• THOSE “CLICK” SOUNDS, ARE SO… ARE SO… addictive?! lol i dont know why xD, and the girls are kawaii >8D just as expected, and i though they always fought in their “transformed” form, good thing is not in just that form

    • Actually, Compa and IF-chan are not able to transform – Neptune is the only party member that can change to one of the hearts.

      For most part, you can skip transforming if you want to.

      • Ohh, but isnt the girl with the pink hair (dont know wich one is her) transforms into the xbox girl?, maybe im just confused :P

        • The girl with the pink hair is Compa – Compile Heart’s character. She doesn’t get a transformation.

          The girl who transforms into Green Heart is Vert – All I’ve managed to do so far is beat her up a few times. It’s a long story.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    Looks a lot Trinity Universe… and to me, that’s a horrible thing. Guess I’d have to wait for NISA to localize it and try it myself.

  • nyobzoo

    looks like the player is getting own

  • Yeah, it’s set to hard mode.

    Any reason? No, not particularly, actually.

  • Really nice :P

  • zhemos

    Awesome. Can’t wait till NISA releases it.

    • They are going to localize it?

      • On the E3 interview, from what I understand the president is looking into going through the motions to gain the publishing rights to do so.

        So the odds aren’t that bad, barring a hiccup concerning the negotiations at any point.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    One can never have too much nekomimi

  • M’iau M’iaut

    The other girls aren’t letting compa-chan have any fun…..is there a reason she’s that much slower than the others?

    • Stats mostly – Compa has a lower agility than everyone else. Neptune and IF-chan are faster than she is.

  • just curious; how are you doing the live streams?

    • High definition capture card + component splicer + lots of bandwidth up + very good computer.

      • I’m planning to buy capture cards too, but I can’t decide on which I want.. Which card are you using? I have my eyes on the EZcap 116 but it’s definitely not HD =..=

        • I currently use a Blackmagic Intensity pro (PCI-e) and run it from a desktop with server parts in it (long story, but I have an SAS setup).

          This runs at 720p and 1080i 50/59.94/60.

          Eventually, I’ll be working off an AJA Xena 2k.

          None of this is cheap though – You’re looking at 200 US for the intensity. You’d have to be fairly serious to do this right.

          If you have to ask about the Xena, you probably can’t afford it. :P

          But as I said, it’s very specialised hardware, but that’s the costs involved.

          • The moment I googled the Xena,I immediately knew this isn’t in my league :D
            I could settle with a the Blackmagic, but my PC’s kinda dated..

            Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it :)

          • A Xena 2K? That might be a little dated but isn’t that a bit overkill for doing reviews like this? As far as I know none of the consoles would be able to run 2K…not to mention, wouldn’t you need a K3 Box to go along with it?

            Heck you’re looking at several thousand dollars for all of that as it is – you’ve gotta be loaded. >_>

          • Would it make you feel any better that the card I’m attempting to acquisition I’m not even paying for? (It’s a long story – It’s to do with a workstation that’s scheduled to be decommissioned in about three months at a place I know of. It’s a first gen card, but who am I to complain?)

            You don’t need the K3 box – The breakout cable with some specialised voodoo means you can manage. Not the best solution, since unfortunately, the K3 isn’t being decommissioned, just the workstation. It would have been nice though…

            I tend to play around with equipment well outside consumer specifications – I have an SAS setup right now. 1x 450GB HD with SAS 2.0 card, with a second to hook up in a couple of months.

            It probably goes to show that I manage even on a shoestring budget, cause I haven’t spent much at all on it.

            Considering I apply the general rules of video capture – highest quality then encode to suit, and I do work unrelated to reviewing (I supply [email protected] raw footage to a few people. The files are huge per 2:15 clip, so it’s easier to move them with 64GB USB sticks than to upload, before you ask) so being able to work on 1080p60 matters (from memory the lower versions can’t manage anything above 1080p30)

            It’s statistical overkill for anyone who wants webcasting (You’d need something like the NBN’s 8mbps up in Australia to remotely make a 1080p look decent… oh, right…), but if you want to record and splice gaming in 1080p for comparison checks/trailer work or other specialised capture work, you’re pretty much stuck, since gaming is a 50/59.94/60 from what I understand of it.

            I just included the Xena just in case anyone REALLY insisted on 1080p. Sometimes I wonder if the Intensity Pro is a bit overkill even at 720p, but I don’t like working in SD for RPGs or other text heavy games, and I work with someone when playing who has to read the text to help me play, so I’m guilty of being a touch lazy.

            I do wonder if it’s possible to capture any game that proports any sort of 3D yet though…

  • Boy this reminds me a whole HECK of a lot of Trinity Universe.

    Then again, it’s anything based after Cross Edge – they all look familiar.

    • Ereek

      And even Cross Edge used a system based off of older IF titles (for example, Agarest- and before Agarest, the Neverland series).

      Though, in my opinon, they’ve been improving over time.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Hard mode looks fun so far

  • Kris

    Wow, it looks a lot more fun here than in the trailers!

  • [watches for an hour]

    Well that’s certainly an interesting inventory system.

    Also, nice that they allow you to just restart the battle instead of restart the save if you wipe. That ticked me off so many times with a lot of Cross Edge like games.

    • One of the more interesting things is that if it gets TOO hard, you can just take the third option, and just yank the difficulty down for that battle.

      It’s weird, but easy is a cakewalk, normal’s pretty easy, and hard really, really hurts.

  • Schwer_Muta

    Looks like they rightfully got rid of that stupid “sit around and do nothing for two turns to generate AP” you had to do in Trinity Universe.

  • DemonicX

    Random battles..? I’m not so sure if I’ll like that.

  • malek86

    Wait, how do you heal?

    • Leave the dungeon or fulfil certain conditions in combat only. It’s actually very difficult

  • I see a pantsu shot *nosebleed*

  • Battle looks kinda repetetive…

    • It’s one of the game’s shortcomings. We’ll have a playtest written up of the game once I get through it. It’s one strange, strange game…

      • At first I was pretty optimistic about this one, but as more materials began flowing in I started to lose my hype. Now I think about this game as nothing more but another niche jRPG and probably won’t buy it :<

      • Kibbitz

        Cool, look forward to it. Had very small thoughts of picking up the LE, but after I saw the combat video, it became none.

  • SupaPhly

    why can’t they have the profiles face eachother like disgaea? it looks weird when they face the screen like a VN :P

  • I’m not sold on the battles yet but, right now, nothing could stop me from wanting this game.

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