“If You Thought You Knew Castlevania, Think Again”

By Spencer . September 28, 2010 . 5:13pm

If it wasn’t clear before, this Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer stresses the departure from the core Castlevania series. While the hero carries the Belmont name, Gabriel’s arsenal of attacks look more like a certain angry Spartan.


Instead of watching this video you could download… oh wait… nevermind. The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo isn’t part of the US PlayStation Network update. Well, if you have a European PSN account you can grab it tomorrow and see if "the range of awesome secondary weapons" are truly awesome.


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  • MisterNiwa

    Already played the Demo thanks to a friend. This game rocks. Can’t wait to pick my copy up the 7th of October!

    • Aoshi00

      Sounds good. I’m not watching more for spoilers, I’m just going to get this w/ Enslaved, and then Vanquish later. I’m actually not that big of a GoW fan, but I like Dante’s Inferno, and this looks even more polished. BTW, does the Euro demo have Jpn dub too (I know they dubbed it in the trailer), like the Vanquish demo? I’m a little disappointed Enslaved doesn’t have Jpn dub, while Heavenly Sword did.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      There’s a demo out? PSN? Sorry I’m kinda slow…

  • so basiclly what heard was if you thought u knew castlevania think again cause it’s dante’s inferno

    • Aoshi00

      When I played Dante’s Inferno, I thought it was kind of like a 3D Castlevania done right. The wailing was a little bit too much though. I can imagine this only looks and plays better and even more cinematic.

  • andref

    Kinda makes me think that this is supposed to be an origin story for the legend of the belmont’s but wasn’t their already an origin story?

    On another note, even though the video was choppy, the game sure looks pretty

    • It’s supposed to be an alternate story. I’m not sure if it’s a reboot because I remember hearing that Konami plans on making more games for the original story’s timeline. Lament of Innocence is the origin story for that one.

      • andref

        Well having hearing the name vampire killer, which seems to refer to the chain which happens to be the combat cross, it raises some questions that, is this really a standalone title?

  • MrRobbyM


    Link to much higher quality video. Just pick 720p.

  • kupomogli

    What they mean when they stress that this is a far departure from the core Castlevania series, they are admitting that in order to not get the game cancelled they had Konami throw the Castlevania name on there. I posted this in a different news story prior to this as a reply, but it was way off topic over there(God of War) so thought I would edit that post and post it here. Since they’re stressing the fact that it’s not a regular Castlevania, this I guess won’t apply any longer. So again I say. Why not just call it Lords of Shadow and use the Belmont name? It doesn’t have to be called Castlevania to have the name Belmont or even a Belmont resemblance. -What I dislike about it is that it’s really different compared to what you’d expect of a Castlevania title. Sure CV is world with fantasy monsters, but it’s always been in what I’ve thought of a realistic world setting. Never in a CV do you come across various English speaking fantasy creatures. Horses, goblins, dryads, goat type things, etc. That’s a bit too into the fantasy setting if you ask me. The only things that talk in a CV game has been Death, Medusa, or some type of humanoid creature such as Vampire or Succubus, but the western developer has managed in a single game to bring it on a level far beyond that and closer to stuff such as Lord of the Rings, Neverending Story, Chronicles of Narnia, etc. You see the talking horse in the demo and everything else in trailers, so who knows how much more they deviated from the series.The other thing is that the game is set in 1047. If Dracula is in the game, which so far I don’t think they’ve said he is, then they just took a crap over all the other games that laid storyline out before then. Aside from Sonia Belmont which originally did the same and is now non canon anyways. According to CV3, Trevor Belmont is the first to Belmont to fight Dracula. The storyline IGA set was LoI that Mathias Cronqvist, went into hiding and was not seen for hundreds of years. LoI only gave us the time period that it was during the crusades and that it was the late 11th century, so we could only assume that this time frame between 1095 and 1099. The Castlevania Dungeon sets it as 1094 which is one year before the Crusades started.Not only that, but in the sense of keeping true to the timeline, LoI also introduced the Vampire Killer and what one could assume is the first time a Belmont has used a whip when Rinaldo created the whip made from alchemy. If it was somewhere atleast consistent with the storyline and the fantasy setting wasn’t as far out there as it is, then I really wouldn’t care. Less Lord of the Rings fantasy and any year after 1476 would be fine with me. For example. The rule about Dracula being able to revive only once every 100 years had IGA state the N64 games and CotM are non canon yet games like CV2, HoD, CoD, SotN, Bloodlines, and PoR are canon. Though AoS and DoS are also not 100 years, the storyline is about the reincarnation of Dracula after his death in 1999 so that’s fine. But yeah. The 100 year thing is meaningless and IGA should retract what he originally said about the N64 titles and CotM because he’s done nothing but add in new resurrections that also didn’t qualify.

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