A Slice Of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2’s Story Mode

By Spencer . September 9, 2010 . 2:26pm


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 follows Naruto as he rescues Gaara and pummels Pain. These screenshots show the ninja exploring Konoha village, which CyberConnect2 recreated for the PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 game.


The story mode also has boss battles like an aerial fight between Gaara and Deidara and the scene where Chiyo and Sakura team up against Sasori. These have quick time events and enemies that change their patterns. The demo currently on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live arcade is an example of a boss fight with Kakashi.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 comes out in North America on October 19.


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  • One of the best parts of UNS1 was traveling around Konoha; it was an extremely well-built city. I got 100 percent in Mission Mode with the first one. I am greatly looking forward to doing it all again.

  • Errick

    I can’t wait for this game, RB2, and DWG3 i love namco bandai.

  • man!! one of those screenshots almost looks like an scene anime and not from a game!! first day buy for me!

    • They’re pre-rendered backgrounds aren’t they? That’s a weird choice. It looks good in screenshots, but for gameplay it’s going to feel bizarrely stilted.

    • cedo66

      ya you’re right

  • My most anticipated game of the year. This game should definitely become the best shonen anime fighting game to date. There is so much attention to the presentation and no doubt the game will be utterly fun! Oh and look at Sakura too! Granny Chiyo, Naruto, Sasori! ZOMG! And my favorite kage, Gaara!!!!!!!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Alright, someone give these guys the Bebop, Champloo, Ruroken, Karas, Baccano and Darker Than Black licenses.

    Just for starters.

    • Aoshi00

      Agreed, they should handle all anime games from now on, this looks absolutely amazing and much better than the anime (the Gaara-Deidara fight in the beginning of Shippuuden was drawn quite horribly at times). I wouldn’t mind them doing Dragonball or Rurouni Kenshin games, though I’ve always imagined a 2D RuroKen fighting game along the lines of MvC/Guilty Gear/BlazBlue. I still can’t believe how everything looks so silky smooth..

      • What?! I don’t know whice Naruto Shippuden anime you were watching but that entire arc and fight was drawn amazingly well…arent they collaborating with Capcom?

        • Aoshi00

          I thought the animation quality went downhill since Shippuuden, the part that had the best animation was the Sannin arc. They were sponsored by Takara-Tomy before I think, not sure about now. Even the animation in the opening songs are horrible now. For me, the manga art and this game look much much better than the anime. To be fair, some episodes were drawn well, like the Sasuke vs. Itachi fight. I understand that animation quality can’t sustain from episode to episode, but overall the quality just isn’t too good.

          If you’re talking about the beginning of Shippuuden, the animation was good when Naruto was confronting the nine-tail, but there were some embarrassingly bad episodes for the Gaara fight that made me cringe.. even the Shikamaru vs Hidan fight.. have much less of an impact (of course they had to censor a bit in anime form).

          • Ive just seen through where the dub is at now (Naruto and Sakura finally ran into Sasuke when Sai decided to join Orochimaru, etc, 53?) Though I did watch he entire Pain arc, I thought the animation was consistently excellent…spare some weird part with Pain’s facial animation in one episode. I would link the image but it is something I hope to forget.

            Though it would be pretty awesome if CC2 could take over animation for the series…

          • Aoshi00

            Personally I don’t care much for the Shippuuden animation quality, for me it just seems to have taken a dive other than a few good episodes. Also some of the fights felt more dragged out too like the Gaara-Deidara and Sakura-Sasori fights. I felt the 2nd half the Naruto anime was very fast paced (of course they need to slow down or have fillers to let the manga advance further ahead). I remember some pre-time skip episodes were drawn really well, like when Sasuke was trashed by Itachi, or the fights btwn the Sannin, or Naruto vs. Kabuto. For me Shippuuden has more bad episodes than good eps.. there were some weird ones like Sasuke vs the Eight-Tail. Also Snake/Hawk were drawn the worst too, though they aren’t much to begin w/…

            But yea, imagine how good it would be if they use this game’s animation for the anime, much more dynamic and consistent, closer to Kishimoto’s original art.

      • Precisely why manga > anime, at least for Naruto

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Wow, GG style Ruroken, that would be so cool. Personally though, I always imagined Ruroken as an Action RPG… Covering the manga, exactly as it is, playing as multiple characters, with awesome, over the top Battoujutsu/Gatotsu/Futae no Kiwami battles. Fighting Enishi! Or better yet, put the player in control of Enishi during the first fight against Kenshin. I’m drooling all over the place, I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown or something, so I’ll just stop here =P Man, that is my dream game. Kinda like Ninja Storm here, except for the Action RPG part!

        • Aoshi00

          An action game might work, Kyoto Rinne on PS2 was kind of like that and you could only control Kenshin, Saitou, and Sano, of course the polygons looked so primitive back then. I played a little bit and it felt slow to me. But imagine all the super moves in 2D sprites, Kenshin’s Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki, Aoshi’s Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren, Enishi’s Kofuku Zettousei (his Jinchu gang would be perfect for fighing games just like the X-Men), Shishio’s crazy fire moves.. just thinking about it makes me drool..There could be cutscenes in btwn to chronicle the story from beginning to end (just no badly drawn anime though like SF4 or BB, so maybe CG like UNS2 here would be great). They really really need to make an RK game you know.. actually a RuroKen x Busou Renkin game would be awesome since BusoRen has tons of weapons and moves too, just a Watsuki fight fest.. So yea, a Kenshin fighting game and Chrono 3 would be my dream games, someone just make them alrdy!

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yeah, I played Rinne, and it was nice enough to get my Ruroken fix, but it could have been great, given the proper treatment. But yes, Studio DEEN anime cutscenes (Tsuiokuhen quality, of course) and HD 2D fighting would be too good (even though I suck at fighting games, kinda sad).

            OR we could ask for a game that lets you choose between cinematic battles (like our friend Ninja Storm here) or high speed 2D fighting!

            Someone wake me up, quick.

            (Psst psst… Busou Renkin was pretty cool too, even though I only saw the anime)

    • karasuKumo

      They need to make a Bleach fighter that has Storms engine, they need to make an action RPG for TTGL, Durarara (sounds odd but it would work), Darker than Black and most importantly Noein (why isn’t there a Noein game?).

      I wonder if there will be bandits and rouge ninja in the RPG mode?

      • Im surprised there has not been a Bleach game or for that matter even a One Piece game on the powerful consoles. At least in One Piece’s case it seems to be more popular worldwide than Naruto (though except here in the US).

        What would we do in a Noein game?

        • karasuKumo

          I know it’s really odd, there should be a petition for CC2 to have their licenses I know I’d sign haha. No disrespect to whoever made the Heat the Soul series but it doesn’t fit Bleach’s style in my opinion, the big Shonen titles need big stage fighters.

          In the Neoin game you’d play as Karasu and switch dimensions fighting Shangri-La’s army and there would be the big battles (Fukurou, Atori the rest of the Dragon knights) it would follow the story from Karasu’s point of view but with a few adjustments to make sure there’s more enemies. Hakodate would be sand box style :D.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Karasu vs. Fukurou! Yes. Different graphic styles, like the anime, how beautiful. Bleach would be nice in this kind of engine and game style! Then again, any game would.

        About Drrr!, I don’t think it would be THAT interesting from a gameplay perspective, at least from what has happened in the first three novels/first season. But maybe the same could be said about Baccano. Even though I would like to see it anyway!

        As for TTGL, I don’t think there’s a console/PC powerful enough to recreate the last battle =P

        So many licenses that would be awesome in CC2’s hands. Well, at least they would be pretty, that’s for sure.

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