Fantasy Life Screenshots Come To Life

By Ishaan . October 19, 2010 . 7:32am


Level 5 and the studio that developed Mother 3, Brownie Brown, are collaborating on a Nintendo 3DS game titled Fantasy Life. The game is developed around the idea of living in a fantasy world and interacting with other players who also own the title.


Doing illustrations for the game is Yoshitaka Amano, original artist on the Final Fantasy games until Kingdom Hearts creator, Tetsuya Nomura, took over for the most part, starting with Final Fantasy VII. The music for Fantasy Life will be composed by another familiar name — Nobuo Uematsu, also of Final Fantasy fame.


“Find your own way of life” appears to be one of the ideas behind the title. Originally, Fantasy Life was in development for the Nintendo DS, and looked very different. Since then, Level 5 have moved the game to the 3DS and upped its production values considerably.


fantasy_life_001 fantasy_life_002 fantasy_life_006 fantasy_life_003 fantasy_life_004 fantasy_life_005

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  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Aww I miss that spritey-looking Earthbound style… This style is clean and attractive on its own though.

  • Soma

    Level 5 and Brownie Brown. Amano and Uematsu.
    There is no doubt in my mind that this will be one great game.

  • Brownie Brown? Didnt they do Magical Starsign for the DS a long time ago, I have not heard of them since playing that fantastic game.

    Looks like an interesting idea for a life simulator, Im guessing.

  • karasuKumo

    Looks colourful, I love Nobuo Uematsu’s compositions so I’m really interested to see (or hear XD) how this turns out.

  • joesz

    the unification of the horror creepy artist and the best music composer means only something weird yet good then again good weird awesome weird.

  • The style is nice and adorable, but but Earthbound style sprites….

    • Code

      rar yeah I remember screen shots of with the Earthbound style sprites, it’s definitely a bummer they went a different art direction with the title T_T’ It’s hard to beat Earthbound’s style in my books.

  • I miss the old style! The best thing they could do (but I doubt it) is make both styles available.

    Still, will be getting this if it comes out here, at least.

  • Finally somenews about this game! ,I hope this games goes out in english with the 3DS release xD

  • I can’t say I miss the Mother style since this is my first time even being aware of this game! That would have been interesting but they really did capture that classic Level 5 aesthetic pretty successfully, judging from these screens. This one has officially peaked my interest.

  • Wow that does reminds me of the world in the Dark Cloud series…….hopefully from that, I hope it borrows a few things. Never heard of this game till now but I’m guessing it’s kinda a sim-like game or something? I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Level 5 is just pulling one diamond after another out of its gift-sack. 3DS will be crazy delicious.

  • This doesn’t look that Yoshitaka Amano-ish to me. Oh well at least he shows he can change his style unlike other artists… -ahemTetsuyaNomuraahem- or maybe -ahemAkiraToriyamaahem-?

  • puchinri

    Kinda sad to see the MOTHER style go, but maybe they can bring it in through other ways. There’s also the fact that the game looks great. I look forward to this.

    I wonder how the music for the game will be (as someone who isn’t a particular fan of his). Since FFIX is my favorite work of his, I would hope that type of variety and awesome will be reflected here.

    (And just in case, I hope now more than ever that the 3DS will not have region locking.)

    • Aoshi00

      Not sure what kind of game this is, but I always love me some Uematsu music, Blue Dragon was light hearted like FF9, and the soundtrack for Lost Odyssey and Anata wo Yurusanai (even though he didn’t compose all the tracks) was just awesome, still one of my favs. Not sure where Amano comes in here either, looks more like the Sonic guy who did Away Shuffle Dungeon.

      • puchinri

        I can only think of two works of his off the top of my head I loved more than three tracks of, so whenever I see his name, I figure the game will have good music, but there are other composers I’d like to see on the project more. But I think he’d make a great composer for this (or Koichi Sugiyama).

        I’ll have to look into those soundtracks.

        And I’m always surprised with what Amano does. Maybe there’s some design illustrations or certain type of cutscene we haven’t seen that he’s part of. I do look forward to what it is though.

  • lostinblue

    I liked the DS graphics better :(

  • This is reminding a lot of True Fantasy Live Online, which I think was made by the same developer but got canceled?

  • I want this! I want this! A life simulation game in a fantasy world like Fable but with JRPG charm … yippiii

  • Joanna

    Looks nice. Although I would have been fine with sprites. All well, the aesthetic looks charming, so I’m still happy.

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