Treasure Developing A 3D Action Shooting Game

By Spencer . August 3, 2010 . 11:50pm


Treasure the developers of Ikaruga, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, and Bleach: Versus Crusade posted details about their next project.


They’re working on a 3D action shooting game, according to a job listing for a programmer position. Game programmer with have experience with 3D games, action games, and/or shooting games are welcome to apply.


Aside from revealing the genre, Treasure did not share any more information about their action-shooter. It seems like Treasure is teasing something with that image, though. Any guesses?


Update: Thanks for the tip Lina!

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  • malek86

    They better be working on that Radiant Silvergun sequel.

    • Kris

      My thoughts exactly! Bring on project RS3!

    • An HD remake of it would be nice too.

      • malek86

        Well… admittedly, it would at least be an easy way of playing the game. Right now, the only options are either the Saturn or Mame… but the Mame emulation isn’t perfect, and the Saturn version is simply too expensive.I played the game mostly on Mame, but the intermitting sound effects were annoying.I would welcome any modern version of the game, any platform would be fine, so long as it works properly and we don’t have to pay a leg for it.

        • Code

          Agreed, even a remake would be a day one purchase from me, Mame just doesn’t cut it, and I’m like you Saturn is just way too much. Although a fresh new Radiant Silvergun is even more welcome, anything along these lines would well extends into the category of “Do Want” >w<'

    • cowcow

      I would like another Gamera shooter like the PS1 game

  • Gunstar Heroes?….. or if it wasn’t a shooter, I would love to see “Mischief Makers 2”.

  • 3D as in polygons or the effect the 3DS/3d games (Killzone 3 for example) use?

    The image looks a bit like a “4” to me.

  • capristrider

    Bad news is Treasure are a one system at a time developer and this title unlikely to be develop on mutiply platforms. Early rumours were an Xbox 360 title, which is unfortunate for me as I got a PS3 and I’m a massive Treasure fan :(

    • malek86

      Wouldn’t surprise me. It seems that all the new shmups are for the 360. Even Milestone, who used to be a Wii supporter, is starting to get their games on the MS console. This gen around, if you want to play shmups, you simply oughta have a japanese 360.

      Well… at least, with Treasure usually striking deals with much bigger companies, I think this one would have a good chance of coming out worldwide.

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