Facebook Files: Scariest Thing In A Videogame

By Ishaan . August 8, 2010 . 10:34am


Games can be scary. Scarier than books or movies in certain cases, because the medium is interactive. There’s nothing quite like watching a digital avatar of you walk through a graveyard and have a thin, furry arm claw its way out of the dirt from under your heels.


That’s right…this week, we’re talking about our scariest experiences while playing games!


Samwise wrote:

In my experiences, it was a video game that has brought me the most fear in my life. It was the yeah 2002, and I was 8-years-old. My brother’s friend had just got a Gamecube, and some games. Among them, a remake of one of his favourites: Resident Evil.


So, previously, I had watched them play some Resident Evil and I was just getting over my fear of it. But this brought on feelings of such dread, they don’t even compare to life-threatening situations I’ve been in.


So here is an 8-year-old, sitting in an unfinished basement, with his brother and his brother’s friend. While it was the first time they’d played through the remake, they’d already played through the main thing multiple times. They decided to read through all of the documents this time, however.


And then, suddenly, there’s a new element in the midst, something none of us had seen before… Lisa Trevor. I remember going upstairs to the kitchen and having my knees shaking, having to support myself on the counter.


Tommy wrote:

Hmmm… After watching a certain arc of Ghost Hunt, anything that has something ghoulish and very detailed, like the Dead Rising zombies, makes me feel sick.


What’s even scarier to me than that is any boss that you’re supposed to run from because they startle me when I least expect it and they make me lose my concentration and panic when they do that.


Anton wrote:

My brother also had a terrifying experience with the Resident Evil games on the Gamecube. He was playing Resident Evil 0 around 1 AM and was, uh … under the influence. Anyway, the experience was too much for him and he woke me up around 2 AM to assure him that there were no zombies in the house.


I guess my personal scariest moments in gaming would be watching my friend play Fatal Frame in his tiny, quiet attic. I think that the atmosphere around you is what can make or break the gaming experience. The Fatal Frame games aren’t all that scary, but in the right setting they can be.


Raphael wrote:

Kind of a coincidental surprise for me… I was playing Silent Hill 2 IIRC it was Halloween 2001, and seconds after the first cutscene with Pyramid Head, boom — power goes down… I literally screamed my nuts out…


So, what are your scariest experiences while playing a game? Mine is actually the aforementioned graveyard-meets-furry-claw scene. I don’t care to count the number of times Nightmare Creatures made me pause the game and turn my monitor off.

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  • malek86

    The scariest level of a videogame, probably has to be the apartments level in Shadow Man. Woe to anyone who goes in there without finding a torch first.

    On the other hand, I can’t understand why people are scared of RE. Ok, maybe just the scene with the dog from the window in RE1, and the arms scene in RE2. But atmosphere-wise, I never got scared. I was more, like amused, or tense. Kinda like “I must get past this section without wasting too much ammo”. Not exactly something that makes you tremble in fear.

    • Happy Gamer

      oh man i totally forgot about shadow man. that was one of the few post silent hill games i felt it was pretty scary to play. was a great game too. I was also playing Soul Reaver. To me, although the game’s narrative fighting was pretty awesome, the grim, dark atmosphere of the world made me feel always on the edge. it was like u had no hope etc. speaking of which i really would love to see the final sequal. :(

      • malek86

        Soul Reaver really didn’t feel too scary, probably because you could always go to the underworld for some light, and then the whole immortality thing. It did have a pretty good atmosphere though.

      • Melchaiah…I think that was the big, sloth brother? Yea, that part would always make me super tense. Other than that, I just thought Soul Reaver was 100% awesome and way ahead of its time. :D

        • malek86

          It definitely was. Seamless scenery deformation and absolutely no loading times? A gripping plot with shakesperian acting and well-characterized enemies? Killing enemies by impaling them from afar?They don’t make them like this anymore.

          Too bad the series went downhill after this game. BO1 and SR1 are two of my favourites games ever, while the other three… well, the less said, the better.

          • SR1 was definitely the high point of the series for me, too. All the stuff you mentioned really was incredible at the time. I didn’t understand anything about shaders and deformation and whatnot at the time that I played Soul Reaver, but years later, looking back, it hit me just how talented that devteam was.The major thing that stood out for me was how EVERYTHING was a weapon. Random polearm lying around? Use it like a stake. Candle holder nailed into the wall? Impale someone on it. Even the water!

            Edit: And yea, fantastic voice-acting. Most games even today can’t hold up. :/

          • MisterNiwa

            Man.. I wish Soul Reaver would’ve got a propper sequel.

    • MisterNiwa

      Shadow Man was such a good but disturbing game… I loved it.

      Thumbs up for such a delicate taste.

  • Happy Gamer

    wow..2002…u were 8? i feel so old now lol.
    anyways for me, i guess the first genuine fear i felt in a video game is kind of odd.
    It was Altered Beast for Genesis. It was the first day my dad got me a Sega Genesis. It came with a free game which was Altered Beast. I booted it up, got to first boss, was fun, no problem. Then the Boss said “Welcome to your doom!”
    I have never heard a voice from a video game up to this point and it made me scary to keep playing the game. I turned it off. I was in 3rd grade I believe haha.

    2nd time when i felt genuine fear to keep playing a game was…i was GOING to sat resident evil but i kept playing altho shakin in my boots because it was fun enough to shoot zombies. But silent hill for PSX…
    i believe I was in high school. I could not play this game alone. I played it with a friend and we still were going crazy. Turned off lights, played it at night.

  • when i was little my brother would play doom and that scared me so much i always ran out of the room

    it even gave me nightmares that feel like i’m inside the game

  • My scariest moments in gaming are a tie. First was when I was maybe seven or eight, and I was playing ‘The Scarab of Ra’ (an old Hypercard game) on my parents’ Mac SE. I picked up the Scarab item, and this mummy started coming after me! I could have sworn it had glowing red eyes and was reaching out of the monitor!

    The second was in my first year of college, when I was playing Half-Life 2 on my roommate’s computer. I played until 3 AM with the lights off and headphones on. Then I got to Ravenholm. The atmosphere was creepy enough, and then the fast zombies came and I screamed x.x

  • puchinri

    I don’t think I ever got scared in Resident Evil, but I did get pissed off often. And tense sometimes. A lolzy kind of shock ‘WHATTHEEFFISTHAT!?’.

    But somehow, Fatal Frame did scare the crap out of me. I think it was because I had just read about the true stories the game was based on, and I was playing all alone at night. But the first ghost scared the crap out of me so much, I had to have my uncle play. Still died anyway.

    • punchinri I so agree with you, whenever i see these “most scary game” topics i always see the same games – Resident Evil, Dead Space, Silent Hill,Haunted Ground, Clock Tower but the only game that gives you REAL fear is Fatal Frame/Project Zero

      The game confines you through a viewfinder which is ALWAYS much more scary then whatever other game is on the list.

    • countupyoursins

      Yes, Fatal Frame is easily the scariest game I’ve played. I was in a constant state of tension and didn’t want to play more than forty five minutes to a hour at a time.

      • puchinri

        Definitely. I never even got far. But I do want to go back and finish it one day. I’ll just be smart enough to play during the daytime when I have company.


  • goronyan

    first time playing scary maze

  • Ereek

    Resident Evil makes me more tense than anything.

    I can’t think of a time I’ve really been “scared” in a game (Survival horror is my second favorite genre) but there are times when I’ve been a bit creeped out. For example, I found some of the scenes near the end of Fear Effect to be rather strange, and Fallout 3’s vault 106. It’s funny, because as a whole Fallout 3 isn’t a very scary game, I’d even call it “darkly amusing,” but Vault 106 just disturbed me for some reason. That and the path through the Dunwich building.

  • kylehyde

    Maybe the scariest thing that could happen in a videogame, no matter the genre, is when it freezes, the music sounds weird and the controls doesn’t respond and after the WTF moment has happen and you recover the sense and reset the game, of course this is not so bad, unless you haven’t saved your game in a long time. Thats more scaries than any zombie, disappearing object and japanse ghost with long hair, of course, those things are scary, but nothing can beat the crude reality.

    • Code

      rar, reminds me of when I was playing 3D Dot Game Heroes, I was walking around the desert and suddenly the music got choppy, and I was like “rarr lame, a sound glitch?” and then as I kept walking, the game started to slow down, then it froze. I was like “rar, whatever…” *resets PS3* Only was it then to my horror, I discovered my PS3’s disc drive had died and couldn’t play any blu-ray disc at all T_T’ The realization that I’d have to get my PS3 fixed and all that precious money in my wallet was about to disappear — now that’s scary.

      • malek86

        Oooh, me too, except my drive just suddenly stopped working one day. That day, I didn’t even know it wasn’t working. I said to myself “I really want to play some Valkyria Chronicles”. So I put the disc in, and waited for it to load. And waited. And waited.Yeah, that was definitely scary, in a sense. That kind of fear of “don’t tell me I must send it to repair”. Goes well beyond anything little creepy girls or zombies in a videogame could do.

  • karasuKumo

    L4D the Zombies run! I have quite a fear of zombies lol so that is terrifying but the gamer in me keeps playing :/.
    Dino crisis when I was younger that scared the hell out of me. It’s when there isn’t any music then BAH! Scares me to death.

  • The scariest game I have ever played is Fatal Frame 2. I had to take many breaks from playing it because it was making me so nervous, and I wasn’t even playing it at night! The atmosphere in that game is perfect and creepy. The combat (if you can call it that) just helps the scares. Hey, you want a bonus? No attacking the enemy until it is RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. Oh the nights of sleep I have lost because of that game.

  • gatotsu911

    There have only been two moments in any video games I’ve played that have legitimately scared the bejeezus out of me, and they are very different. One was the “bathtub scene” in Eternal Darkness – a scripted sequence that’s the same every time you play through it. The other is the first encounter with the barking, skinless zombies in Half-Life 2 – a sequence which takes place entirely within the game, and in fact uses the imminent threat to the player to ramp up the anxiety and fear. I think they present two very different and, each in their own way, equally effective methods for scaring players.

    If we’re talking about games that are “creepy” or “unsettling” as opposed to, like, SCARY, then there are a few good candidates. Killer7 and the better Silent Hill games can be creepy as hell.

    • I agree with the “bathtub scene”. It took me completely by surprise, and it just left me sitting there in shock completely paralyzed. Several minutes later I still felt the adrenaline rushing through my body. The entire game did a good job of creeping me out though.

  • In 2007 when I was 9, I was playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time the Dodongo’s cavern gave me the creeps I quit playing for 6 months. Call me a wimp, but……

    • Kris

      You sir, just made me feel really old. I was 8 when the game came out in 1998.

  • Something about the surround sound in Condemned for Xbox 360 kept me on the edge of my seat… walking down a dark hallway and hearing a can or something make some noise behind me… Ah!

  • regreto
  • SanityCrisis

    It was about 1 AM when I was watching my brother and his friend play Resident Evil 4. All of a sudden, we hear an incredibly loud glass shattering sound. All three of us jolt a bit.

    “That was the game, right….?” Next thing we know, my mom’s screaming and freaking out in the kitchen. We run out and it turns out a stray bullet broke our window.

    While not the video game’s fault directly, that was still really scary and the game only made it worse for me. O___o

  • I can’t exactly say what what the scariest part, but Eternal Darkness as a whole managed to creep me out quite a bit. There are plenty of in-game nasty/scary moments, but what really did it are the sanity effects. Especially the things like the sounds suddenly disappearing or your saves being seemingly deleted, after a while you really did start to doubt your own sanity, and then that dark corridor back to your room suddenly gets a lot creepier.

  • MisterNiwa

    Did someone of you guys play THE CALLING on Wii? Well.. you know.If there is stuff that scares me, it would definetly be Ghosts.. and Dolls.And exactly thats how THE CALLING starts.So.. I was thinking this game wasn’t that scary at all, so I invited a friend to watch me playing it via PSeye in a video chatroom.It started.. I was in that room, got a flashlight and thought, well okay, cool cool.Got to the hallaway, and suddenly a ghost grandpa attacks me, I screamed.Very pleasant to my buddy to see me being scared like a little kid.Then.. I got into a Room with lots of lots of Dolls… Goddamnit.I had to watch through a slit of a door to see something, I don’t even know why the Character wanted to do that.At this point, the game got me. I was somehow caught ingame and turned my back to the slit and needed to check my surroundings without moving.So I turned back to the slit again, only to see a disturbing doll looking at me through it…Then the room filled with dolls and I ran to the door which was obviously locked.Of course that wasnt the end, I had to budge through the door, BOOM.It really felt so real… So I ran into the Room of the start, only to meet a little ghost girl.Then.. I turned the console off, was way too scared..My friend, who thought it would be pretty pleasant, laughed.Me, in a state of ultra paranoia had every light in his room turned on.When I decided to start off my Wii again, in the middle of the night, to play Super Mario Galaxy 2, I recieved an Email.So I opened the Mail window only to see a tattered letter in it…As I opened it.. I saw the head of the Main Character in a stuffed doll.Then I turned around and…

  • MisterNiwa

    Double Post, please delete this one. :I

  • rei

    The haunted hotel level in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines scares the crap out of me. Funny thing is, even ghosts can give vamps the creeps.

  • Code

    Although I don’t really particularly play scary games, or can really think of any that outright have scared me there is one game which comes to mind, I’ve played which I found extremely eerie, and I loved every minute of it >ww<~!

  • Extra_Life

    Usually I’d go with Project Zero, but now that I’ve just played Limbo on Xbox Live Arcade, I’d have to say the idea of being stuck in that world with no jope of escape is definitely the scariest ‘thing’ in gaming.

  • In Dino Crisis, the part were the T-Rex appears out of nowhere onto the screen literally made me throw my controller at the tv at the time (this was before Wii controllers!), but I give the scariest moments to anything Fatal Frame. I love it and cringe in terror of all its incarnations at all times. Especially those damn children and dolls and the random giggling and moaning you hear from time to time.

    Did I mention I had a haunted save file from that blasted game?

    I will give honorable mention to Clock Tower 3. It wasn’t particularly scary, but some of the scenes were pretty horrifying to see.

    For some reason, I’m not as disturbed at Silent Hill series, however… yet I will swear and curse when playing it because I get all bent out of shape if I die during games like that.

  • Dead space.
    RE5 was as scary as a mario game.
    Dead space:All alone in Ishimura and without ammo.
    RE5:a co-op and lots of ammo in open-spaces.It was a good game , but without scares.

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