How Much Did Birth by Sleep, Metroid: Other M And Dead Rising 2 Sell In September?

By Ishaan . October 18, 2010 . 5:10pm



While the NPD Group doesn’t "officially" provide monthly videogame sales numbers any more, Gamasutra have managed to compile figures for certain September titles through other channels. Luckily, they’re four of the more interesting games that were released during the month:


#1. Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) – 3,300,000
#3. Dead Rising 2 (PS3, Xbox 360) – 370,000
#6. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP) – 225,000
#9. Metroid: Other M (Wii) – 173,000


No surprise as far as Halo: Reach is concerned. For reference, Halo 3 also sold 3.3 million units when it released back in September 2007. Dead Rising 2 did okay, too, but it’s hard to say just how well, without knowing what sort of expectations Capcom had for it.


Birth by Sleep is a runaway success, considering that it boasts the best debut of any PSP game in a year. The last PSP game to even chart in the NPD top-ten was Dissidia: Final Fantasy, which debuted at #7 with 130,000 units in August 2009, but even that doesn’t come close to Birth by Sleep’s numbers.


The real point of concern here is Metroid: Other M, which:


a. Sold rather miserably for a core game that was heavily advertised

b. Debuted lower than Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which did 218,000 units in its first month back in August 2007.

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  • Pichi

    Very happy for Kingdom Hearts. That tells me the brand is really strong here. Hope it continues its steam.

  • And people joke about poor PSP game sales, lol! The PSP is a charming little system and Im glad it managed to have a title get so many sales. Birth By Sleep is a hard but fun game, glad I was able to take part in it.

    They should have made Metroid a bit more er friendly to new people like me. It didnt seem to have anything or at least the way it was presented to get people who have been intrigued about the Metroid universe involved and engaged about it. Its a game series that I love how Nintendo presents it and it seems like a fun series. Though the gameplay videos of it nauseated me for some reason, so I think it had a few visual/gameplay oddities unlike the previous games.

    Oh well I hope it continues to sell well and I hope they do a true Metroid Prime 4 or new Metroid Prime trilogy.

  • Looks like I will have to pickup Birth by Sleep.

  • Word of mouth killed Other M, I think. You can tell people weren’t pleased with it– it’s sales dropped like a rock in the first four weeks of release in Japan, after all.

    • They also dropped like a pencil because, you know, they fall at the same rate

      • Code

        rar, I’d drop pencils all day for Samus >w<~! Although, x_x I don't know how much cash I'm willing to drop trying Other M.

  • BelmontHeir

    Birth By Sleep is probably my Game of the Year. I went from being completely turned off by the franchise after not really grasping KHII’s plot, to being a die-hard fan.

    • lol, good one, okay, lets not leave the realm of reality…game of the year?!?!!? Surely one has played many of this years awesome (or am looking into the remaining) titles of this year on powerful consoles. To make matters worst, its a prequel…so its not that creative.

      • BelmontHeir

        I meant “my” game of the year, as in the game I enjoyed playing the most this year. It’s a completely subjective thing, which has nothing to do with hardware power or prequel status. It simply means that Birth By Sleep gave me more enjoyment than any other title in 2010. :)

        • I. M. SHOCKED!!!

          This is the first time Ive just been at a lose for words. Im open to others choices of enjoyment, but your statement just bamboozles me.

          • Ereek

            Does it really shock you that someone’s opinion might differ from yours?

          • This is just another case where comments on this site have just gone against things that I’ve believed in; its almost like I have entered an alternate reality of sorts. In my view the opinion is just so far from my point of view that I just cant accept it nor believe it.

          • YFU, How does someone else’s differing beliefs mean that it’s an alternate reality? If he thinks BBS is game of the year worthy, that’s his opinion. Not everyone has to like the same things as you. That’s the point of having discussions, to compare and contrast other people’s thoughts. Not telling them they’re crazy and listing points A-G reasoning why they’re wrong. I mean, I’m sure you’ve noticed, dare I say it, not everyone else gets wet over Naruto

          • gatotsu911

            If there’s one thing I think we’ve all learned about YFU at this point, it’s that his grasp on the nature of reality is tenuous at best.

          • SolidusSnake

            Not sure what you mean by “things you believe in,” surely you mean what you read in Game Informer? The only game on the “powerful consoles” that I would consider for game of the year would be GOWIII, pretty much everything else I’ve been playing has been on the PSP or DS.

          • I could think of countless games that provide or could provide more joy and entertainment than Birth By Sleep…Bayonetta, Resonance of Fate, Heavy Rain, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Split/Second, Persona 3 Portable, Final Fantasy XIII, and it would be impossible if I failed to mention, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. This year has so much!

          • SolidusSnake

            Ya I agree that there have been a lot of awesome games this year and birth by sleep wouldn’t even make my personal top ten. But if you’re that shocked then you clearly don’t understand Kingdom Hearts fans very well :3

          • BelmontHeir

            Lol, sorry, it sounds like I broke your brain. :D

          • Aoshi00

            >Bayonetta, Resonance of Fate, Heavy Rain, 3D Dot Game Heroes, >Split/Second, Persona 3 Portable, Final Fantasy XIII, and it would be >impossible if I failed to mention, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm >2. This year has so much! Very good choices, I would just sneak in, Nier, Enslaved, Castlevania LoS, and Vanquish and take out FF13. It would be hard for a portable title to be GoTY for me either since I enjoy and am more immersed playing games on a big screen. The only exception was probably Crisis Core, that was a great game. Lately I just don’t want to touch the DS or PSP anymore.. I finally caved and got the XL for the bigger screen, hope that would be the remedy.U wa shock!?

      • How does something being a prequel mean it’s not creative? They still have to develop the entire story for the game, and sometimes it’s even harder since whatever they do has to fit into the already established mythos.

        • The problem with a prequel is that one already knows the outcome, litrally the second the title screen appears. For example, the second I booted up Star Ocean: The Last Hope International and saw the opening screen, the ending was already known, ie, Star Ocean 1 happens so we can immediately rule out numerous possibilities for the plot. There were even allusions to other parts of the SO series in the game, so it was borrowing already used material.In the case of Kingdom Hearts, I can only assume, that based on what people have said, that it addresses several areas of concern across the Kingdom Hearts duology…thereby proving that there wasnt anything creative in that respect of the game. I think its limiting to game designers. I believe that games should ultimately be expressions of someones talent. To go into it making a remake or a prequel is limiting creative expression and there are limits that are placed on keeping the game from really shining (ie innovation is limited, story cant truly be all that creative or shocking, elements from the other games must remain present or alluded too). Maybe Im just too radical in my thinking of how games should be that I just can’t enjoy remakes and prequels.It was my belief that everyone enjoyed Naruto and gets wet over it. I certainly do, if you havent noticed. I think this whole site is kind of a alternate reality to me…its just so many thoughts and ideals that people have that I was just never approached with or ever saw online. People say stuff that vastly goes against my beliefs.I think its shocking to enjoy a handheld game more than a game on powerful consoles. Power, High Definition, elements of great presentation and production values enables these games to be more immersive, more fun, and have more robust and enriched gameplay values. Truly, I believe that we are living in the golden age of console gaming…

          • Did you finish Birth By Sleep? Did you have any idea that ending was going to happen, assuming you didn’t read any spoilers? I don’t think any one did. That’s true creative writing right there. “I can only assume” That means you didn’t finish it, right? Come back when you have.

            And just because a game looks better doesn’t mean it’s a better game. Birth By Sleep being someone’s game of the year just goes to show that you can make a great game no matter if console or handheld. Crisis Core was amazing, too. That was also on the PSP. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t on a full-blown console; a good game is a good game

          • I could finish Birth By Sleep if it wasnt so difficult! Though somehow someone on tumblr ruined the ending of the game for me >.< I can only assume that it was predictable.

            Crisis Core worked to fully attach me to the main character…however we knew what the ending would be and I think the ride through the game was pretty alright, even if it did make me shed quite a lot of tears :(

          • No, BBS was not predictable. Stop assuming things. You know what they say. And if you knew the ending to Crisis Core but still shed tears, then that’s a creative masterpiece. They were able to take something already established and put it in a new light, a new perspective.

          • Not predictable? Now Im intrigued in how they were able to keep it from being something that we could guess from happening. Unless the ending fight and such came from just completely out of the ballpark within the confines of the game…Well I cant really say anything since Im just an hour in, lol.

            I think Crisis Core is just a special case, the main character was just such a large force and easy to just like and get attached too, that the way they did the ending was just extremely emotional to me (or I just get way too attached and into the characters). Though I had not experience anything FF7 related apart from seeing Advent Children, before playing that game.

          • … The Internet is where the thoughts of the entire world gather. How is it possible that this site is the first one to be full of people that don’t share your opinions?

          • Cause on like gamefaqs/gamespot boards, we just laugh it off when people dont have similar opinions, people just post and leave and provide no defense so its really just comical of sorts. When I read reviews on Amazon people usually echo exactly how I feel, so never saw things that I thought were counter to my opinions.

          • Those are sites that would have the same opinion as you because message boards are usually fans gather to talk about things and the people who buy games on Amazon were already interested in them to begin, thanks to all the information they gather on the Internet.The world ends with you. If you only stick around the people with the same opinions as you, you’re in for more “culture shock” in the future when you cross paths someone else who has a different opinion than you.

            (Note to self: Probably not the best way to use that line…)

          • Also, consider this… It’s one man writing the entire story for the Kingdom Hearts series, so it’s not limiting his talent at all if he wants to create a prequel to his own work. It’s similar to what Kishimoto did with the Naruto side story that explained how Kakashi got his Sharingan.

          • Oh I understand now, that comparison makes it all clear.

  • d19xx

    Considering Square’s god awful combat system with their previous action-rpg games. I had little interest with BBS. But wow I was wrong. They made the controls work on the PSP. It’s too bad Lords of Arcana didn’t use the same combat system and controls.

  • joesz

    Well, I finally manged to finish kingdom hearts recoded.I think birth by sleep will be the highest selling game in the franchise,since I think that not many people will buy re coded.

    • andref

      By the way, how would you rate re-coded

      • joesz

        7/10,to be nice.its definitely the the lowest one in the series on my scale.the story is not bad and it actually make sense,,but the fact that you have to replay each world from kh1 2 times is pretty annoying .the battle system is very similar to birth by sleep and the bosses are very easy.also you will have to do something similar to chains of memories.but the game is still worthplaying(annoying worlds arghhhhh!)basically this game serves as the pre-ending of kh2’s ending

        • SolidusSnake

          Worse than Days?? I don’t even know how that’s possible. I like KH and all, but days was damn near unplayable for me. Waaaaaay too much repetition with all the heart collecting missions, those godawful recon missions, and not to mention the ice cream.

          • joesz

            ice creamftw!
            wow! then recoded will surly massacre you,rain firestorms upon you .
            I liked days more then this,but the story for this is really prominent and you will actually see”her” in it.

          • MemeticRichard

            It’s worse… A lot worse…

            Days was horrifyingly repetitive and filler… Re:coded is alienating, and irredeemably filler.

          • andref


          • Now I feel weird for liking the recon missions… did not like the “collect the emblems” missions for some reason, though.

      • MemeticRichard


        It’s beyond horrible.

    • You really think BBS will outsell KH3? People have been waiting on 3 for years and years

      • joesz

        I just compared it to the current batch.not any new games.we still don’t know anything about kingdom hearts 3ds to begin with.

        • You said “will be” which means the future so I guess I got confused. But I didn’t mean 3DS either, I meant full-blown 3. The true sequel to 2

          • joesz

            My bad,I should’ve been more specificed.
            I know that people are waiting for 3,but I mean c’mon days and recoded weren’t that bad and luckily their stories make sense .But I can say that recoded make days look like a masterpiece.I still enjoyed recoded though ,but the fact that you have to replay the old worlds not once but twice and something related to chains of memories could get very disturbing.
            They said 3ds will be the next major game so I guess that might make you happy a little bit.
            Now I’m a little confused, do people really want to play 3 or just explore more new worlds?

            but look on the bright side!
            at least we will have 1 prequel and 2 midquels for terra,3 prequels for aqua,2 prequels and 3 midquels for ventus,2 prequels for master eraqus , 5 prequels for master xehanort, and still final fantasy versus will not be in stores

  • I’m gonna guess that Dead Rising 2 underperformed since Capcom has had some wiiiild expectations this gen.

    …To be polite, my opinion of KH is quite low—but BBS looked like a very polished game, so I’m glad to see S-E’s efforts were rewarded with good sales. PSP keeps delivering.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Square ABSOLUTELY dominates the PSP. And it’s awesome, considering its HD games aren’t living up to expectations (except for Nier, but it just published it).

    So yeah, BbS deserves to sell, it’s really good.

    Oh, and if there is anyone reading this that still hasn’t bought Nier, please, do so. Not for cavia (RIP), not for SE, but for yourselves.

    If you care about a great, emotional story, you have to play it. To experience it. Along with that most beautiful of soundtracks. Words won’t do it justice, so I’ll just stop right here.

    • Aoshi00

      Nier’s just an amazing game in every conceivable way, I ripped the OST to my PS3, I could listen to it for days (and cry…makes me think of those epic and touching scenes, it’s like Opera or something..) I don’t like S-E taking credit for Nier either, Cavia (RIP) made Nier, S-E made…. FF13…. w/ a much bigger budget and still failed.. Just compared their endings, nuff said. Right now it dropped to $19.99 at Kmart I believe, that’s not GoTY, that’s bargain of the year.Just curious, did you get it on PS3 or 360? If on PS3, is there any way to make more saves on the flash drives, or just 3 save slots on the HDD and that’s it? I made many save files for the 360 ver., I haven’t played that much Replicant yet because I really want to save before each memorable cutscene..

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        You know, this reminds me of a Gamespot quote. It was regarding Chrono Chross. They said that it “may not have had the largest budget, but it has the largest heart.”. That describes Nier perfectly.Just like you said, XIII had an astronomical budget and look at it. I mean, I enjoyed it for what it was, as I’m sure many have, and I certainly don’t hate it, but Nier is on a class of its own. I was blown away during my second playthrough, with the enemies’ stories. It transformed my point of view entirely. (Recently, I played Tales of Eternia and I noticed it has one of those “what about the enemy’s point of view?” moments, so kudos to the Tales guys for that).Loved the endings, just pick the one that you like most, and off you go.I hope the guys from cavia realize just how unique and special they are. There’s nothing (in videogames, that is, and in my opinion) that comes even close to their original games (Drakengard and Nier) in terms of raw emotion. PS3, and, if I remember correctly, there are only 3 slots as well…So, readers from America, you’ve read Aoshi’s post: it’s 19.99$ at Kmart, just do yourselves a favor =)And that reminds me that I have to get the OST and the grimoire… Whenever I can =S(I love praising cavia, they deserve it so much)

        • How is the difficulty for Nier? Does it have charming characters and/or a tale of friendship?

          • How old are you? I really want to know.

            EDIT: WHAT 22 WHAT WHAT WHAT 22 WHAT

          • Aoshi00

            It’s good to be young.. I guess.. I was probably like that once too, but many many years ago (like when I first got on the internet in the 90’s…)

          • lol people always wonder that about me when Im on forums and such and then when I say my age they are just shocked and in utter disbelief.

          • He has linked his Tumblr website to his DISQUIS account, and it says his age and education status there so… I suppose it’s public information for everyone to see unless he says otherwise.

          • Kris

            Older than I am, actually. O_O

          • lol, why so shocked

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I believe I’m not lying when I say that it’s very accessible! Oh yes, the characters are DEFINITELY charming (each in their own unique way), but the story, as a whole, is really the best part. And yes, it features tales of friendship, from various and unexpected perspectives.

          • Aoshi00

            The chars are very “unique”, lots of emotion, hate, sacrifice, love between a father and daughter, brother and sister, friends, you name it. The story could be quite dark at times. You could switch the game to easy at any time, I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard. I played it on normal and it was very fun.

          • Kris

            Actually, yes. A large part of the story is Nier’s friendship with his companions, who are quite charming in their own way… That said, I have a feeling you’d hate it, since the game’s most emotional scenes are unvoiced. It’s also far from your standard story, since the game becomes more powerful and twisted during the new game plus.
            It’s brilliant, but it almost seems like everything you appear to hate in gaming.
            (Brilliant Soundtrack, too)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Were they actually trying to sell the game to a big audience, or were they focused on a specific group? I really don’t know.

            But I don’t know if trying to explain some of the themes of the story would do them any good… Maybe! I bought because it was made by cavia, so I knew I was in for something good.

            … I just didn’t expect it to be that good.

            In Europe, the game failed really hard, as in, it had a price cut of about 60% less than a month or a month after it came out.

            But yeah, putting that kind of caption on a box makes it sound incredibly boring.

            And you raise a very interesting point. Not that they’re aware of what they’re doing (at least not until someone explains it), but even if Nier was… Yeah, I think he would do those things just the same. He would stop at nothing to save Yonah.

            And that’s one of Nier’s greatest qualities: to make you aware of the destruction you cause just for the sake of your own personal goals (however noble they may be).

            I seriously fanboy over Nier, sorry to all.

        • Aoshi00

          lol, it’s like I work for Cavia or Kmart :) I know, I just can’t praise them enough, AQI better use the teams wisely. Their games (Drakengard/Nier) just take so much out of you, you’re in the game and you feel for the characters, after the 2nd playthru I was drained, the different points of view changed everything you thought you knew, made something good even better. While I was playing FF13 I was like “okay, yeah, okay, cool cutscene, okay, another one.. *2.5 months later* ending.. WTF!” Reading Episode Zero afterwards helped wash the bad taste out a little bit.. You’re right, “heart” is the most important thing, I feel Enslaved has it too, it’s shorter but still really good.Definitely collect the soundtrack and Grimoire art/guidebook, just work of art.. sad to see they got absorbed and the joint project Cry On btwn Cavia/Gooch/Uematsu got scrapped, just imagine what they could’ve done, maybe he wasn’t kidding about making us cry every 15 mins lol… I hope Last Story would have a decent and memorable story too..

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Hey, we’re just giving the game some marketing since SE decided nothing else besides Kainé and her foul mouth was worth mentioning in their campaign ;)Yes, XIII is an example of a game that has great graphics to carry the story along. But Nier is a game where the story/characters/OST lead the experience! The graphics suck, who cares, that’s not what I’m interested in! I want to see more of Weiss’ dialogue, I want to know Kainé’s backstory, I want Emil to be happy with his newfound friends, I want to see the ending to Nier’s tale! 4 times over! You’re really absorbed by the story, by the characters and their interactions, by the hauntingly beautiful music.I suck at kanji (which is basically the same thing as saying that I suck at Japanese, period.) so, no Episode Zero for me! Too bad…Aaaand I think you may have just sold me on Enslaved! Gotta check that out sometime later…I’m jealous of you, I want those too =P Too bad indeed, wow, it could have been great. That is, if cavia had a significant input in the story. I just want to see something like “hey guys, former cavia here, AQ Interactive gave us the go ahead to continue doing our thing” =PI guess a guy can dream.

          • Aoshi00

            As soon as I heard Kaine cussing like there’s no tmw after I popped in the disc and before I even had a chance to press start, I knew I was in for something special, talk about making a first impression :) Their trailers were okay I guess, I actually was sold, plus I was alrdy a fan of Cavia’s so I had faith in them. It’s a new IP, just like Bayonetta or Vanquish so I guess it can’t be helped, plus people were expecting mind blowing graphics since it has the S-E stamp on it. The Episode Zero took me a while to finish too. I think someone translated the whole thing if you look it up, I assume they did a pretty good job, I checked out how a couple of lines are translated here and there. I dunno, if I dont know Jpn, I think I would import less and save a lot of money, it’s like a double edged sword lol. Agreed, if they just let the Cavia team do their own thing, I’m sure another masterpiece would be in the work.Enslaved has a very good narrative, fun game, and the pacing is very tight, excellent presentation, try it if you have a chance.

          • Kris

            I think the other issue for the US release was a lack of direction. I mean, the comic wasn’t exactly canon and even the back of the game box claims that Nier is about “sav[ing] the world from a terrible virus,” when it’s more about how far a man will go to save his daughter. I mean, if the advertisement focused more on the terrible, selfish things Nier does, it would have been a lot more interesting to say the least…

  • Wow, the reviews really killed Other M. But I can proudly say I was one of those ~173,000. No surprise with Halo Reach, though. It’s Halo

  • MemeticRichard

    :O Are you fanboying over Other M…Ishaan?Lol, your last few articles make that a little too obvious! XDAnyways, Other M was a pretty decent game, but felt way too damn out of place. Given Samus’ daddy issues, you might as well changer her appearance to that of a guy, and you’d have Jack Sheppard from Lost.Halo, always fun for multiplayer.Dead Rising 2, repetitive as hell, but boy does it have some crazy ass weapons. Nothing beats the machine-gun-wheelchair.Birth by Sleep, was surprisingly fun as all hell. Pretty decent story, too. I’ve lately found myself utterly hating the recent KH games (Re:coded is probably the single worst thing I played all year), but BBS is good clean fun.

    • Dead Rising 1 and 2 can be very repetitive, but it can also be ever-changing. It’s all on how you want to play. That’s the point of all the different weapons and mixtures of weapons

      • Code

        rarr I remember in the original Dead Rising, you didn’t need weapons, Frank was your weapon, one hand made for disemboweling, and the other for face crushing — that’s the Frank West way~!

        • symytry

          Chuck gets some pretty awesome skills too. I don’t remember Frank being able to rip the arms and legs off a zombie ;)

          • MemeticRichard

            Chuck is easily the grandmaster of the duct tape. That’s quite the something in my book.

  • cmurph666

    KH:BBS is kicking ass!

  • I’m not a KH fan so I could care less about it sales but I just hope all those sells show other companies that the PSP is a profitable platform. You hear that Xseed? So keep those Falcom games coming!

  • it’s weird seeing people taht are not too into metroid think of themselves as the possessor of all wisdom in the galaxy when they never read any of the manga… or the character conception yoshio sakamoto, the creator had… atleast other m in japan has everything to beat fusion or mp3c at least

  • Thank heavens that Other M bombed! That game is steaming garbage. Even worse than Metroid Prime 3! Ugh.

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