Guess How Much Pokémon Black & White Sold In Their Opening Weekend

By Ishaan . September 21, 2010 . 9:29am Back in August, Pokémon Black / White shattered Japanese Pokémon pre-order records, becoming the fastest game in the series to go over 1 million pre-orders.


Now, Famitsu are reporting that, in their opening weekend, Black and White collectively sold 2.63 million copies. The exact figure, if you’re curious, is 2,637,285 units. For reference, Dragon Quest IX sold 2.3 million units in its own opening weekend.


Pokémon Black / White are scheduled for a Spring 2011 release overseas.

  • urbanscholar

    Shock & awe at this news.

  • malek86

    And now for the mandatory question: if DQ9 were released in two slightly different versions, would it have sold more?

    • I don’t think so. Only very few people would buy both versions (and only hardcore Pokemon fans probably). “Casual” players are probably what make the number so huge. I listen to Japanese live stream/chat rooms that aren’t about gaming and everyone and their mother bought pokemon or want to buy it. It might’ve been the same for dragon quest, but the number was slightly higher? The appeal for Pokemon is still greater also because of the anime as well I guess.

  • i imagine more than 1 fan brought both of the versions… DARN i hope blue rose sold well T_T

    • I wanted to announce that I will be one of those fans to buy both versions and so will my sister when it comes to NA.

      • lol, i know a friend that does that as well, lol i just cant see the point

        • We just REALLY like PKMN a lot. I just mainly collect the games.

    • RX79V

      To do that, they need to have another version of Blue Rose. Something like Red Violet, etc. (Just kidding.

  • I wonder if its actual new people whove bought the game or veterans of HeartGold and SoulSilver…I assume work is well underway for Pokemon Obsidian and Pokemon Amethyst.

  • cmurph666

    Yeah, but everyone technically bought 2 copies of the game…

    • ECM

      Technically (and by that I mean literally) most people don’t buy two copies of the game.

  • It will only get higher perhaps. People who tried to pirate will now have to buy.

    • Well. Isn’t that the point of piracy protection?

      I think it’s more than that. It’s easy to overcome piracy protection, but Pokemon in particular feels like a big enough game that worth buying.

      • luckgandor

        I completely agree. Anti-piracy measures can be overcome incredibly quickly, so that shouldn’t have much to do with it. The sheer amount of possibilities for any gamer post-E4 justifies spending the money.

    • Except if they have an American DSi/XL, they still can’t play it (region locked). It’s sad when your chances of being able to play a game are higher with piracy than buying it legit. :(

  • andref

    Well since i’m importing white I’ll buy black when it comes to North America

  • i’m playing it now and this is one of my favorite pokemon games ranked up there with gold and silver and red and blue

    the pokemon grew on me and there is just something there that makes me like it that was missing for me in diamond and pearl and ruby and sapphire

    and i can’t even understand the game because it’s in japanese

    • What? So its ranked up there as half the pokemon series? I dont understand

      • i mean i like it as much as i did red/blue and gold/silver

  • i read this post and can only agree.
    I imported it and it’s one heck of a game.
    Possible one of my favourites.
    It combines new,fresh ideas with the common pokemon setting.
    Yes, you will collect the gym badges like in all pokemons games.
    And yes, you must train and catch pokemons in order to proceed.
    But the feeling to it is much different. There are more unknown decisions,
    unknown Pokemon (at least to the people who hadn’t spoiled themselves on Poke-Wikis^^) unknown areas and a complete new background.
    To be honest, at first i thought it’s a complete waste of money because i can’t understand japanese in the first place.
    But when i had this game in my hand, freshly-sealed and cold from the airplane…
    I giggled like it was my first Pokemon game (which was the yellow special edition btw)
    Gonna buy the other game when it comes out in europe.
    Maybe the game reminds me of my youth and childhood.

    …So when is the next pokemon game gonna be out?

  • vadde939

    Wow those sales are crazy. And remeber those people back in the 90s who said Pokemon was a fad doomed to die after Red/Blue….

  • Kamion

    Wow, I knew they’d sell well but I didn’t think they’d outsell DQ9.

    Congrats, Nintendo :P

  • pokemon was better ..i used to play it for hours (days :p) but they really are spoiling everything …(i mean a fire pig …what would be next …:p)

  • Joanna

    wow. good job Pokemon & Nintendo.
    Can’t wait for these games to be released here~

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