeoTechni

      Agreed. I hate the limitations they impose, like you needing to beat the game first thus nullifying the entire point of doing so.

      • Joanna

        But playing the game with level 100 pokemon doesn’t seem like fun, the adrenaline of your pokemon in the red zone of its health and that wild beeping is taken out. Or coming up with interesting strategies to take out an annoying pokemon and seeing your strategy work. I mean, just massacring everything, where’s the fun in that? :|

  • Ugh… Really? They screw up with Pokemon Ranch (can’t transfer Pokemon between games) and now something more annoying than the Pal Park.

    Why can’t they just take a look at Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire and implement a system similar to that? The only restrictions for Ruby and Sapphire (Maybe Emerald) were that you needed 100 Pokemon. FireRed and LeafGreen required that you have the machine on One Island’s Pokemon Center powered with the ruby and sapphire items.

  • Guest

    I don’t get why they didn’t just wait till 3DS to make this. It wouldn’t have been limited to DS/DSi’s specifications.

  • MisterNiwa

    After reading some Pokémon Creepypasta I’m really scared of this game.

    • ShadowScipio

      What? What creepypasta?

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