First Sign Of Valkyria Chronicles 3?

By Spencer . August 23, 2010 . 5:42am

imageWhat’s next after Valkyria Chronicles II comes out in North America? Maybe Valkyria Chronicles 3. Sega has not announced a threequel, but made some preparations to do so.


Sega registered the domain name at the end of May. Previous Valkyria Chronicles games used the domain names and Currently, the site is not available to the public and requires a password to access it.


Is Sega protecting the domain name from squatters or gearing up for Valkyria Chronicles 3? You decide.

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  • PS3 version or bust!!!! lol.

    Well this would be awesome.

  • As long as it is on PS3 then I am satisfied. PSP demo was quite good. But still, way better in HD on a FullHD TV :p

    And it gives my neck much more ease while playing.

  • MisterNiwa

    The developer said if the Handheld Version succeeds they make the 3rd one on Console. :I

    • God, I hope so. I would love a proper sequel with the gorgeous canvas engine back on the PS3.

    • Alrighty then. PREORDERING AT THIS VERY MOMENT. I’m so broke ;_;

    • Awesome but odd to make the first one for PS3, sequel to PSP and the third back to PS3.

      • heartless141

        but that is what we… hell, that is what EVERYONE want!

  • doubletaco

    C’mon, PS3 or 360 version. I don’t care, as long as it’s on a console.

    … Okay, a console other than Wii. I don’t need waggle in my tactical RPGs.

    • SlashZaku

      Kind of doubt that:

      “This may not necessarily be the end for the Valkyria Chronicles series on PS3. “My personal ideal vision is to develop Valkyria Chronicles on both PSP and PS3. We definitely want to make games on the high end PS3 as well.”

      Sounds like they want to keep it PS based which is great.

    • Guest

      “… Okay, a console other than Wii. I don’t need waggle in my tactical RPGs.”

      PS3 = Move Xbox 360 = Kinect

  • Yuan

    Will the next Famitsu SRPG reveal be this one? If so, that’s too fast (I haven’t finished the 2nd ^^’).
    Unless VC2 is just a prototype (the system) for a real one on PSP, this one should be for home consoles which developed at the same time as VC2.
    Well, maybe VC2 is just an experiment to try new things before putting them on VC3 for home console.

  • Zeonsilt

    That’s a good sign.

  • Has God has answered our prayers? (please, please, please)

  • joesz

    I’m happy to see this and yet sick of sequels.
    That’s all folks!

    • kushalafang

      Its true most sequels suck but some games actually get progressively better through sequels. Persona is a pretty good example…actually the Shin megami series as a whole.

      • joesz

        You gave me only one example and that wasn’t really sufficient .
        And yes not all the sequel sucks,But,I mean,We just got Valkyrie chronicle 2 months ago and now a sequel is already being in production,lol.And to be honest valkyria chronicle just don’t fit with the sequel bar IMO.

        And yes, I really wanted suikoden 6!T_T

        • Suikoden 6…

          …from Sega?

          Wrong company, sir.

          • joesz

            Not what I meant.
            What I meant is that instead of seeing sequels for games like this one,Let’s see one for suikoden.

  • Remember to buy the PSP version if you want more VC.

    • Ereek


      Already on pre-order, for me.

    • FireCouch

      If more VC = more VC 2, then no thanks.

      • So, the game isnt released, and you already saying it isnt good?

        • The game was released eight months ago in Japan…

  • SlashZaku

    Guess they’ve been working on a new PS3 installment alongside VC2 (since they said they wanted to capitalized on the anime and that another PS3 installment would take longer). They’ve mentioned wanting to do aerial and naval units so I wonder if they’ll get around to those in VC3 and I guess we’ll get a TGS reveal? Want to see how they’ve improved the engine given what we’ve seen from other developers recently.

  • azez

    OMG i hope it’s true T^T

  • Hopefully a beautiful meaningful story with amazing battles like the first and not a harem anime wannabe with stat grinding like the second

    • TNA_Lewis

      Story of the first; gameplay of the second. I don’t know what you’re talking about when you said “stat-grinding”; that would definitely be the first.

    • raymk

      In this day and age people must really hate anime. I have never seen so much hate for just having an anime inspired look.

      • The first game was anime inspired too, there’s just a big difference between a good anime telling a good story with interesting characters and a generic harem anime with soulless moe archetypes pandering to the worst anime fans.

        Valkyria 1 drew favourable comparisons to greats like Miyazaki films. Valkyria 2 drew comparisons to the hundred forgettable harem shows churned out every year. If you cant see the difference then that just makes me sad :(

  • FireCouch

    I really hope this one doesn’t take place at a high school. Really killed Valkyria Chronicles 2 for me.

  • godmars

    Still hoping they’ll go with different military types. Have one for airforce and another for navy.

  • Finalstar2007

    plz make it true and on PS3

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Once I accepted S rank was a puzzle rather than any attempt to represent actual squad tactics, my only disagreement with the game disappeared. One could always go back and fight Xcom style once you unlocked weapons and whatnot.

    Of course even serious military gamer I enjoyed turning Little Miss Baker into the frickin’ Terminator.

    • Hahaha, I know how you feel. Everytime I completed a mission the only thing I though was “But I’m still completely surrounded…”


  • capristrider

    VC3 on PS3?, now Sega is talking business, take the best from VC1 and VC2 and put them together for Valkyria Chronicles 3

    • badmoogle

      The first VC was GOTY for me but still it left some things to be desired.
      One example being the improvement of your team’s and enemies AI,bigger and more complex maps,more variety with the missions and more classes (something the 2nd title has already improved)
      I think they could do wonders if the 3rd game is released for PS3…

  • Guest

    hey since we’re talking Sega here and third sequels…..

    How bout that Shenmue 3?


  • badmoogle

    Awesome news!!!
    Even better if it’ll be on PS3!

  • Jirin

    Just as long as they make it an adult story like VC1 and not take place in a high school classroom like VC2.

    • raymk

      As long as they make the game i’m satisfied doesn’t matter if its more like 1 or 2. Even though i prefer it be more like vc1 in terms of adult story.

  • The first one was the best game of this generation and this one better be another PS3 title or…I’ll…I’ll…I’ll be very distraught and might even make a negative comment on an article!

  • eliel

    can’t w8 to hear more about this ^+^

  • He, everytime i remember something about valkyria chronicles 1, i cant help but smile… loved that game

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Yeah……..I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • This might be very good news (^-^)

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