Dengeki Readers Pick Game And Anime Characters They’d Like To Befriend

By Ishaan . September 4, 2010 . 4:29pm


Another fascinating pair of polls on Dengeki, this time with readers picking game and anime characters that they’d like to befriend. As usual, the lists below contain some expected and some mind-boggling choices.




Rank Character Series
1. Mario Super Mario Bros.
2. Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid
3. Sunohara Youhei Clannad
4. Yuri Lowell Tales of Vesperia
5. Felynes Monster Hunter
6. Kyosuke Natsume Little Busters!
7. Amaterasu Okami
8. Sora Kingdom Hearts
9. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
10. Zidane Final Fantasy IX




Rank Character Series
1. Doraemon Doraemon
2. Hirasawa Yui K-ON!
3. Kamijou Touma Toaru Majutsu no Index
4. Sunohara Youhei Clannad
5. Koyomi Araragi Bakemonogatari
6. General Vamp Tentai Senshi Sun Red
7. Goku Dragon Ball
8. Pikachu Pokémon
9. Konata Izumi Lucky Star
10. Hideki Hinata Angel Beats

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  • mario and goku definetely

    mario to play sports and other games with

    and goku to back me up in a fight

  • I would hang out with Adol, Dogi, Ares and Dela Delon.

  • karasuKumo

    Yui? She would drive you insane, and Mario? Every time you’d call him or you ask who is at the door “Itsa me Maaaario!” would lead you to suicide.

    From a game for me it would have to be Snow from FFXIII but I think he’d out awesome me haha. From an Anime it would have to be Saeko from High School of The Dead :D

  • Mine wud have to be Megaman just cuz he is the Best videogame character of all time and the Sailor Scouts. Those Bitches r still sexy plus they can fight n got long-ass phrases for no reason lol.

  • holyPaladin

    GJ SunoharaTouma seems to be chick magnet :D
    Too bad he’s unlucky

    And I like to have Amaterasu (Sun Goddess) as friend

  • From a game, it would be a tough choice. I would agree with denpanosekai about Adol since it’s my favorite protagonist in any video game to date, but I wouldn’t want to be friends with him. This is simply because it would be INCREDIBLY difficult to have a conversation with someone who never speaks, lol.

    Adol is a pretty cool guy, but it would be like talking with a mime, so yeah..instead, I’ll pick Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV. As for anime, damn..that’s a tough choice, but I’ll go with Ryo Saeba from City Hunter since he’s rather comical, but has his serious moments as well. I doubt HE would want to be friends with me though since I’m not going to give him mokkori and I’m not a sexy woman in a leotard :P

  • Dimentionalist

    I wouldn’t just befriend Yui, I’d marry her.

    • No no, you’ve got it all wrong, you befriend Yui, you marry Ui.

  • RX79V

    It would be amazing to befriend these guys.

    Doraemon – For his amazing gadgets.

    General Vamp – For tips on house choir and home cooking.

    Pikachu – So that I will never need to pay my electric bill again.

  • Why wasn’t Goku higher? He’s a total bro.

  • Pichi

    For anime, Goku. As I like his happy go lucky attitude and is very supportive. I feel like I can hang out with him for hours.

    For game, Amaterasu. So cute and has that sense of personality without actually talking to you in a way. Not to mention we can do drawing things together while doing pet stuff!

  • kupomogli

    For game, it would be the Monster Hunter Felynes. I love cats ^_^.

    For anime, it’d be Misato Katsuragi.

  • goronyan

    For game it would be Fujiwara no Mokou (mokotan) for sure.
    I changed my choice of anime character, it must be King Kazuma ftw

  • He didn’t make the top ten, but I like how someone picked Kyosuke Nanbu from SRT because they like to gamble. The one I’m a little surprised see up there is FFIX’s Zidane. I would pick him as well, but I wonder if the game’s recent PSN release helped to boost his popularity or if he’s left that impression on people ever since the original PSX release 10 years ago. I guess it could be both though.

    As for anime, does Mashiro from Bakuman count yet? If not… then Kitamura from Toradora would be my pick. He’s a good guy, despite his eccentricity, which only adds to his uniqueness as a friend.

  • I didn’t think Konata Izumi would be rated so low :o

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Mario, for the laughs and because he’s been my hero since I was a kid. Minato, because he’s just so badass and I have a kind of man-crush on him. Tohsaka Rin, though it’d probably be tough just being friends since I’d fall head-over-heels for her.

  • Shuryou

    General Vamp scored 6 in the top 10? Wow, that is beautiful.

    For Anime I would’ve picked Satou Tatsuhiro from Welcome to the NHK, so we could produce galges together. For a game character I would’ve picked Endou Mamoru from Inazuma Eleven, so we could perform stupidly epic soccer together and take on the world.

  • malek86

    Vamp should really conquer the wrold. I bet we would all be better off with him as leader.

  • gatotsu911

    Not sure why people would pick Solid Snake – he’s pretty gruff, insensitive and antisocial, even if he is fundamentally a good guy. And Mario… he just doesn’t seem like much of a conversationalist. Utterances of “Woohoo!” and “It’s-a me, Mario!!” can only carry a friendly discussion so far.

    For me, in regards to anime, definitely Shinji Ikari. He reminds me scarily of a younger version of myself, and god knows I needed a friend at that age.

    For games… I dunno. Maybe Professor Layton? Though he might be a bit uptight for my tastes.

    • The poll results explain that people picked Mario because they want to know how he can do so many things and the rest of reasons sound like they were picking him as a joke answer as well. As for Solid Snake, some they want to fight alongside him or something like that and others said they want to be close to a man of valor like him.

  • I wouldn’t mind chilling with Otacon, haha.But my picks for who wouldn’t actually be great to hang out with at all but are really cool would be:Game – Travis Touchdown, Solid Snake, Dingo, Random Hajile, Big Boss, Doomguy, Duke Nukem, Simon Belmont, Alucard, Trilby, Ziggy, Nikujin, GeneAnime/Manga – Duke Togo, Guts, Zoichi Kanoe, Casshern/Cashan, Riki-Oh, MugenGuys who actually would be cool to hang out with are!Game – Gillian Seed, Leo Stenbuck, Otacon, Knytt (to keep as a pet/buddy), Dogi, Phoenix Wright, Bartholomew Fatima, Allen Ridgeley, Miyuki, chaos, Terry Bogard, Duck King, King, Ryo Sakazaki, Cormano, Kazuma Kiryu, The Guy From Outrun, Eri, Junpei Iori, Yosuke HanamuraAnime/Manga – Judeau, Simon, Kamina, Detective ConanMan, so many more from games than anime… just goes to show, my usual taste in anime has violent freaky dudes killing each other, haha.

  • Oh cool, they actually chose Hinata?! I would definitely be friend him too, well Otonashi and Naoi too, all from Angel Beats.

  • i will be happy to hang out with yuri^^

  • RupanIII

    Some that I don’t think anyone mentioned… pulling a heist with Lupin’s gang, member of the BeBop

  • CrisSpiegel

    I’d rather befriend Otacon instead of Snake.

  • TyeTheCzar

    Araragi Koyomi? More like Araragi BROyomi!

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