The Results Of A Nintendo 3DS Price Survey In Japan

By Ishaan . October 11, 2010 . 10:08pm

Japanese site recently conducted a user survey of around 1,000 Internet users as to their thoughts on the cost of Nintendo’s 3DS in Japan, which was recently announced with a retail price of 25,000 yen (approximately $300 USD) attached to it.


Poll results from the survey are as illustrated in the graph below:



Participants weighed in with their opinions, too. Here are some choice quotes that Getnews mention:


“On launch date, I hesitate to buy it.”


“After seeing the specs, I think the performance for a mobile device over 20,000 yen is a little high.”


“For a device that plays MP4 videos, 25,000 yen I can comprehend; for a standalone game machine I think it’s high.”


“A little high, but I think it’s in within a tolerable range. I really wanted Kid Icarus and Mega Man Legends 3.


“I think it’s expensive in comparison to the functions of an iPod Touch 8G.”


“The Super Famicom had a regular price of 25,000 yen.”


“A little high. I’ll wait and see for the first price cut.”


“It isn’t a suitable price for a children’s toy.”

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  • swissroll

    Lol’d at that last comment.

    I think the price is reasonable, but I’m slowly changing my mind. $200-$250 would be perfect.

    • joesz

      you could expect anything from an angry customer.Well,I think its only fair to ask the people who actually manged to try them about the fitting price.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, a lot of people in Japan think of gaming as a thing for children (including teenagers), so that kind of comment isn’t particularly surprising. That thought is common the world over, but it’s not as bad as it used to be in the West.

      • Advent_Andaryu

        I was under the impression that gaming is more widely accepted in Japan in terms of more adults playing a DS, not just all children. In America, most adults/parents over a certain age don’t even know what a DS is.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Wow, so about 80% of the people surveyed find the price to be unreasonable. That’s not a good sign. Yet the people who find it “a bit high” could go either way, and some who see it in person might change their minds.

    Worst comes to worst, this could be Nintendo’s PS3. Or not. This will be interesting.

    • Well I’m glad to see it, since nintendo already took a positive reaction as a sign to hike the price up, people saying this was fine would probably only result in it going up more!

    • I’d only say 19.2% found it unreasonable.”A bit on the high side” and “Expensive” don’t express disapproval to me. I built a new computer earlier this year for around $1100, which I would absolutely describe as “expensive”. But obviously it wasn’t too expensive—otherwise I either wouldn’t have done it at all, or used lower-spec components. There’s a subtle difference, y’know?…But really, polls on the internet. Conservatively, 99.99% of the 3DS’s potential userbase didn’t take this survey, so it doesn’t really tell us much about much.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Since “reasonable” is one of the results, anything less than that I considered “unreasonable”. Yet I don’t disagree with you; some people will buy anything if they find it desirable enough. That’s why I said people who find it “a bit high” could “go either way”. “Ughhh… my wallet’s in pain… but I gotta have it anyway!”

        Polls don’t count for everything, but but I wouldn’t disregard them completely.

  • malek86

    Uhm, if sales get off to a slow start, Nintendo might have to cut the price sooner than expected. Let’s see.

  • Hraesvelgr

    So I assume the ten that said “too cheap” were trolling the poll. Or they’re just really hardcore.

    • Or employed by Nintendo? ;)

      • Joanna

        Or filthy sinking rich. xD

  • WonderSteve

    I wonder how accurate these surveys will reflect the sales of the 3DS.

    If I am asked by a survey like this, even if the system is 200-250US, I would still answer “expensive” or “too expensive” because as a consumer I want them to lower the price even more. I believe Nintendo does take various consumer survey results in to account when they are trying to determine a price. I want to influence them to lower the price.

    With that said, frankly I think 3DS’ current price is way too expensive. It should have been 200US the most in my opinion. It doesn’t make sense the 3DS has the same price as a PS3. That’s always going to be the psychological factor that makes me think the 3DS is too expensive, even if I win the lottery tomorrow.

    • 200-250 bucks is going to be expensive to the average person, I would imagine. (from students to full timers who have decide the time spent would be worth the price).
      That said, to me, the price feels appropriate. Reasonable, even.
      If it has what you’re looking for, then it’s a fair price. If not, then yeah, it’s too expensive.

      The PS3 comparison is a bit off to me as well. Yeah, standing them together as game consoles makes it seem a bit whack, but then again, what each system is actually offering is totally different that it just throws that idea out the window. If you’re looking for Sony games you get that console and if you’re looking for Nintendo games you get that one – that’s how I always looked at it.
      But, for someone who probably is just looking out to get the bang for the buck, then yeah, I can see that, as well.

      • WonderSteve

        I agree with you on certain things. Yes, as long as there are games for you to play then it is worth it. I have games I like on all the systems. I supposed the Nintendo exclusives aren’t very attractive to me because I consider other alternatives just as good. To me DS, PSP PS3 XBOX360 and Wii are all for gaming entertainment. They are interchangable to me because I don’t play my portables outside. To me DS and PSP are more annoying because the screen is smaller. The only time I truly find DS is necessary was playing Trauma Center.

        The PS3 comparison is mainly concerning in the cost of hardware components and R&D. I think the only “special” component of the 3DS is the special LCD they got for the glasses free 3D effect. The rest of the components seems to be kind of a marginal upgrade. (I am using marginal very loosely here)

        I guess you can say the 3D function of the 3DS justify the price in a way. Nintendo should be rewarded for taking the risk with 3D, but I don’t think they should be rewarded for that much. This is just my personal opinion: I experienced 3D movies and games, but I always find it just to be an excuse for them to charge more money. It does not make the movie or the game better. I will take 3D if you give it to me for free (like what PS3 does with firmware update).

        To sum it up better, I rather Nintendo just make a more powerful DS, with some optimization (wide screen, longer battery life, higher pixel display..etc) and better processing power. I would be okay with 200-250 if it launches with 1-2 good games.

        • How is 3D on the PS3 “free” in any sense of the word though? You’re getting the firmware update for free because you still need to go out and buy the TV / glasses. Sony want to sell you a 3D TV. Nintendo want to sell you a 3D DS. One will cost you thousands of dollars. Their competition argues that their product will cost a couple hundred dollars. That’s what the argument comes down to, imo.

          • WonderSteve

            Yes, but IF (big IF for me) I buy a 3DTV/glasses combo. It will be used not just for games. I can use it for movies, live sports..etc. The 3D from Nintendo 3DS is just for 3DS games on the console. I highly doubt most people buy PS3 just for the 3D these days.

            I am not totally disagreeing with your point Ishaan. I suppose I wish Nintendo would have improved other stuff in order to justify the price point. The GBA to DS upgrade was big. The DS to 3DS upgrade feels “meh” to me and that’s why I think the 299 price point is high.

          • WonderSteve

            Perhaps I should have added another point to be more fair.

            I have never played the 3DS yet. Maybe actually playing it would totally change my view on the price. My current opinion on all the 3D stuff is based on experiencing 3D movies in theaters and having a chance to play 3D games once on PS3.

          • Yea, I think the majority of the audience isn’t going to be convinced until they get some hands-on time with the thing. Super, super important for Nintendo to nail word-of-mouth and giving consumers a taste of the experience this time around.

          • kupomogli

            Except that you don’t need to buy a Sony 3d HDTV. Most major tv companies are selling 3d HDTVs. I’d recommend against Samsung though and I would lean more towards Panasonic even though the Panasonic 3D HDTVs are Plasma only.3d is nothing more than a gimmick that people are getting into anyways and there are a lot of cable companies that are adding 3d channels plus movies are now coming out in 3d. So people are buying into these tvs already. Sony adding 3d to the PS3 is only an extra if you’re one of those buying into all the 3d bs going around.I can tell you that when I do eventually buy the 3DS I might play a game using 3d once just to see how it is. Afterwards I’ll probably turn off the effect and play it like I would a regular game. I’ve actually never seen a 3d movie before but I’m sure it’s something that will be unique at first and then throw away afterwards. Kind of like motion controls on the Wii.


            WonderSteve said most of what I said actually.

  • Guest

    monster hunter and dragon quest.
    the 3DS price is no longer high.

    • Guest

      forgot pokemon.

    • kupomogli

      After Dragon Quest 8 and especially 9, a new Dragon Quest really isn’t going to interest me as much as any game prior to those released. I’ll still pick the new Dragon Quest up, but I’m not going to expect an amazing game like I have done with every release.

  • As a purchaser of a launch day PSPgo. The price was to be expected for admission. If the device is more durable than my go (yes that thing is surprisingly sturdy) and offers better features and/or better gaming experiences than the price is fine for me.

    As for me actually buying one, that depends on the lineup of titles within the first 6 months. So far nothing really screams at me besides Kid Icarus (only game I was interested in for Nintendo at E3). If there aren’t that many games of interest I’d just hold out for the PSP2 which I’m sure will be at least backwards compatible with PSN titles for PSP and PS1 games. Hopefully Sony will pressure devs more to put handheld games on PSN like they should be doing now.

  • Personally I find the price a little on the high side as well. I’ve never bought a (handheld) console on the release date simply because I didn’t feel the need to, but with this I’ll probably wait for a price cut…

  • Since I wasn’t on planning on getting the system on launch the best option I can see before waiting on a price cut would be to see if there will be a bundle of some sort or an exclusive design. I can see that happening around next winter if what Nintendo has been doing with DS in the previous years is anything to go by.
    Maybe that will happen, but if not it’s not a bad idea to wait, either. Let the library fill up, maybe get more color options, hear some impression, etc.

    • WonderSteve

      I think Nintendo should really consider bundling a good first party game like Mario for 3DS. It would make the 299 price a lot easier for many people.

      • Aoshi00

        Despite the exchange rate, the US price for the 3DS is highly likely to be $249, just like the PS3 was $600 (60,000 yen) or 360 now for $200 (19,800 yen), otherwise they would priced this 30,000 yen. It would never be $299, w/ sales tax that’s over $300. For $250 w/ 3D, I don’t think they’re asking that much really, when you had PSP Go for $250 not being able to play UMDs.Of course there will be 3DS Lite for cheaper later on, that happens w/ everyone console, becoming cheaper and having better features and design as time goes by.

        • I’m almost purposely avoiding getting a 3DSlite, beyond a reasonable doubt of the possibility of it happening. I might get a 3DSXL, if that ever exists, however.

          I’m old fashioned…

          • Aoshi00

            I’ve got 3 DSes so far, phat, Lite, and DSi, would’ve gotten the XL instead if I knew that was coming.. but my DSi is the blue badger LE so it isn’t so bad.. I think I would get the first 3DS, skip the lite, and then wait for the XL too, not sure if they’re doing a bigger screen because of the angle being too wide for 3D?

  • I’ll wait for the n-th iteration of the 3DS, if they decide to shelve out new DS’ every now and then

  • Aoshi00

    And despite this survey, I say 95% of these people would still go out and buy the 3DS for 25,000 yen on day 1. I dunno.. if enough good games come out at launch, $200 or $250, that’s fine by me. PSP Go on the other hand is not worth $250 to me because something cheaper (the regular PSP) offers the same experience and more. No other hardware offers the same experience as the 3DS, a 3D portable at this point. It’s a little funny everyone was clamoring this to be a god machine and said “I want it on day 1”, and now it’s $50 more than people expected it’s too expensive all of a sudden, that’s like 2 blu-ray movies or something.. Maybe I’ve expecting this to be $250 all along, that’s why I think it’s reasonably priced. Yea, it’s always too expensive, anything is. Yet you have these people paying $15-25 extra “per month” for 3G, so their smart phones/iPad could be online 24/7. Personally, I think $300 is too expensive, $250 is reasonable, and $200 is a bargain. For me the biggest draw is Prof. Layton and Love Plus 3DS now, if it’s region-free and can play imports, then $250 would be totally worth it.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I think you’re being logical about it and measuring it by it’s capabilities and what it offers. Some things to consider:

      The GBA launched at $150, the DS launched at $150, and their revisions were even cheaper. The ‘Cube was $200 & the Wii was $250. The 8GB iPod Touch is $200. The PS3 is $300. A big chunk of Nintendo’s handheld market is parents buying one for their kids. Sub-$200 pricing for Nintendo’s handheld is usually a big draw. Nintendo’s handhelds are never more expensive than their consoles. A lot of people are not well-informed about the 3D, which is hard to grasp until seen in person…

      Coming off of those prices, comparisons, and expectations, $300 for the 3DS is “too expensive”. A lot of people don’t think about value for dollar, or long term pricing.

      • Aoshi00

        I just never thought of comparing it to other consoles because I bought the PS3 and 360 at way more than their current price, it’s been years since their launch, so I don’t think that’s a fair comparison.. and I don’t think people would look at their money and decide whether they should get a PS3 ($300) or 3DS ($250), it’s really two different audience, chances are those kids alrdy have 1 or more than 1 of the current consoles, a new handheld is a separate thing. They’re pricing this at $250 now so there’s room for price drop later. DSi and DSi XL launched at $189 and $169 respectively, so there’s no way a 3DS would launch at $199, only $10 more than the DSi XL.

        If I have to make a comparison, I would compare to the iPod touch, but I was looking more at the 32Gb at least (8Gb memory stick is not enough for my PSP) and that’s almost $300, so 3DS is still cheaper for me. And I think Nintendo has said this quite a few times, their competitor is not Sony or MS, but Apple, so $250 seems like it’s w/in the range..

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Yes, it’s not the same audience but that’s precisely why I made that comparison. $250+ puts it into console price range, so even people who don’t buy consoles will think, “That’s as expensive as a console!” Not because they could buy a console with that money, but because in their mind a console is expensive.

          As for the iPod comparison, people don’t complain because there’s an *option* for a cheaper version (the 8GB) whereas the 3DS doesn’t have an option. Iwata himself admitted the price was arbitrarily driven up by perceived demand. If it’s $250 in the US rather than $300 though, you’re probably right.

  • Can anyone say price drop before day 1?! I guess Ninty must have only been paying attention to a vocal community of gamers to base the price on rather than the general population. Then again, mostly the hardcore and technophiles buy systems on day 1/year 1.

  • Maybe I’m biased, because I hate portable systems, but I can’t imagine ANY portable system is worth $250, nevermind $300. You could buy a PS3 or a 360 for that price. I really do hope that it sells horribly, so Nintendo learn the lesson that Sony learned with the PS3, and Sony are warned of how much a flop the PSP2 will be if they stay in that price range (also, a part of me hopes for poor sales, so that Capcom will decide to put Megaman Legends 3 on an HD console).

    Eventually, this will be huge, but I don’t want it to be, at first. Lower the price and stop being arrogant, and then the sales can come in. I will say, though, that it has a stunning lineup, though, especially for a portable system. Still not going to buy one, but if I were to go portable, I’d probably go for this.

  • maxchain

    I can count ten survey participants in need of a swift kick to the butt.

  • wait ’till they ask that here

  • I’m still gonna take that as the Japanese 3DS price.
    US/EU price is not confirmed.

  • EvilAkito

    I’m going to take the nutty stance and say that a higher price may actually be good for consumers. The $250 price tag on the Wii may have sounded high to us, but it was actually way too low based on supply and demand. For quite a while, you could only get one by either standing in line or paying an inflated price on eBay. If a higher price point on the 3DS allows us to avoid that, then I’m all for it.

    That being said, $300 is probably the cutoff for me, and even that’s only applicable if there are some worthy launch-window games. If I have to wait a year or so for the good games to start rolling out, then I’ll wait a year to buy the system.

  • RAVENKam

    25k IS a lot, but that won’t stop me picking this up day one.

  • I will buy one just to spite those who can’t.

    • Joanna

      you forgot the, “mwhahahaha” ;)

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Yes it IS expensive, but the gaming line up is too epic to pass up.
    Day One for me.

  • cmurph666

    Ah, considering that I’m going to spend over $1000 on Rock Band 3 when all is said and done, $300 to play Mega Man Legends isn’t all that bad…

  • Slashlen

    It’s expensive, but I think the 3DS is still going to do just fine. I think this is going to fly off the shelves and Nintendo knows it, they want to get some extra cash out of the early adopters.

  • ElTopo

    Its not worth 300$.

    Considering you can get a PS3, a Wii, or a Xbox 360 for the same price, try selling that to consumers. I expected it to be a lot more powerful and initial reports dont seem that promising, Im sure its gonna be great, just not 300$ great. If Nintendo had gone with the Tegra 2 instead of switching to some japanese company..might be a different story.

    Even at 250$ thats a lot of dough for a small portable console that a majority of parents intend on giving to their kids. Having a 10 year old walk around with a 250$ piece of hardware just sounds like a terrible idea.

    Also how much are these new games gonna cost. If they start at 40$ count me out.

  • Holy crap! Japan got an iPod Touch 8G?! America doesn’t even have that! I want an iPod Touch 8G!!

  • LeonAlabard

    Well, I think I will just wait for a price drop or maybe a new model.

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