Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Descends To Stores On November 29

By Spencer . August 30, 2010 . 6:36am

NTR_GoldenSun_02ss01_E3When Nintendo said “this holiday season” for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn they meant it. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be in stores in North America on November 29.


Matthew’s story takes place thirty years after the events of Golden Sun: The Lost Age where the power of the Golden Sun is thought to be a catastrophe. Armed with 70 plus Djinn, Matthew and his friends, descendants of heroes from past Golden Sun games, set out to face a new threat.


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about Golden Sun: Dark Dawn so read our impressions of the demo and check out these screenshots while we wait for news about new Psyenergy powers.


NTR_GoldenSun_02ss06_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_02ss10_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_01ss07_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_01ss15_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss11_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss17_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss19_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss20_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_03ss05_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_03ss08_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_03ss18_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss02_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss03_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss04_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss09_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_01ss14_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss12_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss13_E3 NTR_GoldenSun_04ss16_E3

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  • DAY 1 BABY Day 1 BABY! My most anticipated DS game, this. Those many long years of waiting and begging paid off and we are getting it THIS year, not 2011, not 2012, but THIS year, zomg, this has made my week!

    • kylehyde

      same here

    • Joanna

      Kinda wished it was released closer to my birthday, but all well. November is sooner and that’s something to celebrate. ^^

      • Draparde

        Agreed,…the whole Lot of it! (birthday is November 10th)

  • Now I don’t have to worry about Christmas shopping as much… Just in case I have to do it.

  • Kibbitz

    Don’t like what I’m seeing of the graphics, though that’s definitely not dissuading me picking this up. However, if this is in November, I’ll probably be picking it up in December or after.

  • i just hope they put some brain in the story, and not just made it to sell this because is “Golden Sun”

  • Hraesvelgr

    Glad to see it finally got an actual date.

  • ryne11

    Well, that doesn’t do me any good. Have to wait till February for this

  • neetloaf

    Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s going to be a day one purchase for me.

  • I love the middle screen shot on the last row :D this game looks sweet!

  • Justinzero


    *Pops GS2 on in anticipation*

  • Finally, the torture has ended!

  • shion16

    Ive had a DS for a couple of months,and the first thing i noticed…….90% of the games are RPG!!!!! and only 20% of these RPGs are decent(5% are ports :S) so yeah……im kind of happy for this game,but i want in this game that they push the power of the stylus to their limits, it has a lot of potential( i loved the GBA one) but it have to show something new (DQ9 didnt show almost nothing and that made me mad xD)

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