Super Street Fighter IV Pros Offering Lessons Over Xbox Live

By Ishaan . August 8, 2010 . 1:40pm


Some of the top Super Street Fighter IV players in the world are now offering online lessons for anyone that wants to improve their game and is willing to pay for it. The catch is that you’ll need to identify just what you need help with first, so that they know how to help you.


• Justin Wong, Xbox Live, $50 per hour, tournament level characters: Rufus, Abel, Balrog, Makoto.


• Mike Ross, Xbox Live, $45 per hour, tournament level characters: E. Honda, Ken, Blanka


• Martin “Marn” Phan, Xbox Live, $40 per hour, tournament level characters: Dudley, C. Viper, Abel


• Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, Xbox Live/PlayStation 3, $40 per hour, tournament level characters: Balrog, Guile, Rose


Look up the lessons FAQ on EventHubs at the link above to find out more details in case you’re interested. Is anyone going to give these lessons a try?

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  • Dang Justin I know you are good heck a god at Street Fighter but that is a little expensive there. Expensive tastes I guess. :p

  • Kris

    That’s just silly. I can understand the appeal, but wouldn’t it be more fun to learn SF by not paying?

  • this is…just kinda sad really…

    • countupyoursins

      Going to have to agree with you. It is a game, after all.

    • wharcraff

      It only seems sad when you think of it in a close minded way. An extracurricular activity that one may participate with a group will always lead too someone who really loves said activity, and is not as experienced in it as they would like, to find ways to acquire that knowledge/experience. If it can happen in stuff like chess,tennis, etc why not Fighting games.

      • Code

        This I do think is true fighters are in my opinion pretty much a sport in themselves, but I think that there is a world of great players out nearly 24/7 you can literally access at your finger tips, who if you asked would more then likely help you for free >w<~! It's just maybe feels a little like they are taking players who might not know better to the cleaners.

  • This is an interesting idea, albeit pricey.

    Rather than having the client indicate what they need assistance with, I think said trainers should offer “assessment rounds” off the clock to identify the individual’s specific shortcoming.

  • Kuza21

    Well I would’ve given it a shot if they at least one tournament level character that included Chun-Li.

    • :/ Problem is she’s not Tournament level.

      • fermented

        Except that Chun-li is a good character that is more than capable of winning high level tournaments in SSF4, it’s just that none of these 4 players use her as one of their main characters.

      • neo_firenze

        Whether a character is “tournament level” or not is fairly irrelevant if you aren’t playing in major tournaments against top players. Even at Evo (which I was at this year), plenty of players got wins in the group stages with unorthodox characters who aren’t “top tier”.

        You really need to be playing someone of fairly equal skill level where you’re both high level players for this discussion to really matter. If you’re finalist material for major tournaments (hint: the vast majority of people are not), maybe then you should worry about things like “tournament level” characters. Otherwise, if you’re playing among friends, online, or casual arcade competition… you’re fine with Sakura or whoever you want. A good Sakura player will stomp a worse player using a top tier tournament character. Some matchups are always an issue, but that’s the same with any character.

    • I feel your pain. Sakura’s my main and she’s been getting shafted since her Alpha 3 days. :(

  • DemonicX

    Would anybody actually pay for lessons on a video game? o_0

    No thanks, I’d rather just experiment around with the game to get better.

    • Sadly yes, people actually would pay for lessons in Street Fighter.

  • Code

    It’s not that hard to find someone you can play and learn from, that’s part of the fun of this new online era of 2D fighters >w<~! rar, I'd rather better myself and learn through my own experiences then going so far as to pay someone to spar with me online, the idea as whole is pretty pretentious (and crazy expensive x_x).

  • Wow, you’d have to be a loon to pay for something like that. You’d be better off spending that money on a new game or dance lessons, anything but SSFIV lessons.

  • kupomogli

    Brings a whole new meaning to “let me take you for a ride.”

  • Man i have a better chance to going to i play winner than to play 40-50 bucks per hour to learn a damn game.

  • Kibbitz

    SSFIV tuition? It’ll be interesting to see how this venture holds up…

  • Mmmmm… no, thank you

  • sasuke222

    If only they had this for Naruto I would be getting paid big time.

  • pressstart

    Lovely how the comments go along with the social acceptance article.

  • See. This is an interesting path to take.

    People can down on how seriously competitive players take their fighting games all they want, but it’s close enough to a sport now that this is justified.

    If you say “People are stupid for wanting to pay for this,” You might be the stupid ones, or perhaps just don’t understand it. It’s not for completely new players, it’s for low-mid to high-mid players that already are competent, but want to have assistance from recognized players that regularly go and clean house the world over, and have a very high level of knowledge and mastery.

    If it’s not for you, that’s all fine and good, but if you strive to be better than the ‘best on your block,’ you’d seek out help from others.

    And sure, you could find someone online to help you for free, but this is more of a service. You know exactly where to find them, they are focused on helping YOU (Since you are paying them.) for the time you have allotted to you. Convenience and Quality.

    (Also sick of hearing people dis on Justin Wong. Yes, he was defeated by Umehara. Many people have fallen to The Beast. But Justin could probably still steamroll 75% of you, real talk.)

  • Interesting! This is actually a good way to advance to the top without spending hours and hours figuring something out, but it will not take an hour to get better. you would have to spend countless hours perfection it afterwards. But it’ll help you a lot faster and you would have since these pros already figured it out for you. And this isn’t new either. I’ve heard of game training but not online. This is def smart.

  • goronyan


    lol where’s Umehara?

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