Get Mew As Pokémon: HeartGold & SoulSilver Mystery Gift

By Spencer . October 12, 2010 . 8:55am

imageNintendo is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Pokémon: Gold and Pokémon: Silver by making Mew widely available. Pokétrainers can finally get Mew without leaving their house for a special event or cheating.


Between October 15 and October 30, players with less than three Wonder Cards can get Mew by logging on to Nintendo Wi-Fi with Pokémon: HeartGold or Pokémon: SoulSilver. A Mew (level 5) will show up as a Mystery Gift with a Pound attack. This Mew comes inside a Cherish Ball and has a Premier Ribbon, items that distinguish this Mew as a special event Pokémon.

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  • ZOMG, truly Nintendo’s Heart is Gold, lol!!!! Mew is one of my favorite legendaries, after making a wish with Jirachi, this is truly a gift. October 15th cant come fast enough!!!!

  • Surely Celebi would have made more sense for the anniversary of Gold and Silver?

    • trickylove

      Celebi will probably be coming with a Pokemon Ranger event or the release of the last movie that was in Japan. I can’t remember which.

    • I see that there was a Celebi event in the game on serebii or something already, though.

      • That Celebi is a Japan-only event for the new Pokemon movie. You get it at the movie theaters, I believe.

        My knowledge may be outdated, but I believe that Celebi is thus far the only Pokemon that hasn’t had an event in the Americas (or at least, outside of Japan). They’re probably not going to let Celebi give up that status anytime soon.

        • Pichi

          They are most likely to give the Celebii away, as they will probably want to promote Pokemon Black and White & getting Celebii unlocks Zorua, a new pokemon for it. It’ll be a waste if they don’t do it.

          • I can only hope this holds true for the Shiny dogs too =(

  • Gambling Gambit ♢

    Aah, been a while since i didn’t had my own Mew catched on Lavender Town since Pokemon Red, remember the glitch rite guys? good ol days :D

  • luckgandor

    Great news. I haven’t had a Mew since Blue version and it’s been one of my favourites since Pokemon the first movie.

  • I dont play these anymore but I still have a blue shiny mew in my box. Blue Nidoking too if any fanatics really want them

  • Code

    rar, my question is this for outside Japan, or what, since it feels like between D/P/P and HG/SS Nintendo outside of Japan has dropped the ball on these downloadable events.

    They are poorly announced, they run for a fairly limited time, they don’t repeat, and I’m still waiting for my Arceus omo; Nintendo your denying me my godly-rainbow-death-horse, for this I have no forgiveness >O>

  • cmurph666

    I used a Game Shark to catch my Mew.

    • How cheap…Whats the fun in utilizing other means to access legendary pokemon?

      • cmurph666

        Because back in the day there was no other way of obtaining one.

        • Joanna

          B-but there was that glitch in Red and Blue. :P

  • Is this in the US or Japan? Hope it’s the US for a change- we get stiffed on most of the rare event-based Pokemon.

  • Since it’s not linked in the article –

  • Joanna

    Yea~ Picked it up today~

    Wish more legendaries were made available this way since us Canadians don’t get any of these fancy events.


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