Konami Picks Up No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, Adds PlayStation Move Controls

By Spencer . August 18, 2010 . 9:01am

imageOutside of Japan, Konami is the publisher of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, but they only picked up the PlayStation 3 version.


Konami Europe announced Grasshopper Manufacture’s title at Gamescom plus Move support for Travis’ beam katana. Back in April, when Marvelous released No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise in Japan, PlayStation Move support was not announced. It’s unclear if Marvelous will add PlayStation Move compatibility via a patch for the Japanese release.


No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is slated for release next year.

  • Scallion

    Knowing my luck, by the time I get a PS3, they’ll release it on 360. :/
    Move controls *are* optional, right?

    • PlayStation Move controls are optional. You can play through No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise with a regular controller.

  • elnegro492003

    I’ve read about people saying this announcement was only for Europe,but is it? I don’t think Konami will pass the opportunity to bring it to the states.

  • Code

    Sexy and approved — although I heard this was only for Europe? I’m hoping besides just motion controls, Konami fixes some of the glitches and other issues the game had during it’s Japanese release.

  • nyobzoo

    nice, this way I can import from EU

  • godmars

    Puts Wii controls back into the PS3 version you mean…:p

  • Jellybit

    My question is whether or not this will be uncensored like the 360 version. I’ll import it if so.

    • Code

      Ohhh good question actually. If it’s still censored that’s a mark against sadly T_T’

    • elnegro492003

      I’m praying since there’s a good chance this is probably the only version that’ll get a release outside of japan, they might want to include a way to toggle between censored and uncensored content, as opposed to the censored jpn ps3 version.

    • Aoshi00

      I was thinking it would be uncensored like RE4, but then there’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 which was censored in the US too, so… I alrdy imported the uncensored 360 ver, I like using the controller, but the loadtimes and freezing kind of ruined the experience.. I hope the PS3 ver would have blood and dual track option, plus Move would work better than the Wii remotes, which totally put me off. I’m not sure if I would buy this game for the 3rd time though…

      • Sigma 2 wasn’t exactly censored as toned down. Later on in the game, there’s still the rivers of blood in the NA version and the bloodbath. NMH is a step beyond that when it comes to getting rid of the blood and such.

        I really do hope that it’s 100% uncensored, though, when it comes here, but I’ll probably pick it up either way.

        • Aoshi00

          I never finished Sigma 2 too, I played up to the Momiji stage, and the only blood I saw then was when Ryu flicked the blood off of his sword. But it was weird because no blood came out of the goons when he was killing them, only purple light, which I thought was very lame.. I don’t feel like buying this game yet again, it would be cool if they port Desperate Struggle later and add the Jpn track to it like the first port. It’s kind of awful Marvelous’s patch didn’t really solve the freezing problem in the 360 port, even though I could live w/ the loading..

  • capristrider

    Great! Added Mov factor and I’m sold! I posted a reply at the Rising Star Games website to bring this over, but now Konami has pick this up, RSG lost out, nevermind, I’ve got the original for the Wii and it is lots of fun. I will possibly still pick this up regardless if this is censored or not (but I do hope it is uncensored)

  • EU, huh… Hm… Is it worth importing… Or shall I wait for an NA announcement…

  • ForeverFidelis

    Only picked up the PS3 version?


  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Oh. Oh. Ohoho.

    Don’t forget to put the blood and gore back in please, then you can bring it over. No really, I’ll let you.

  • Are we having a dual audio option?

  • I am happy with this. I might even try the Move controls. Thank you, Konami.

  • thebanditking

    So no 360 release Spencer? There has been some confusion over that, with some sites claiming its both while you and IGN say its only the PS3 game. Would not surprise me really I am not sure what issues the PS3 release had (outside of Trophies not unlocking or so Im told) but the 360 release was said to be a really sloppy job with loading problems, freezing and other graphical issues. Perhaps Konami figured it would require too much extra work/optimization to be worth it.

    • The press release we have from Konami only mentions PlayStation 3.

  • malek86

    An overrated game remains overrated, no matter how much HD you put on it.

    But it’s nice to see that Konami went the extra mile of adding Move support (or was it MMV?). More options are always a good thing.

  • MrRobbyM

    This almsot makes me want to get move at launch.

  • Guest

    I was just saying the other day they should bring this game to the west and add Move support and now look!

  • cmurph666

    “OMG YES~!” Is all that comes to mind.

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