Hajime Tabata Is Thinking Of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . September 29, 2010 . 9:14am

http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/before_Crisis.jpg Over on Square Enix’s ever-informative 3rd Birthday Twitter account, producer, Hajime Tabata, talks about the Nintendo 3DS and, in a surprisingly open fashion, casually contemplates the possibility of a remake of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII on the system.


Before Crisis, in its current form, is a mobile phone action-RPG that is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII project. The game is a prequel, taking place six years before the events of FFVII, and is based around the Turks, who perform covert
operations for the Shinra Corporation.


Tabata isn’t thinking of a quick-and-dirty port, however. He’s quite impressed with the 3DS, so he would like to change the game to better suit the platform.


“If I were to do something on 3DS, it’d be a Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII remake I guess,” Tabata writes. “Completely changing the scenario composition and game design for the 3DS, if it were an action RPG BCFF7 that lots of Turk players could simultaneously play at a dizzying pace… Wait a second; this work is not an official announcement of course.”


Lots of Turks players playing at the same time? That sounds like Tabata has some sort of co-op element in mind. Keep in mind, this isn’t official…yet.

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  • MrRobbyM

    Nononononononononononononono, PSP. Hell, a PSN downlaodable game would be preferred.

    • nyoron

      Why, so you don’t have to buy a 3DS? It would be portable either way and (3D aside) the 3DS and PSP seem pretty similar graphically. Just trying to understand your strong reaction!

      • MrRobbyM

        Yeah, that’s exactly why. Also because… in a year or two, we’ll see another, better 3DS and if it was on the PSP, I could hook it up to my HDTV for comfort.

        • Yeah … mmmm … No
          It shoud come for 3DS!

        • Hmm… I dunno. There are rumors going around that devs have already gotten PSP 2.

    • thebanditking

      Agreed, I would much rather see this on a PlayStation console. Even just for the sake of brand continuity. FF7 is solely represented by the PlayStation brand and it would be silly to make this games first port to a hand held device be on a Nintendo system, the fan base is not established there. Also PSP would likely be lower in over all cost to make at this point.

      • nyoron

        FF7 is solely represented by the PlayStation brandWell except for that one traitorous FF7 game that came out on cell phones independent of Sony. What was it called again?

      • neo_firenze

        Nobody ever had a similar argument when FF7 came to Sony after being a Nintendo-exclusive franchise, right? Nope, I don’t remember that happening AT ALL.

        Or maybe I’m just too old and only I remember that, so what about FFXIII? That can’t come to 360 because FF is a Sony series, right?

        • Well there was FF11 for the X360 before FFXIII…

          • neo_firenze

            And FFXI was actually on PC before it was on PS2, so… yet again the FF = Playstation argument gets a little weaker.

            Fanboys did get a lot more up in arms about VII and XIII. I think a lot of the ones who made a big deal about XIII weren’t old enough to remember the times back in the 90s when it was shocking to hear that a new FF game was coming to Playstation instead of a Nintendo system. That’s what makes it especially funny that people now would say FFVII related games on a Nintendo system is so strange.

    • kupomogli

      I also agree with it being on the PSP. I’m sure Square Enix still has the graphics they used with Crisis Core which is in my opinion the best looking PSP game out there. Use the same engine, make more of the storyline parts in game graphics rather than CG and the game could be larger than required for even an FF7 remake.I’ve always thought after playing Crisis Core that those were the perfect graphics for an FF7 game. One thing I do have to say though is if the gameplay is similar to Crisis Core’s with the high speed ATB, then I’d rather the combat much faster similar to the Agito 13 video we’ve seen and if multiple characters the ability to change characters on whim(like Tales of or Star Ocean.) For FF7 though, other than extra stuff added, I’d like it to keep the same gameplay from when we originally played it.

  • Holy God… PLEASEEEE YES :P

  • Mmmm I’d buy that.

  • gatotsu911

    All I’m going to say is that it will be incredibly amusing if an FF7 spinoff is remade before FF7 is.

    • 3Dirge of Cerberus anyone?

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Speaking of which, maybe they should do just that….make an FF7 remake on the 3DS. =)

      What? It would spare Square Enix of having to waste all that money developing it for a console.

      • gatotsu911

        Doesn’t Sony own the rights to the “Final Fantasy VII” name, though? I’m pretty sure they published it.

        • Joanna

          Maybe in America, but in Japan, Squaresoft and now SquareEnix has always published Final Fantasy games. The right to localize and publish a game in a region =/= rights to the name and publishing rights for that region forever. After all, Eidos published the PC version and if Sony owned the name (which they don’t, Square isn’t that stupid), I highly doubt they would let their killer app. be ported to the PC.As for FF remakes, I would much rather see VI. Although, I wouldn’t mind having VII remade.

          • gatotsu911

            According to Wikipedia, FF7 was published by Sony only in the US and Europe. I guess that makes sense, then. I had been wondering because I’d heard that since Ninja Gaiden II for Xbox 360 was published by Microsoft, Tecmo could not use the same name and had to make modifications to the game before publishing it on PS3; I wondered if the same might theoretically be the case for FF7. Of course, it’s still possible that Sony owns the rights to the name in the regions in which they published it; perhaps they ceded publishing rights to Eidos for the PC version. Honestly I’m not really sure about the specifics of copyright laws in this area.

            I’m actually in the same boat as you regarding my attitude towards remakes of FF6 vs. FF7. Honestly, I’d like to see both, but if I had to choose just one I’d say VI, as it particularly seems to be begging for a remake and it would probably be more feasible for Square to do so.

          • Joanna

            I’m not too well versed either. I guess I’m assuming since the name “Final Fantasy” is a registered trademark of SquareEnix that means Sony did publish the game but they don’t own the name. Of course, this is all based on that assumption. I don’t own FFVII (played it on my cousin’s PS back in the day), so I can’t double check that. Either way, the main branch at SE could still make the game in Japan for a non-Playstation system, and call it FF7 here (without the roman numeral) if there is some sort of problem.

      • joesz

        do all of you really want a remake of vii that much??
        I mean the game is hell famous,but,I would rather see a sequel to ix or a remake of it.

        we digested alot of the vii universe already with prequels and movies.

        And yes,this announcement is definitely interesting,never manged to play it due to it’s being a mobile game,

        • Tom_Phoenix

          I suppose it doesn’t necessarilly have to be Final Fantasy VII specifically. That said, it IS the remake a lot of fans have a great desire to see. Plus, due to the primitive 3D engine that made characters look like a bunch of squares, spheres and pyramids, the game would benefit greatly from a graphical uplift.

          Square Enix already stated that the costs of remaking the game for a modern console would be far too steep. As such, remaking it on a handheld is a potential alternative solution. But, to be fair, any of the PlayStation era games would benefit from a remake. The PS2 games are too young to require it and all the games prior to VII were already remade or ported to other systems.

          • joesz

            yeah I heard of it here months ago.they said there’s a high probability for the game to be remade on the psp.

            And sorry sir,remaking 7 or any of the main series of final fantasy on the 3ds just sounds funny..lol

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Why does it sound funny? Both III and IV were remade for the DS (and at least the III remake was a huge success). Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a title from one of the most prominent franchises on Sony’s platforms, is being remade for the 3DS.

            Considering this, it’s not exactly a stretch to imagine a main series Final Fantasy title being remade for the 3DS, especially considering how much third parties love it and find it easy to develop for.

          • Bruce

            yeah i agree , although i don’t see the point behind remaking VII , remaking an already great game is a risk ,

  • Final Fantasy VII and it’s spin-off belong to PlayStation, please don’t bring it to Nintendo (I’m not a Nintendo hater).

    • Advent_Andaryu

      Why is everyone so against it being on 3DS? Final Fantasy VII isn’t owned by Sony. In fact, the very game we are talking about isn’t even on a Sony system, it’s on cellphones.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    *facepalm* Could they actually make something new for a handheld launch instead of a “lazy” ass port. Oh wait, it’s squeenix :C

    • It’s funny that he said IF they did do a remake, it wouldn’t just be a ‘lazy ass port’.

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        and selective memory screws me over again

  • I don’t really see it working for the PSP, Before Crisis used a camera, so I assume the 3D cam is why Tabata is considering such a thing. Honestly I’d enjoy it as it was the only spin off I thought had an interesting premise.

    It’s not like Nintendo has never had a Final Fantasy game, or even a spin off of a FF on a Sony System.

  • Hrm?! I thought we already had a prequel with Crisis Core?! We need to go back even further? Even worst is the idea that how would they even introduce the FFVII mythos to people who are new gamers on the DS, they would have no clue what it is even about.

    • Yeah, uh… BC came out BEFORE Crisis Core was announced, I believe.

  • Yesshua

    I’d probably buy it. I’ve never played anything FF7, but a prequel probably wouldn’t be too hard to understand. Of course, this is still set after Crisis Core, so there aren’t any guarantees I suppose…

  • I… would very much like this. I always wanted to play BC.

    I also wanna see the PS fans fly around the room backwards about it, but it’s a cycle. Everyone does it.

  • Cloud_ST

    PSP please.

  • ForeverFidelis

    I’ve always wanted to play this.

    Even though I’ve already Played through the FF7 series and my interest in it has been a bit dimmed, remaking that game would sell this system for me in a heart beat

  • along with FF7:crisis core, FF7:dirge of cerberus, and FF7 remake … please

  • Joanna

    Nice. My only grip is that I would also like to play Crisis Core. Before anyone replies, just buy a PSP. I’m not ever going too. I’ve too many games from this generation to even consider picking up another system. It would be nice if they also ported Crisis Core since it looks like 3DS will be my handheld of choice for next gen as well, at least the rate it’s getting games.

  • About time! I’ve been waiting for Before Crisis to be ported ever since the DSi was released. Considering how they’ve been milking the FF7 franchise I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to consider porting it.

  • wait they can’t do that! I mean it should be in Playstation system.final fantasy 7 universe has been in playstation for years..

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