These Are The Heroes Of Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors Of Light And Darkness

By Spencer . August 20, 2010 . 3:01pm


The creators of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years have a brand new Final Fantasy game for mobile phones. Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness takes place during a peaceful time where a great war is a memory. The world, united by the Avalon Empire, is about to change when crystals shine.


Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness is an episodic RPG. Each chapter focuses on a specific character. Complete it and you unlock a job, which can be used in other episodes. Characters are split into two groups, light and darkness.


image image image

Sol (light) – dreams of being a soldier in Avalon’s army. He lives in Lux and is childhood friends with Diana.


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Diana (darkness) – has been friends with Sol since they were children. She’s responsible and because of this treats Sol like a child at times. Her older brother is Aigis, a warrior who left Lux.


image image image

Aigis (light) – Sol’s teacher and Diana’s brother. He left the small country of Lux as hero.


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Sarah (light) – a mysterious girl who is a prisoner on an airship.


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Dusk (light) – Alba’s twin brother who, unlike his sister, is calm and reserved.


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Alba (darkness) – a prisoner in Harmonia who can crack a joke at anytime.


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Nacht (darkness) – he was once a prisoner at Harmonia. When he was a child both of his parents died during a war, which hardened Nacht and made him reluctant to share his emotions.


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Glaive (light) – another childhood friend of Sol and Diana. He spars with Sol, armed with a sword, at times.


image image image

Ergo (light) – a visitor who came to Lux searching for the crystal and the light warriors.

  • Ereek

    It sounds like a neat idea, but “Episodic RPG” just cuts my interest way down.

    • LastFootnote

      I don’t know. FF IV: The After Years and Telltale Games have really changed my mind about episodic gaming. Most games with linear plot have chapters anyhow. Splitting it up over time doesn’t really damage the experience for me.

  • joesz

    This is intriguing..

    I wish it was on other consoles then mobiles..Its ridiculous

    After five years we might be able to play games on our watches.

    • BK0000

      The After Years started on mobile phones and they port it to WiiWare. They’ll probably do the same for this eventually.

    • SolidusSnake

      ya personally I have no interest in using my phone for gaming. Hopefully it is just a fad that blows over in a few years.

      • It’s an established market in Japan.

  • Harmonia? Where is my Suikoden 6?

    Anyway looks like a nice game. Hopefully they will port it over to Wiiware or something.

    • raymk

      YEs were is my suikoden 6 at =D

    • epy

      Why only Wiiware? Bring it to PSN too!

    • Pesmerga00

      Yes, Please!

  • JustaGenericUser

    I see much of the same sprites as FF4: TAY. I know they have the same devs and all, but so did the original SNES FF’s and they still used completely different sprites. Makes me wonder if this takes place during FF4’s timeline though I doubt it.

  • Please, don’t do the same that Sega is going to do with Sonic 4

  • doomspeller10

    the graphics remind me of rpg maker xp XD…

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