Nintendo Keeps Regular DS Alive With New Kirby And Pokémon Typing

By Spencer . September 29, 2010 . 10:36am

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS is coming soon, but Nintendo is still developing games for the 2D-only Nintendo DS. One of them is a brand new Kirby title simply called Kirby as its temporary name. Kirby is solid in this game and plentiful. Screenshots show multiple Kirbys (apparently you can have 10) working together.


Battle & Get Pokémon Typing is another interesting title, which is reminiscent of Typing of the Dead… minus the zombies and keyboard. Players key in Japanese names of Pokémon with the touch screen, which makes the game more like Pokémon TXT attack.


Here’s a look at Nintendo’s upcoming first party games for the DS.


Super Fossil Fighters – November 18

img_2-1[1] img_2-2[1] img_2-3[1] img_2-4[1] img_2-5[1] img_2-6[1] img_2-7[1]


Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! – December 2

img_3-2[1] img_3-3[1] img_3-4[1] img_3-5[1] img_3-6[1] img_3-1[1] img_3-7[1]


Little & Charo Travel in English (temp.) – 2011

img_4-1[1] img_4-2[1] img_4-3[1] img_4-4[1] img_4-5[1]


Battle & Get Pokémon Typing (temp.) – 2011

img_6-1[1] img_6-2[1] img_6-3[1]


Kirby (temp.) – 2011

img_5-1[1] img_5-2[1] img_5-3[1] img_5-4[1] img_5-5[1] img_5-6[1] img_5-7[1]

  • PKMN text attack, that seems like it would be fun in English…for the cost of free.

  • Finally another touch screen controlled Kirby (see screen no. 5)?
    Highly interested in this.

    • I’m personally hoping it’s not entirely touch screen controlled, similar to the Castlevania DS games, where you just use it in certain instances.

      • Yes… I couldn’t stand Canvas Curse.

    • Pichi

      Nice catch. I want to lean more about the controls more than anything.

  • I wonder how this game will be played…I’m thinking you start off as one kirby and must find the other 9 kirbies scattered somewhere in the stage to really complete it. It might also be like trying to prevent your kirbies that you found from wandering away from the group and meeting their doom.

  • puchinri

    That Kirby game is looking so fun and cute. I want it already.
    But the others do look fun (and that Little and CHaro looks cute).

    I’m glad Kirby is getting more games. I just hope the next title will be that game that was ‘scrapped’ for the GC.

  • mach

    Ugh, another gimmick based Kirby game? Can’t we just have some good old-fasioned platforming like Kirby’s Adventure and Superstar? I guess that’s what Epic Yarn is for, but that game doesn’t have Kirby’s inhaling powers, so it doesn’t count.

  • Joanna

    I wonder if NoA will continue support. Still no news on Fire Emblem. Why do you do this to me?!

    I don’t see the point of the typing game. Unless there is a keyboard that is proportional, it doesn’t really improve your typing speed on a real keyboard. Hell, I find it harder to type on a keyboard that is even slightly different (i.e. smaller/bigger) then the one I regularly use.

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