Marvelous Would Like To Bring Muramasa: The Demon Blade To Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . October 1, 2010 . 1:39pm


In a recent interview with Marvelous Entertainment, Siliconera touched upon a range of subjects, from the company’s future to its Nintendo 3DS line-up in the coming years.


During the interview, we asked Group Manager of Marvelous Entertainment Inc., Tomio Kanazawa, what he thought of a Nintendo 3DS re-release of Muramasa: The Demon Blade, pointing out that the game could benefit from the system’s stereoscopic 3D effect.


“That’s a pretty good idea! That is one of the many things we think our fans want, and we want to provide to them,” he replied. “We at Marvelous Entertainment want to continue to meet and exceed the expectations from our fans as we continue to bring them new experiences.”


Muramasa: The Demon Blade, along with Odin Sphere, is presently rumoured to be ported to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the future. Giving it a second shot at retail on a shiny new system, however, could prove just as lucrative.


Additionally, Marvelous also confirmed to us that they are presently working on “several” Nintendo 3DS titles. Two of these are Animal Resort and a new Harvest Moon game.

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  • Well that is pretty nice if it did go to 3DS. Though Im still waiting for it to come to the PSN.

  • Eddie

    I’d prefer a new Muramasa game for the wii.

    • give them the money and im sure they would gladly do it… sadly marvelous was having bad luck with it D: hope is already fixed (or this will help the cause) :P i want another game like this

    • thebanditking

      I would prefer Muramasa HD for PS3 (they can throw 3D in as well if they feel like it).

  • Seems the name of the game in Japan now is to move your game to as many platforms as possible months after release. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if they started talking about plans for the iPad eventually.

    • PersonaBull

      Because, you know, about a year (and a half for japan) is “months” right?

      Also, people seem to have forgotten the video games industry is just that, a business. If more platforms gets you more business, why wouldn’t you take it? I’d love to have a portable Odin Sphere/Muramasa. That’s actually something I’ve been hoping would happen (granted I was hoping for a new title, but I’ll take it!).

      • Yes, exactly because a year(and a half for japan, less than a year for Europe) is “months.” Either way, even though I did like the game but haven’t bothered to purchase the game over a notable reason, I don’t see this to ever see the light of day outside of Japan. That I’m actually perfectly fine with since I don’t believe the handheld market will magically kick off better with the 3DS or PSP2 in NA/EU.

        • On the contrary, Marvelous are very interested in releasing their games overseas.

          • Yeah, that much is true but I just don’t know with the 3DS coming out. Might carry a pretty high pricetag in the US when it hits and I am kinda spent between which hardware I want to go for next handheld generation. @[email protected] PSP2 or 3DS. I like to just just stick with one each generation as it helps a bit on the pocket cause I have a tendency to just buy any game I want.

  • Kuza21



    I’m getting a N3DS now.

  • malek86

    At this rate, Muramasa will become like Madden: it will be published on every possible platform.

    Not that is necessarily a bad thing, of course. The more people play it, the better.

    • kupomogli

      Muramasa will only be on two platforms. The way things are going with Persona 3 though, we’re probably going to see it on 3DS and Atlus might also release a XBL and PSN release as well.

  • I’d love an HD port to XBLA.

    • You graphics whores make gaming expensive. <.<

      Regardless, I support this for the 3DS, as I previously missed on the Wii release, due to dry translations and the rarity alone.

      • Jellybit

        FYI, they said they have all the textures in high res already. It wouldn’t have been more expensive for them to make it for PS3/X360 than Wii in that sense. Nothing wrong with wanting to see all the detail in their beautiful digital paintings.

        • thebanditking

          Sadly this fact is usually lost on people who don’t have an HD console or an LCD TV. The combination of 1080p LCD + Wii graphics = ugly, I’m not a graphics whore but older games and systems just don’t look very good on newer TV’s.

    • Aoshi00

      I’ve played the Wii game to death alrdy, so I don’t really need to play it again. Though I’m intrigued by Muramasa getting the 3D treatment. I guess they could do it for the PS3 too, but not many have the expensive 3D TV setup yet. This kind of 2D game would look so good in HD though, just like BlazBlue.

  • XSeed should promplty localize it.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Or Atlus!

  • puchinri

    I do want Muramasa and Odin Sphere, but I’m fine with getting them on the consoles they’re already on.

    But new 3DS titles from Marvelous sound wonderful. I just wish they’d do another HM title on the Wii. One that’s a little more balanced…

  • lol, im just playing this game

  • I don’t think I want it in 3D.

  • mach

    I’d prefer a new game, but if a 3DS release means we can get a proper localization for Muramasa, I’m all for it. This game really needs a new translation and a dub too (with an option to leave the voices in Japanese for those that want it).

  • NeoTechni

    Holy crap the breasts in the thumbnail were huge. These artists do know about the uncanny valley effect right? Going that far from reality is attractive to no one but a few perverts.

    • JustaGenericUser

      And yet you’re the only person who noticed it and bitched about it. Who’s the pervert?

      • NeoTechni


    • Aoshi00

      Fox demon ftw :) I actually like Muramasa/Odin Sphere and Magna Carta’s art a lot.

      • Happy Gamer

        OoOoOOoOoh yea!!!!! FOX!!!!

  • HELL YEAH they should put it on the 3ds,i would love to play that game on the go :D it would be worth it*droool*<3

  • JustaGenericUser

    I’d prefer a PSN/XBLA port for glorious HD (and perhaps a much better localization), but I guess seeing 3D effects wouldn’t be bad. I hope Vanillaware’s next game is on PS360 though.

    • Aoshi00

      I beat the game in Jpn and played a little in Eng for comparison, the localization doesn’t seem to be as bad as everyone said. It wasn’t the best, but not bad or horrible either. I wouldn’t replay this game just for the HD though, the game looks pretty good on the Wii arldy, 3D on either the 3DS or PS3 would be refreshing. Kongiku in 3D, drool.. anyway, for those who still haven’t played this yet, do not wait for the eventual port (might or might not happen) and play this on the Wii NOW!

  • Happy Gamer

    this is an excellent idea. i actually got this game at july after summer classes ended and man its a great little game.

    however, this is just personal bias but i really think this game should be played on big screen. it’s too beautiful to be played on a handheld screen! :)

  • epy

    No, no 3DS Muramasa please. I’ve wanted that on PS3 since it came out. You can release it on 3DS if you want after the PS3 version has been released.

  • urbanscholar

    Not sure how many times a person can applaud this kind of consideration but I do GREATLY. Never stop Marvelous

  • lostinblue

    I’d be more interested in princess crown because I was never able to play it.

    A new game would be the icing on the cake, though.

  • cj_iwakura

    How about Marvelous learns not to license its games out to horrible localization teams?

  • Code

    Admittedly Murasama was kind of a big let down for me, although I absolutely love the visuals, but the game play felt very hollow to me, repeating environments, samey combat, the story (although Momohime’s had moments I loved) was generally flat. All and all the game for me became kind of a Shadow of the Colossus, affair where what kept me going was searching and fighting the next boss, and that was pretty much it.

    • Joanna

      I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one at Siliconera that feels this way, although not with Muramasa, but with Odin Sphere. I never played Muramasa because I didn’t like Odin Sphere enough to try another Vanillaware game. It’s not a bad game, it certainly has it’s charms, but it’s just like you said “game play felt very hollow…repeating environments…samey combat” and if I find gameplay to be mundane, I just can’t get into a game no matter how pretty it is. I am planing on giving it another chance because sometimes I like a game on a second playthrough better (possibility because my expectations are in check).

  • Joanna

    Good to see we shall be getting a 3D Harvest Moon~

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