Anyone Want To Ask Cave A Question?

By Spencer . October 5, 2010 . 2:51pm

image I’m working on a Cave interview that covers Guwange, but it’s not specifically going to be about Guwange, it’s about Cave. While I have some questions ready, I want to know is there anything you want to ask the shoot ’em up developer?


No, you say? Oh, sorry I bothered you. Was that a yes in the back? Please, step up to the comments and post a question.

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  • doubletaco

    If/When Guwange gets ported to XBLA/PSN/Whatever, will the Arrange soundtrack be available ingame?I must have my Michiko Naruke tracks.

  • Why are you so AWESOME?

    What kind of graphical enhancements will the 360 mode get? Smoothing? Slowdown reduction?

    What do we have to do to get the original IBARA included on the upcoming Pink Sweets/Muchi pork compilation?? We were cruelly deprived of a Western release.

  • Really, just…why do you only support the 360 and not the PS3?

    • This has been covered before in past interviews. Basically, SHMUP titles began to start trickling onto the 360 platform and after a while it became the de facto platform for SHMUP titles, even in Japan where the PS3 dominates.

      Also, for Cave at least, it takes them so little time to port their titles to 360 since their developed on PC. I was hoping they would try and release Dangun Feveron on PSN to test the waters, since it currently has an unannounced platform.

    • thebanditking

      I would also like to know about this. I have a 360 but not all JP releases are region free like the PS3. Not to mention I have a number of shump fan friends who do not own a 360, and would like to play these titles.

    • EvilAkito

      Yeah, this was the question on my mind as well. I’m a fan of their games and would gladly buy them if they’d release them on a platform that I own.

    • People always unfairly single out Cave for that. Thing is, no other dev to date has either. Next month will be four years with zero boxed PS3 shmups even in Japan.

    • I have a feeling it has to do with Ichiro Mihara, president of Arika, presenting Arika’s would-have-been port of Ketsui to Sony’s reps as a launch PS3 title, and being told he should “work on something more ‘PS3’ quality”. << From his blog, I would assume. Unfortunately Mihara has blocked foreign IP access so I can't possibly look up the post and link to it (if he hasn't deleted it) rather than ref copy-and-pasted text. If you open up the full thread there's a summarized translation of what he says at the bottom of the page.

      There are a few more situations like this out there: the absence of a 4:3 mode for Raystorm HD ( and Gundemonium Recollection ( for two. Feel free to take me with a full tablespoon of salt, but I believe it was Sony's policies that drove STG and ADV developers to 360. (Shame, because it would have been nice to have these games on the one console that won't let anyone do region locking.)

  • With the upcoming release of Guwange on XBLA, and Dangun Feveron on the horizon, is Cave looking to re-release more arcade titles (previously unreleased in NA) via digital distribution?

    Also, I was wondering if Cave realizes the scope of their fanbase in North America, and if they are planning to release more upcoming titles in this region with the help of publishers like Aksys? I really would like to see Muchi Muchi Pork / Pink Sweets make it over here, even though I doubt the XBOX360 2 game pack will be brought over. One can dream…

    • CaveNut

      I would like Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets, Espgaluda 2, Mushihimesama Futari, and Deathsmiles 2 to come to the US. I hope Cave will work with Aksys again to make it possible.

  • Code

    Maybe I’ve missed the answer to this before, (if so feel free to fill me in >w<;) but I've always been curious about why Cave doesn't make all there titles regional free like they did Mushihimesama Futari, and Espgaluda II Black Label? It feels like a move that would be such a benefit to the shmup community as a whole, allowing shmup fans no matter what region system, or where they live in the world to play these great games >w<;

    • Considering the great import sales of Mushihime-sama Futari and how it influenced your decision to allow exportation of Deathsmiles to the United States, are you going to re-release the former for America as well? You really should.

    • If all there future shmups were region-free, that means players will have to pay import prices (not that most of them care). I’d rather wait for a cheaper, localized version.

      Who knows? Aksys Games might localize future shmups too.

      • Code

        Yes but out of all Caves games look at how many have been localized, its the problem that so many games have went unreleased in our regions, and that unless they do localize we won’t even get to play them at all. Besides importing hasn’t always been as costly as it is right now, hell I remember several occasions when it was cheaper to import last generation. Seriously though I’d love nothing more then to see Aksys localize a bunch of shmups, but Cave could at least do shmup fans a favor and hold the door open for us so to speak.

    • Aoshi00

      Because they’re a tease, once they have you hooked they drag you to the dark side, “import a 360, import our shmups…” lol.. the exchange rate now is horrible though, a game is like $80 :(… I wish I knew about AmiAmi earlier.

  • What made you decide to put out games on iOS?

  • neo_firenze

    Rather than the obvious questions (which are fairly boring to read in an interview due to predictable answers that don’t really say anything) like “why won’t you make your games region free / on other consoles / digitally distributed”. Plus, we really already know the answers to those things.

    So how about:

    1. Noting that the unveiling of Milestone’s new Radilgy Noah Massive for 360 was at Cave’s August festival, and that Cave’s cooperation with 5pb seems to have led to steady improvement with 5pb and is even resulting in a good looking original game (Bullet Soul), does Cave plan to continue to foster development of the shooter genre through cooperation with other developers? I know I and many others would be very excited at the prospect of something like a Cave x G.Rev project, or seeing continued progress from other developers like 5pb and Milestone.

    2. Pretty pretty please, can ESP Ra.De. be next after Guwange and Dangun Feveron? Yeah, this is kind of a lame question. But it’s such a good game… and aside from the brand new Akai Katana, one of only two Cave shooters without an existing or announced console port (along with Progear no Arashi, but I’m assuming that since Capcom published that there may be some licensing issues).

    • Aoshi00

      Cave x G. Rev would be so awesome.. I’m still a noob when it comes to shmups, can’t think of any questions.. have never played Esp Ra de, Progear, or Guwange, so I’m looking forward to all of them, retail or arcade.

      • Code

        Bah, yeah I’m really in the same boat, most of my shmup experience was on older systems, there’s so many games Cave’s made I haven’t been able to played, I mean I only recently got to play Deathsmiles for the first time on a friends 360. rar, waiting on that J360 for so long has really locked up purchasing it for myself T_T;

    • Code

      HEY! Dudley-boxing gloves man! You made me sad by calling my question boring T_T’ rar, I asked it because I don’t know the answer to it! Although I, too would definitely be interested in hearing how Cave feels about working with other companies. If anything, it’s almost seems kind of hard for shmup companies to be all that competitive with one another what with such a niche fan base. Seriously day 1 if they did a Cave x G.Rev project, or dare I even say it…. a Cave x Treasure project xwx~!

      • Aoshi00

        I think they made them region locked again because there’s potential for those games being localized in the US, like Deathsmiles, not sure how much it sold here.. it was on sale on Amazon for $30 at one time, so I’m guessing not very well? It would be nice if all of them are region free like Mushihime and Esgaluda 2.

        • Code

          Yeah true I guess thinking on it I have heard that before, now what you mention it. Personally though it feels like it kind of like saying, there is a cake, but you aren’t allowed to have any because there’s a possibility we might bake you a cake next year. When they could totally let us put our hands in the cake now, without all the “waiting” on cake drama, which I think is the worst kind of drama.

          Seriously though I kind of get the point but it just really doesn’t feel like it’s doing shmup fans in NTSC, and PAL regions any favors, especially if the games ultimately aren’t released in those regions.

          • It’s a little more like this.Cave: “We have baked this tasty cake. With some extra effort, time, money and red tape…we could sell a few diehard cake fans some slices.””…But a localizer like Aksys would pay us FAAAR more money for the cake recipe. And we wouldn’t have to do that extra stuff. Hmmm…”

          • Code

            But but does it really take that much time and money to make there cake compatible with my plate!?

  • Do you have any plans for the Wii?

    • Let’s face it, Wii’s 3rd Party support is almost bone dry. :( Thanks for being thoughtful about asking though. :)

      I’m more optimistic about potential 3DS support, that’s already getting support the Wii was only dreaming of.

      So… any 3DS plans Cave? Will you CAVE IN to the hype?

      I am so sorry. :(

    • keyboy7

      lol if the ps3 isn’t even getting shmups alongside the 360, i think wii is quite the long shot.

  • Aoshi00

    Hm.. not sure if this is important.Will Inoue Junya work on the design of any new Cave shmups again, other than Deathsmiles? Why wasn’t he the design for the sequel Dodonpachi Daioujou? I’m a big fan of his artwork, his manga Otogi Matsuri and Btooom, but not so much the cutesy stuff like Deathsmiles 2.

    • Inoue is a freelancer; he no longer works for Cave, or even specifically in the games industry.

      You might be interested in this interview:

      • Woah, when exactly did he leave? The interview is not even a month old and doesn’t say a thing about his exit.

        • The interview was where I learned about his exit, actually…You’re currently a freelance artist, but your primary output these days is manga.How did you come back to work with Cave for Deathsmiles? (Emphasis mine.)He’s a freelancer who submitted the concepts (edit: actually, pretty much everything) for DS to Cave. He’s not employed by them, though maybe they’ll commission him for more work in the future or something.

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks for the link, very interesting interview! Yea, but I thought he was so involved in games/shmups and Deathsmiles, he would do something w/ Cave again, his art is one reason I was attracted to Cave shmups at first. It’s too bad he didn’t do any new artwork for the upcoming Guwange port, or Ketsui either (I thought we would at least get new cover art, cheap bastard!), I actually didn’t like the cute Deathsmiles II art much, the first game was more gothic and scary.. well, at least we could still read his manga.. Btooom for middle aged men? lol.. the art’s really good, quite violent like Battle Royale. Well, I guess it’s great he has more fun devoting himself to drawing manga, I love reading it too. In Btooom, he said he was very busying doing Deathsmiles 2 and plugging the game, so I thought he was still w/ Cave, or doing work for them.

        • Well, maybe you’ll get lucky and Cave will contract him to do more work for them in the future. :)
          I hadn’t looked up BTOOOM until now (believe it or not, I don’t really like Inoue’s work—HACCAN’s art for Mushihimesama Futari is more my speed) but the cover of the first volume is hilarious. GURO Z haaaahaha.

          Inoue didn’t actually do the artwork for Ketsui, though; that was Tomoharu Saito.

          • Aoshi00

            I like Mushihime-sama Futari’s art too, I bought the premium theme on Jpn Live :) Not sure about the DDP DFK art. Yea, that 360 parody cover art is interesting, I just stumbled upon Btooom one day and was like what the heck is that, then I ordered from YesAsia, so far only 3 books are out, not many bookstores carry them.. The artwork is more realistic and gory, a bunch of people got stuck on this island forced to kill each other in this “game” for survival like the Battle Royale movie, not terribly original but will need to read more.

            I didn’t know that, no wonder the Ketsui art looks a little different. I just thought that was his earlier drawing style years ago, never would’ve guessed.

  • thugmaster

    Do they consider Deathsmiles a success in NA? Are they currently working with Arksys or other pubs to bring over Dodonpachi Ressurection, Much Muchi Pork, etc.?

    They didn’t anounce a platform for Dangun Feveron, did they? Please look into this.

  • thugmaster

    I’d also like to know about their expectations for Guwange, whether it might lead to more XBLA ports, and the release date/price

  • swissroll

    will there be more loli danmaku

  • Pichi

    Probably a silly question and no one would care, lol. I was wondering if there were plans for a Princess Debut sequel or anything like it being made? Or is it simply a “dead” thing to pursue?

  • DoDonPachi ii Bee storm or progear rerelease on XBOX360 or XBLA??

    guwange 2?
    would Cave ever team up with any other shmup companies, like treasure?

    • Aoshi00

      Guwange 2 w/ Inoue! Get your butt back and grace Cave shmups w/ your godlike art again!

  • Please ask this Question: The games that head to the US will there b OST attatched n other bonuses, like with Deathsmile!!!

  • Why did you region lock your schmups? Why aren’t you localizing this? Why dont you just give us this through PSN/XBLA? This f***ing Death smiles faceplate dont fit in my new Xbox, Fool!

    But seriously, you got fans around here!.. Just make a few copies; not too many unless you get demands from the fans

    • Aoshi00

      That’s true, the faceplate did’t fit :(…that never happened w/ my other Jpn FPs, it seems like the US ones are almost always a little off…

  • iconoclast422

    Will Cave consider redoing their lackluster PS2 ports of Ibara and Mushihime-sama for the Xbox 360? Perhaps as a compilation that also includes Ibara Kuro and Mushihime-tama?

  • How did Deathsmiles do over here in the states? Did it do well enough to warrant more titles?

    • TrevHead

      i believe it sold reasonbly well, with figures a little bit above Japan sales

  • RedSunGamer

    Looks like everybody has already asked my question. Why no PS3? I’ve been through 10 360’s with RRoD and I’m not prepared to give Microsoft anymore cash, please being your games to the PS3. I live in Japan and I don’t get why none of your games have been released here. Even if it’s on PSN, please release your games on the PS3.

  • My question is: Why no more region-free titles? Licensing Deathsmiles by Aksys is ok, but it’s locked to the states only. There are a lot of shmup fans worldwide that have Japanese 360s in order to play and import these games, and these particular fans are more likely to support region-free Japanese titles instead of region-locked American releases which, additionally, are released much later.

  • TrevHead

    the questions i would like Cave to answer would be:-

    1) Will the euro version of death smiles have the same slowdown changes as the NA version did. Plus ild like a bit more detail into why they did it. (im not buying their current excuse, imo it was because of fear that NA gamers would think the game broken with the slowdown left in)

    2) Why dont they release old titles on the PC using steam or some other DL service? Its not as if its hard to develop for the platform (both in cost and red tape)

    3) (this is sort of part of question 1) How important is it to Cave that the localisations of their games stay true to the Japanese originals and how do they work with localisers to achieve this?

    • CrisSpiegel

      Yes! I wanna know 2) too. They said they could release their games on Steam or something like that. That would be good.

  • Seeing as Ketsui and DoDonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label Extra has a Wait Control feature, will you guys ever consider adding that option into your future ports (Including Daifukkatsu) or as a patch for the already-released titles?

    And this might be asking for it, but I’ve been wondering for the longest time now. Do the guys over at CAVE acknowledge the existence of ZUN? If so, what do you guys think of his works and the impact it’s brought upon the world of STGs (and maybe the STG fans)?

  • When are you guys are gonna have your next shmup to come out by next spring? I hope you all people switch back to vert. I want to see a spiritual sequel to Ketsui, with lolis! Women sells.

  • malek86

    Can we expect in the near future?

    Also, I was wondering if Cave is trying to switch to the horizontal genre. Their last three original games (DS, DS2, AK) were all hori. I was wondering if it was just a design choice, or if it was a decision made on the basis that HDTVs are all widescreen (and thus leave out too much unused space on vert games).

  • DarkWaterClone

    Is there any chance that the Cave games on the Iphone might come out on the PSP? If not those games is there hope for games made for the PSP at all?

  • I’ve always wondered why Cave shows iPhone love, but no Android love. I would totally buy their games on my phone.

  • timeandspace_x

    Can you ask them to put scanline options in their games, and to patch all their existing games with scan lines options please. Thanks.

  • I too would love to know if we can ever expect to see Ibara on the 360? What an addition it would make to the up and coming Muchi / Pink Sweets double pack!

  • Aoshi00

    I know it’s more up to 5pb, but would Cave be kind enough to assist them in FINALLY patching DDP DOJ. It’s a great game, but needed a patch direly.. I’m sure those who own it would appreciate it and it might move new copies w/ the cumbersome loading times gone..

  • What does Cave think about the western SHMUP developers such as NG:DEV.TEAM?
    With Fast Striker we have the first western SHMUP in Japanese arcades since forever…

  • xxx128

    Yeah, where is Guwange 2?

  • thaKingRocka

    I want to know if they’d consider Steam for these games. I’m worried that XBLA and PSN may not provide the games beyond this generation. I love using Steam since everything is forever, and performance improves over time.

  • SupaPhly

    ask them if they know what a europe is

  • TyeTheCzar

    Could Cave PLEASE bring all of their old titles to XBLA and PSN? Preferably the optimal Saturn Ports of DonPachi and DoDonPachi.

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