Smash Enemies Or Sneak Past Them In Radiant Historia

By Spencer . October 11, 2010 . 10:53am

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Radiant Historia gives players two ways to deal with enemies on the field. Since monsters are visible, Stock can surprise them with a smash attack. If successful, the smash attack will knock a group of enemies unconscious giving the party a preemptive strike. The smash attack also opens up new paths by destroying objects like trees.


Alternatively, Stock can use a silence skill. This covert art renders him invisible so he can sneak past enemies and avoid a fight.


These are two of field abilities Atlus designed for Radiant Historia. Players can also set off bombs to blow up rocks and push/pull crates. We’re betting that Radiant Historia will have some block puzzles to solve when the game comes out on November 3.


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  • RAVENKam

    I’m absolutely loving the art direction for this game, just beautiful character portraits. I’m pretty confident Atlus USA will localise this so I’m happily awaiting this sometime next year.

    • I hope they do… They still havent said anything about luminous arc 3…

    • Avojavo

      Reminds me of Knights in the Nightmare… except I never finished that game, because when I realised there were 30 effin’ tutorials, I went “eff that” and left the game alone.

      Or Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (which I also need to finish).

      I like the surprise attack concept though. Reminds me of those mario RPGs where you can jump on the enemy’s heads (only ever finished the SNES one)

      … Ah, classics…

      • I’m not seeing the Knights in the Nightmare resemblance. But okay.

  • These games are still relevant? The art design is so retro that it is making me question the fun and quality of the game.

    • Attention Atlus: do not listen to this guy.

      • Atlus should listen to me, Im actually buying their Naruto games…in America, and they did an awesome job with P3P.

        • vadde939

          You keep buying that crappy Naruto shovelware. Nobody really cares.

          • Hey, at least play ALL the games before writing them off.

          • That’s like saying “You might not like x Final Fantasy game, but you should play all the games in the series before making a final judgement.”

    • umm what

      retro art design =/= bad quality not fun game

      • What I was gonna say was… that really retro art design leads me to think that it wont have any bit of voice acting, just tons of text, making it a game that most likely wont be fun and therefore of bad quality.

        • voice acting does not make a game fun

          • My idea of having fun in an RPG is not to sit around reading tomes of text on the screen, but to take part in listening to the text as it comes to life through the experience in sound. Reading just takes a lot of the fun out of the game and removes me from being able to fully enjoy it. Voice acting would rekindle my interest in this game and kind of make me overlook the flaws in the art department.

          • Kris

            I’d rather have high quality writing than fully-voiced nonsense. Also, neither element is directly tied to how fun a game is today, you’re making all of these ridiculous logical leaps.

            just because a game doesn’t look exactly like a shonen manga doesn’t mean that the art is flawed.

          • FireCouch

            How old are you? You’ve never played RPGs with only text before? My god. Kid gamers these days suck. I guess all those PS1 RPGs are a shitty mess huh? Full of boring stories and all that.

          • Chaos Wars is fully voiced.

            Why don’t you go and play that game instead of wasting your time here?

          • Weren’t you super enthusiastic about the new Golden Sun game? That won’t have any voice-acting and is a turn-based RPG just like this game. You’re really contradicting yourself here with this… double-standard(?)

          • holyPaladin

            I rather have wall of text than crappy dubbing….

          • I take it you have never read a book? I typically don’t have an issue with your views, Yousuke but that was a stupid thing to say. Granted, you have your own way of enjoying a game, but to say the quality of the game is poor because you have to read is pretty silly. It’s like being someone being illiterate and proud.

        • AGAIN with the god damn voice acting B.S.

          Give it up dude, you’re barking up the wrong tree.


        • Get out. Get out now. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      You should expect some hate on that comment, since retro-RPG is something that a lot of people here hold dear to their hearts. Myself inclusive.

      • Well never again shall I make a comment like that again, lol, the people are harsh.The most recent retro-styled RPG, I will probably enjoy is Golden Sun (DS), mainly for the sake that it will excel in storytelling, and the graphics are pretty awesome. Doubtful it’ll have voice acting cause its Nintendo but the artwork will balance out that lose

    • hadjimurad

      are you on the right site?

    • Code

      rar, also do not like these comments either omo; We must come from different generations if voice acting equates to quality and fun. Just like that terrible Makai Kingdom comment the other day T_T’ Makai Kingdom is definitely not a game to write off.

    • Thiefofhearts

      Yes, because lushly drawn stills and updated 16-bit sprites mean automatically boring gameplay here in 2010.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play the Scott Pilgrim game again…

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Cannot wait ’til this gets localized over here.

  • puchinri

    The graphics look a lot better than I intially thought they did. And while I can’t seem to enjoy the art entirely (maybe it’s part of the shadowing), it’s such a gorgeous style and I’m glad to see it used.

    I look forward to this getting localized. Because it’s totally getting localized. (I love you Atlus, please take what little moneys I have.)

  • vadde939

    Wow this game is looking awesome. Hope someone picks this up for a PAL release but i will probably import anyway.

  • Thiefofhearts

    It really looks like a fun game, but I wonder is there really any point to the sneaking around the monsters? Do you get rewards/experience for getting around them?

  • neocatzon

    no option to kick the enemy?
    I missed the ‘kick’ command from radiata stories

  • Joanna

    Listen up Atlus! I’m willing to let LA3 slide if you give us this game! (Truthfully, I would like to see both…. :[ )

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