Dead Or Alive: Dimensions High Kicking To Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . September 8, 2010 . 11:32pm

image Team Ninja is hard at work on the next Dead or Alive game and this one isn’t a volleyball-meets-dating sim. Dead or Alive: Dimensions (previously called Dead or Alive 3D) is a fighting game.


Famitsu has the scoop and images of four characters. Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate, Raidou are in Dead or Alive: Dimensions. The Dead or Alive alum are shown fighting deep in the mountains and in Kyoto with cherry blossoms in the background.


Unfortunately, there isn’t any gameplay information in the article. Famitsu vaguely says series staples will carryover and people who haven’t been playing 3D fighting games will be able to play this game.

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  • 3D Boobs!

  • Kris

    To be honest, I’m glad that another DoA fighter is being made. DoA4 was pretty decent, and I’d hate to lose a fighting series (however voyeuristic) to a series of Volleyball games. I’m still hoping for a DoA5 at some point, but I hope that this will be a step in the right direction.

    • Not a DOA fan since I’ve never played any of them…but all of a sudden, I’m interested in everything Yosuke Hayashi produces. :)

      (I wonder why.)

  • malek86

    Darn, why for 3DS? I’m never comfortable with fighting games on portable consoles.

    I’d rather them make DOA5.

    • gatotsu911

      There are rumors flying around about DoA5 all over the place; I’ll be shocked if it isn’t officially announced for PS360 within the next year.

      • malek86

        Would TGS be an option?

        I sure hope so. It’s already been four years since DOA4. We are due another game.

        • gatotsu911

          Didn’t Itagaki (good old Itagaki) say that he never wanted to make another DoA because he thought DoA4 was “perfect”? (Same for Ninja Gaiden II) For better or worse, the studio has become a bit more… compromising since he left. They probably didn’t even start development on it up until that point.

          • malek86

            Much as I didn’t like Itagaki, I gotta admit the guy had skills. I wonder if Valhalla Studios will make something good.

            In the meantime, I’ll take whatever Tecmo Koei will give us, but it better be good… not like DOA Paradise. Or Quantum Theory.

            I swear, ever since they fused with Koei, Tecmo’s been swimming pretty low.

    • Seems a better choice than SSF4 due to requiring less buttons, but I also don’t like fighters on portables: d-pad quality, small screen, battery life, no arcade stick, online lag compensation programs require too much processor power for a portable system, etc.

  • Kibbitz

    I wonder what they mean by “People who haven’t been playing 3D fighting games will be able to play this game.”

    • Even if you’ve never played a 3D fighting game before, you’ll be able to play and enjoy this one. You don’t have to be an experienced fighting game player to enjoy this one. Basically

      • Code

        Yeahh, I don’t have a lot of experience playing the Dead or Alive series, but from what I have played, it’s very rock/paper/scissors when it comes to execution, I’m sure there’s probably depth to it somewhere, but it’s a pretty easy fighter to pick up with very little knowledge or experience. Although at the same time, I can’t say it was a terribly interesting or exciting fighter either.

    • kupomogli

      Dead or Alive has some very basic combos and then some advanced combos. It’s similar to Virtua Fighter where you’ll be able to experiment and easily figure out the basic combos. Virtua Fighter has more of an advanced combo system though, so it doesn’t go that deep into detail.

      Dead or Alive is one of my favorite fighters though. Always enjoyed it.

  • Companies are truly betting alot on the 3DS and it isnt even out yet. Though I dont think Dead or Alive is a high impact series

    • gatotsu911

      It used to be, or so I’m told. Back when it was known as a series of fighting games rather than a series of voyeuristic minigame compilations.

  • xavier axol

    What really piss me off, is that they could’ve done a dead or alive fighting game on psp. There is no excuse for the crap we got instead. Well I dislike tecmo sooooo much that, I hope they screw this game just like they did on the psp.-The psp deserves better

    • gatotsu911

      So, let me get this straight: you’re hoping for a game to be BAD because it’s for a console you don’t own (in fact, it’s for a console that nobody currently owns).

      Grow up.

      • xavier axol

        Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m saying. Look fans have been asking for the next DOA game, and what we got? A handheld game that isn’t about fighting and to top that up, it wasn’t that good looking or entertaining. It was like they were giving us the middle finger and a kicked in the nuts. And by the way, I am GROWN-UP. it’s just that I’m short, that’s why you can’t tell the difference. ;-) I also have lots of issues, HMmmm spelling is one of them. I’m talking ABOUT THE PSP spinoff and ugly ASS port of the series.

        • Oh, right. I forgot that because they’re making this one it means no one is currently working on DOA5 and no one ever will.

          And what do you mean this game isn’t about fighting? This is a fighting game….

          • xavier axol

            I was talking to gatosu 911 about the psp version of DOA, I was saying they should’ve done a proper port and instead we got a spinoff. I’m angry cause now they’re moving on to the 3ds weaving their middle finger to psp owners.

          • Ah, your edit cleared things up for me. But they could still make a game for the PSP now that Itagaki is gone. And I think they just like the 3DS’s new hardware and the 3D capabilities; they’re not doing it to spite PSP owners

  • Yes, the 3DS is getting all the REAL games – big budget games that aren’t touch-based junk.

  • Chow

    “OH, GOODY.”

  • Pleeeaaaaaase let Jann Lee still be in the series. He’s my favorite Bruce Lee ripoff in fighting games.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Day One for me.
    Same with OoT-remake, Star Fox 64, Resident Evil, MGS 3D, SMT, Kid Icarus…

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