Auron Taught Class Of Heroes 3 A New Trick

By Spencer . August 6, 2010 . 6:51pm

Class of Heroes 3, like the other two Class of Heroes titles, is a dungeon crawling game. But, this time developer ZeroDiv added action commands for skills. Player’s have to punch in commands similar to Auron’s overdrive from Final Fantasy X.



ZeroDiv also promises a lot of character customization. Class of Heroes 3 has over 75,000 combinations and more than 40 classes to master. Downloadable content appears to be in the pipeline since the official site has a menu item for it.


Class of Heroes 3 comes to the PSP and PlayStation 3 on September 16.

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  • ShinNoKami

    I’d actually want this to get an english translation but… D: Most unlikely, huh?

    • MisterNiwa

      Well.. See it that way, even that will be translated before any Tales Of game for the PS3.

      • ShinNoKami

        So true. But we’ll have to see Class2 come stateside first before this one, obviously.

  • Kibbitz

    Sphere doing the OP, eh. Oh well, lots of customization that I definitely wasn’t expecting, with relationships and what seemed to be personality types? Wonder how your choice of schools affects your game.

    Edit: I really don’t like the idea of manual entry for overdrives, but it’s pretty much just a personal taste thing.

  • xavier axol

    This is what the first game should have been, then it would have sell more and gotten more support from atlus.

  • Such a time consuming game! I played the first CoH like crazy and would just take a few hours to clear a few floors at 100%. Ahhh..this game is so tempting to import. I didn’t even bother playing CoH2 since I knew this was coming out with even more content and customizations.

    I’ve been looking around for some stuff to import this year for Christmas since there’s nothing I want coming out in Winter, so maybe I’ll consider getting this. If there’s a game you want to buy and get your money’s worth, I can pretty much guarantee this will be one of them, heh.

  • man the only thing i wish for this time for the game was to see the character attacking instead of the picture. well i guess no Class of Hero for me bummer

    • Class of Heroes was based on a Wizardry game released in Japan for the PS2 which used a more gothic setting, which is typical for Wizardry titles and it took place in a town as opposed to a school. Wizardry has always used the first person view and put portraits of your characters on the left and right sides of the screen in most of their titles.They have NEVER shown the character itself attack. The closest they got to that would have probably been in Wizardry: Tales of the Forsaken Land for PS2 (which we did actually get localized by Atlus, but not many people even knew of the game’s existence). That game actually didn’t have any portraits for your characters.There was just a box at the bottom which showed the names of your characters separated into two lines (the top for your front row members and the bottom for your back row). Now, when you attacked in that game, it actually showed your character move forward and swing (unless of course, they used magic, a bow, or a sling), but everything remained in first person still. That was a little weird, but yeah..I certainly wouldn’t turn away from getting the game just because you can’t see your character attack in third person.Then again, honestly..this is the type of game you either love or hate. I don’t usually see people changing their minds about these titles one way or another. You’ve either grown up with them like I have as a kid and are used to the difficulty, the layout, etc. or you hate them because of the reasons I just listed.I still remember reading complaints from people who tried Class of Heroes, saying it was too hard. I’m like, “ guys have NO idea. You get to use a skill to show the map. Ya know, back in MY day..we had to use a pencil and piece of paper if we wanted a map!”, heh. The games can certainly be frustrating, no doubt about that.Nothing like crawling through a dungeon for a few hours only to run into an enemy that has a skill which drains a level or two (that means a LOT when you’re far into the me, lol) if it connects with it, then killing your Cleric/Priest in the back row with a different skill. Oh and it gets better. So, you decide to run ALLLLLL the way back to town, going back through all the previous floors.You finally get to the church to try and revive your Cleric/Priest only to have him/her get turned to ashes. So you try to bring him/her back from ashes and the resurrection fails, so they are gone for good. That….oh man. If you’ve never had the feeling of wanting to break something, that’s a good way to get it, lol.Man, these guys complaining about the difficulty in CoH are lucky cause they could just save it, then try to revive them. If it works, yay. If it doesn’t, reload and try again till it does. Back in my day, we didn’t have any of that. If you lost them, that was it.You couldn’t just reload and get a, “do over”. We didn’t even have portraits either! We had multiple colored dots for monsters and just text for the battles instead of multiple options to select from like you do now. Ah, well..enough rambling, lol.I may just get this for Christmas after all. I’ve been needing a game to give me a good challenge as of lately and I’m sure this one has PLENTY of new ways to kick my ass :P

      • ShinNoKami

        Them whipper snapper gamers nowadays! No sense of adventure! -raises cane in grampa voice- XD;

        But seriously. I miss old style dungeon crawlers like this. I’m not a crazy dungeon crawly person but I really liked the first game. Mebbe it’s because I’m a customization freak. This one just got me even more excited for another Class game.

        Played the heck out of the first one and now I want more. Sure, there were frustrating moments when my healer got her arse kicked a few dozen times but when my party got properly leveled and equipped, man, that was fun. 8D

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