Nintendo To Release Wii Remote “Plus” This Holiday?

By Ishaan . September 24, 2010 . 3:03pm Earlier this week, a Gamestop listing discovered by the Internet that has now been taken down made mention of a “Wii Remote Plus” bundle with FlingSmash, an Artoon-developed game that requires the MotionPlus add-on for the Wii remote.


As you can see from the cover of the bundle, there’s no separate image depicting the MotionPlus, while the text itself says “Wii Remote Plus inside.” This likely means that Nintendo are ready to start rolling out MotionPlus-integrated remotes as a competitor to the PlayStation Move.

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  • This is silly. I bought WM+ last year and have only used it for two games since then. I guess I was suckered into thinking that all games would end up using WM+ because it’s so much more accurate, but evidently no devs want to use WM+ because no one bought WM+ because no devs use WM+…..if a first party title can be WM+ only (zelda) then all other titles should follow suit.

    • Code

      Yep that’s exactly the dilemma that developers have when it comes to new hardware delivered mid-life. It ends up splitting up the user base into, those with, and those without — unless developers wanna put in the extra work to make it compatible with both. When it comes down to it, it really feels like most of the time no one wins, because developers struggle with risking projects on a smaller market, and usually because of this, they don’t, so in turn gamers have to weigh the risk that developers won’t support it with games, which of course just loops back.

    • Aoshi00

      I agree, no games take advantage of motion plus at all when so many need the accuracy. Basically Move was what the Wii remote should’ve been in the first place (I’m only playing Sports Champion and some demos now, seems to work pretty well). Why didn’t they use WM+ for NMH2? Now I’m hoping they would port it to PS3 w/ Move. Not that I’m crazy about motion control, but if the games are using it, make sure they work well.

      • Kaishounashi

        Perhaps because it wasn’t needed? There’s nothing NMH2 could achieve with motion plus. It’s for games that extensively use motion controls, unlike NMH2. The motion plus should be used with games that need the acessory.

        I don’t have a motion plus. Maybe i’ll get this new one.

        • Aoshi00

          From how I see it, most Wii games didn’t work or just added frustration because of its inaccurate motion control, and the first NMH was one for me, I played it for a bit and put it down, but found Paradise port to be much more fun. How about Punch Out, why again no motion plus? I’ve only played the game w/ the controller sideways, I heard the motion control is unplayable. Or Dragon Quest Swords, the detection was so spotty, unlike Sports Champions w/ PS Move, the sword game actually works as the slashes in different direction register.I thought many games would have at least benefited from plus w/ better detection. Otherwise why bother adding Plus at all, because the Wii remote was imperfect, to say the least. To come up w/ a new accessory and only one or two games use it, sounds like Nintendo.And which games do you say need it then, I say all of them do. I have 3 WM+ and haven’t used them at all other than Wii sports resort (I have Zangeki no Reginleiv but haven’t opened it yet), I got them because the pink and blue controllers look cool.

          • Kaishounashi

            No, a lot of them don’t need it at all. Punch out is a case, since the game doesn’t even try to replicate your punches, and even with M+, it would be the same, since Little Mac only has those two kinds of punches. If they tried to make a Punch Out 1:1, it would be tiring as hell and impossible at later battles.

            Besides, i’ve played with the motions most of the time and it works fine. I have nothing to complain about that.

            Just like No more heroes. Most of Travis attacks are made with the A and B button. The motion controls are just for the ending strike, where any kind of slash could do it. There’s nothing the M+ could achieve in this game that the regular wiimote couldn’t.

            I’m not saying that the device shouldn’t be supported, but to me, it should be supported for games that actually need him, like Red Steel 2. The swordplay is much better in it, compared to the first one. That’s because red steel is a Game that really uses motion controls , not like NMH, which uses just for the sake of using. In those games, the M+ can only make the game better.

            For games like Metroid, Sin and Punishment, No more heroes and others, imho, i don’t think so.

          • Aoshi00

            The whole point of motion control is to get an accurate 1:1 response. Who wants to play a game that the control only registers by chance. I had a totally different experience w/ many Wii games, like NMH, DQ Swords, or Okami port, I did this motion and the game thought I did something else, had to do it multiple times just to pull off a simple action. If you said NMH doesn’t need responsive motion control, then it should’ve let us used the controller as an alternative. Desperate Struggle has that option because some people hate the unresponsive waggling, and yet no motion plus was added.

            Bottomline is if motion control is not responsive don’t use it at all. And now Motion Plus was supposed to be that remedy, to improve on the spotty wii remote, yet no new games use them at all.

    • This has been true of every peripheral in Nintendo’s history. This was one of my biggest concerns about the Wii since its launch.

    • Ew, you actually bought it? Hasnt Motion Sports and Red Steel 2 been the only games to use it?

      • GhostSlayer on WiiWare, although you can play it without it.

        • crunc

          Tiger Woods ’10 and ’11, at least one hockey game but I think two, and I’m sure there’s some I’m forgetting. Not a lot, but there are others. Hopefully the Flingsmash bundle, and just not having to have a separate add-on, will help, as will Zelda next year. Nintendo needs to get more WiiMotionPlus-only games out. Those are two more. They need more of them, and they ought to bundle one in the box with new Wii’s, along with the new Wii Remote Plus.

  • joesz

    The playstaion move is not bad..but its not that great to meand I think that nintendo’s ceo(forgot his name) is just paranoid.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Good. In business, when you are successful, you HAVE TO be paranoid. It is when you are successful is when you are most vulnerable.

  • I dont understand why they need to do this for such an underlized overpriced piece of technology. It seems like an easy and elaborate way to siphon off more money from gullible consumers. This is definitely one of the most fiendish machinations Ive ever seen employed by Nintendo in my lifetime. That being said, the MotionPlus is rather useless for there are just not any compelling games to play it with.

    Maybe its existence is just to combat people who are considering the powerful consoles with their precise and accurate motion controls with over 28 new and current games supporting it.

    • crunc

      Fling Smash looks like a lot of fun, and if it’s priced right they’ll get WM+ into more hands. It’s a chicken and egg scenario. Developers won’t make games if people don’t have Wii Motion Plus. People won’t buy WM+ if there aren’t enough games for it. So doing another bundle, like they did for Wii Sports Resort, is the way to get these into more peoples hands. Then hopefully more developers will jump on board. Nintendo needs to get more 1st party WMPlus-only games out. Zelda should help, but that’s not until next year.

  • eliel

    i wonder wat would happen if u put the motion plus on this controller

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