Final Fantasy XIII Finally Coming To Xbox 360 In Japan [Update]

By Spencer . September 7, 2010 . 2:01pm

imageA scan of Dengeki is floating around the Internet, which says the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan this year. While Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIII on both platforms in North America, it was a PlayStation 3 only title for Japan.


According to the scan, the Xbox 360 version has English voice acting instead of Japanese voiceovers and a new easy mode. The first print run also includes a booklet with unseen event scenes, visual art, and a novel.


The rumored release date is December 16, 2010, almost a year after the PlayStation 3 release.


Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip!


Update: Famitsu also has the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII in their table of contents listed as Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International. A blurry scan notes this won’t be a full price game like other Ultimate Hits titles (Square Enix’s take on Greatest Hits). Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International will retail for 4,990 yen ($60).

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  • It makes sense. It cost money to make a 360 version, and this is a way to make more of it back. And the fact that it doesn’t inlcude Japanese voices leads me to believe they’re going to be using the exact same game as the NTSC-U version.

  • malek86

    I wonder how many people are actually going to buy this. I guess anyone interested in the game would’ve bought a PS3 already.

  • thebanditking

    This is easily the biggest waste of money that S-E has done for 2010. If this moves 10K in week one I would be shocked, I would estimate lifetime sales of this would be 40K max, and thats being generous. This game was poorly received by JP fans when it launched on PS3. By now the post release complaints will have squashed any remaining interest, and considering how low grade the 360 port is I doubt that will help things. IMO this will be more of a “rub it in your face” moment for Microsoft Japan, then an actual sales driver.

  • FF XIII with an easy mode? Maybe this time, the game will automatically walk down the hallways for you.

    In all seriousness, this sounds just like something SE would do. So is this their version of the “international edition”? Just change the console?

    • MrRobbyM

      “walk down the hallways for you”

      That’d honestly make me like the game more.

    • Aoshi00

      To be fair, some parts did prove a bit challenging to me, like the last dungeon.. maybe they should make getting gil easier.

      As much as I didn’t like the game, I’m curious about the extra goodies. Wonder if the novel here is the same as the Episode Zero prologue. That book was actually rather well written and what I thought was sorely missing from the game’s story, the chars were much more fleshed out.

      • Money *was* way too hard to come by, though it had little use. Still, I’d rather monsters drop money then have them drop items you can only sell. And I understand, a few parts were kinda tough… but there’s that shiny “retry” option. I still can’t decide on it being a good or bad thing.

        I haven’t read Episode Zero. I don’t care enough to, I guess. I never was hyped about this game, so I didn’t rush to read it when it came out. Over time I just forgot about it. Snrk.

        • Aoshi00

          yea, like those stuffs that gave you pre-emp strike or pre-buffed going into battles, I really had to conserve them because I had no gil to buy them.. I guess the retry thing was both good and bad, because sometimes enemies just swarm and spam you out of nowhere, but there’s no penalty for losing or restarting any battle at all..I was actually very disappointed after I saw the ending (my reaction was literally WTF), and frustrated during the course of the game, it was fun at times, but mostly not fun and had to force myself to finish it just for the sake of doing so. I read the book because I felt so dissatisfied, I thought the world, chars, and premise all had potential but weren’t explored. And after reading the book, it made me enjoy the story and chars more, which I thought was a pity, because all those things in the book should’ve been in the game in the first place.. S-E just spent too much time on the graphics..

  • Final Fantasy XIII: International

    The easy mode, English only, and new stuff included is a giveaway.

    • godmars

      How are you defining a $100 price tag as a “giveaway?”

      • Where are you seeing $100? I read $60

      • That’s not how I meant it, lol. I was saying it’s a giveaway that it’s an, “International” version because of the stuff they added to this release. The fact that they have added an, “easy mode”, “English” and whatever this new stuff is makes it pretty obvious (or as I said, a “giveaway”) that it’s an, “International” version.

  • Exand

    I’m going to assume the cost of repackaging and putting in Japanese text for the 360 version is minimal and selling to the tiny fraction of Japanese 360 owners who are also FF fans who also didn’t pick up a PS3 to play FFXIII will turn some kind of profit…?If not, I don’t get it. Actually, regardless, I don’t get it. Seems like a silly idea.

  • godmars

    This is so an “FU” to fans of the series outside Japan. Especially if they include any in-game material after “promising” that there would only be one version of the game.

  • badmoogle

    I wonder if this decision was SE only,or if MS actually bought the deal.

  • Hi. We’re Squeenix and our heads are firmly planted up our asses.

    Is there a reason for this? Do they honestly think anyone in Japan who wanted to play FFXIII didn’t already buy it for PS3?

    Maybe this is so they can look at the abysmal sales and say, “Look, it’s obvious no one is interested in RPG’s anymore. Let’s make more crap like Gun Loco!”

    • Aoshi00

      Eng. dialogue and extra contents, this is the usual FF International re-release, maybe they would release it for the Jpn PS3 as well (Eng. dialogue and Jpn text). And since this game was never released on the 360 in Jpn, guess they might as well. Still, this game is so horrible and wasn’t even well rec’d in Jpn, do people still want to play it just for the Eng. voices?

  • Pichi

    Rather lite for an Final Fantasy International release. Would have expected more meat to this. Since it seems bare bones for the most part, I can’t see many will buy this.

  • The game wasnt that difficult to need an easy mode to be honest. The booklet seems to be the real win in this situation. But who in Japan would buy it? Native english speakers who have Xbox 360s and cant understand the japanese voice?

    • Aoshi00

      It’s for Jpn gamers who are interested in the Eng. dub, just like the past FF Internationals for FFX, X-2, XII zodiac, KH Final Mix, etc, and the truth is 12 & 13 have especially good Eng. dub despite how one might feel about those games. They’re putting this on 360 since it was never released in Jpn, FF13 Int’l for PS3 might not be far behind.

  • zhemos

    Why does it matter? I mean If they was adding new characters, additional dialog, new dungeon, and different costumes for the characters *wink* then I could understand some people getting their panties in a bunch. But they’re not.

    All they are doing is giving the few Japanese people that own an xbox 360 a chance to play FF13, I see nothing wrong with that.

  • kupomogli

    Isn’t there a big pride issue about lying in Japan? Did anyone die for this game to be released on the 360 over there? Thought this is shown as a sign of disgrace and that’s the reason why they initially didn’t release the game in Japan and only released it on the 360 in the US.

    Like thebanditking said though, the game already came out a year ago and with how poor the following is over in Japan for the 360 we’re lucky to this sell at all. However it won’t cost much as Square-Enix is just taking the US version and adding International to it.

  • Well not surprised Its SE !
    Jp360 guys have a right too , although i understand the 360 is region locked , surely most japanese who wanted to play this have done it i guess XD.
    xd ……… Just as long as they dont release a 4th version to the Ps3, i will not buy it ! you hear me SE bookclet or not «« 3 copies is plenty of money spent XD for a game that’s not even a favorite XD!

  • Funny seeing this news today, since I’ve did a bet with my friend regarding the release date of FF13 International only yesterday…

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