New Seinen/Josei Manga Anthology Launches For Kindle, PC, iPhone And Mac

By Ishaan . September 25, 2010 . 12:02pm ComicLoud is a new manga anthology that launched recently on Amazon’s download service in both the Japanese and English languages. The anthology’s main focus is to highlight up and coming manga-ka and each digital copy costs $4.99, which is rather reasonable considering each issue is bi-lingual.


While you download ComicLoud through Amazon, your digital copy can be read on a number of devices, including PCs, MACs, Kindles, and the iPhone/iPad. Additionally, the ComicLoud team actually encourage independent creators of original manga series to get in touch with them to discuss publishing prospects, should they wish to do so.


This week, conducted an interview with ComicLoud publisher, Jiro Nemoto, to find out more about the effort, and one of the questions brought up pertained to what ComicLoud’s target audience was, judging by the serializations in the first volume. To this, Nemoto replied:


“Since the readers need to buy the devices (e.g. Kindles or PCs) to read ComicLoud, we’re assuming that they have a regular job. That means most of the readers are businessmen or businesswomen. The current lineup of the ComicLoud is mostly for men, but (in future issues), we are going to have female manga artists and they will make some manga for ladies, too.”


It’s an interesting contrast to Tokyopop, to whom we asked a similar question regarding the availability of digital devices to youngsters, and CEO, Stuart Levy, replied that he believed enough kids owned smart phones or — at the very least a PC — to be able to access digital manga services.


Still, it’s nice to see a new publisher enter the market with a solid vision and go straight for the target audience that’s best-suited to what they’d like to so. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on ComicLoud in the future.

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  • I just wonder if it means that any that are lengthy and compelling if they will give them separate releases on those digital stores.

    I wish it was available in print form though, Im probably the only person that prefers reading stuff in print.

    • No you’re not

    • CrimsonFlamesX

      You’re not the only person, that likes reading in print.

    • Aoshi00

      I do too, but my main concern is space. Recently I picked up all 33 volumes of Vagabond for like ~$250.. (I only read the first one when it first started over 10yrs ago) and they took up another shelf instantly. I used to take pride in having all the books that I like, but now I wish I could just convert them all into digital format so I could just carry them on an iPad or something (haven’t got one yet), I think I have maybe 1000 manga more or less. I’ve alrdy dumped boxes and boxes of VHS before.. I really don’t know what I’m going to do w/ these books. I guess one saving grace is I don’t really read much manga anymore.. but games are also taking up a lot of space. So if the price is right, reading on iPad digitally is fine by me, I don’t like reading manga on a PC monitor or a small smart phone though.BTW, Inoue’s art has really taken a dive since volume 20-something (kinda makes me regret blowing so much money on it…)

      • I could never imagine parting with all my mangas, after the time it took to gather Bleach, and Tsubasa, and my favorite Naruto. I read them all on a bus and dont like looking at stuff on a digital display, and there is just some inherent value lost when looking at a bookshelf, or in my case my study, filled with rows of numerically ordered volumes of manga, versus seeing the library on some screen.

        I wouldnt whip out my laptop or my ipod touch on a bus or something to read manga, or more recently walk around at the bus stop with it; I guess its more convenient and safer to read them non digitally.

        • Aoshi00

          No doubt reading a book feels natural. Like I said I used to like them a lot, I collected manga all my life. But my apartment is literally running out of space, if I decide to move for many reasons when I marry or get a job elsewhere, 1000 books and other junk aren’t very mobile at all, it just gives me a headache now. Also it’s hard to pick out a manga anyway because I have to stack several rows on each shelf. I guess when I get a single house, I would need to designate a room to store all these collection as well. When I see people reading their Kindles on the bus, it looks fine to me, because the screen size is similar to the size of a book, and you could flip the page w/ ease, instead of on a small smart phone or a PC screen where you have to zoom in and out and scroll up and down, I see no inconvenience at all. It’s like I’m playing all the old Sonic games on XBLA now, I see no point of whipping out my genesis to change cartridges, it’s really basically the same experience. I guess I could sell my books to bookoff or something, but I don’t feel like losing money either, they’re probably going to give me a quarter for each book. I’m saying at this rate, space just won’t allow me to continuously buy new books.

          Or like artbook, either an artbook on paper or a gallery that you unlock in a game, it makes no difference to me. Chances are once I put away an artbook, I don’t even know where to find it later, because stuffs just keep piling up.

        • Aoshi00

          BTW, I’m a Naruto fan just like you, and still buying the manga as each new one comes out every 2 months, just for old time’s sake (might as well complete it since I started 10 yrs ago), 52 books and going are taking up a lot of space, I just want it to end alrdy.. and Bleach too, I don’t know what I’m still buying them, I lost interest in it long ago I just feel obligated to see it to the end. and I didn’t used to just buy tankobon, there was a time I bought weekly shounen jump every week, those phonebooks really are a waste of space looking back now.. it’s not like I could dump them because those were kinda precious (a testament I was following Dragonball or Kenshin every week), but it’s not like I would flip thru them either..

      • Ereek

        As someone who buys books as well as manga, I completely agree (all the way down to the point that I don’t read manga as much anymore). I don’t have nearly enough shelf space for everything. A digital manga is much easier to read than a digital book, so you can guess which I’m more likely to sacrifice space for. . .

        I haven’t been willing to give up my VHS yet, though. I still have some 30 volumes of DBZ alone.

        • Aoshi00

          I’ve debated for a while whether to throw away all of my treasured VHS collection, but the space they hogged had reached a threshold. And I figure the chance I’m turning on my VCR again is very slim, so off to the garbage they went.. plus it’s not like they’re valuable like vinyls.For books, I still read a little manga, but I think I need to stop buying them entirely unless it’s on a digital device.. one volume here and there really add up in terms of shelf space.. The physical books are more like a nuisance now, it was like gaming magazines used to be great, but now we just read news online, not much point in collecting them.For DB/Z, I have the whole Funimation DVD sets so I’m good. I wouldn’t mind buying games digitally either, if they weren’t so expensive compared to physical copies and that 7Gb take forever to download w/ my slow internet connection (and limited HDD space for the console too).

  • gatotsu911

    From a creative standpoint, this sounds like a great idea. I don’t personally do much reading – of manga or anything else – on electronic devices, but obviously digital publishing is a lot cheaper and easier than paper publishing, especially for a new publisher wanting to take risks on new talent and cutting-edge content. I hope this publication will facilitate the rise of many talented new artists. Manga and anime as a whole could use more content targeted at grownups.

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