Radiant Historia, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, And SaGa 3 Appear In Nintendo Power

By Spencer . October 20, 2010 . 4:25pm

imageNintendo Power has a spread on a bunch of Japanese games. The magazine has articles on Radiant Historia, Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth, Solartorobo, and SaGa 3: Lord of Time and Space – Shadow or Light.


While none of these games have been announced for North America, Nintendo Power rarely deals with Japan-only games. We first found out about Rune Factory 3 via Nintendo Power. Other Atlus games like Etrian Odyssey III and Devil Survivor popped up in Nintendo Power before a widespread announcement too. Also, Solartorobo seems like it’s heading to Europe since a French localized build popped up at a consumer show. On the other hand, I’m puzzled to see SaGa 3 with an apparently localized subtitle on the list since Square Enix skipped SaGa 2.


Only the table of contents have been released so it’s unclear if Nintendo Power is a.) has a really late Tokyo Game Show feature or b.) is about to announce a handful of Nintendo DS games.

  • I am hoping this is true and we get Saga 3 and Radiant stateside.

  • yayyy raditan storia and saga 3!!! :D but.. this may mean that ATLUS gave up on luminous arc 3 -.- darn…

    • Pichi

      I hope its not the case with LA3. Please Atlus!!

      Glad to see Solartorobo on there as well.

    • Ladius

      Since the massive success of Demon’s Souls Atlus USA seems to have given up on almost all the non-AtlusSting series they previously localized: Summon Night Tears X Crown, Class of Heroes 2, SRT OG Saga EF Exceed and Luminous Arc 3 are all missing in action, and even Atlus-published Growlanser Psp sadly is still moored in Japan, not to mention Sting titles like Yggdra Unison or Blaze Union :(
      It’s fortunate that XSeed has really improved its offer with the Falcom lineup and Aksys and NiSA are continuing to deliver as usual, because Atlus USA’s 2010 offer has been a huge disappointment compared to the localizations done in the previous years (of course they are still localizing interesting titles- just not in the previous quantity and variety).

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I pretty much say this is the year Atlus has pretty well allowed all of the others in their niche (NIS, Aksys, and Xseed) to release a stronger lineup. Even next year, the known titles for each of these companies keeps them ahead.

        Catherine is a title they really need to decide will get over here. It would reestablish Atlus as the place for a true mature story-driven gaming experience. Although Aksys with 999 and their possible otome foray, might be gunning for those folks too!

        • Ladius

          Yeah, I was really surprised by Atlus USA’s sudden turn. I don’t have anything against them distributing Tomy’s Naruto games, but I am really displeased by their lack of support for the series they previously localized, even more so because with Demon’s Souls’ profits they could at least risk what they were ready to invest in low budget games till last year.
          Regarding 2011 I have a difficult time seeing Atlus USA coming on top of its competitors: aside from its PSP offer, NiSA has the strongest hd lineup with Tonelico Qoga, Disgaea 4 and almost surely Neptune and Atelier Totori, while XSEED has the enormous cult story driven series Sora no KisekiTrails in the Sky (easily my most hyped releases XD) to localize and Aksys is covering practically all the gaming niches, from the beat’em ups to the visual novels to the danmaku shmups and jrpgs, with many possible localizations ranging from otome games, Arcana Heart 3, Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu, visual novel à la Umineko PS3Steins Gate X360, jrpgs like Agarest Zero2 or Tears to Tiara and so on.
          On the other hand, Atlus has Catherine (a day one purchase for me) and… what? They missed the 2010 entries of six series they previously covered (and it would be bizarre to see 2011 announcements of Growlanser, LA3 and the likes, even if I would welcome them happily :P), Demon’s Souls’ spiritual sequel Project Dark is being published worldwide by Namco Bandai (a huge blow for Atlus USA, I guess) and I doubt that they will have some SMT titles ready for the USA (at least in Q1 or Q2) since Atlus Japan hasn’t announced anything yet and hadn’t even a stand at the TGS (Catherine was guest star on the Konami stand alongside Falcom’s Zero no Kiseki).

          • Ereek

            I hate it whenever anyone mentions Growlanser because I know it’s not going to happen. While I’m at it, I might as well cry about how much I want one of the (many) Wizardry titles that won’t ever be brought over.

            Damn you, Atlus USA.

            I agree with the rest of your points, though. I felt that Atlus had a rather weak year in 2010. That of their bigger titles (P3P and KitN) are ports of older titles tells me enough.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I’d pegged Triple T as one Atlus USA might take a flyer on. I know it was always on the ‘dream lists’ of their forums long before showing up elsewhere. You might also think them the only ones big enough or with enough cash on hand to tempt Type Moon. I’m also not going to be shocked if we find out P5 is indeed quite far along. I’m not going to peg all those leaks from earlier this year to simply Catherine.

            It would be most interesting to know why we never got LA3, or Global As newest titles. Or why they didn’t do something with a lost child like 7th Dragon. Yes, I know there were also those stories about how retailers didn’t want games with an anime or cutesy look to them, but was anything much beyond the core ever likely anyhow?

            Hell, even Natsume’s done more for us lately. RF3 comes out in just a few weeks, Witch’s Wish was a fun little novella game and Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove is still showing sometime early 2011. Naruto may get them some cash, but it certainly isn’t something that will get people to join the Atlus fold; folks will simply be buying the Naruto ‘brand name’.

          • Maybe Atlus has a few surprises up there sleeve. One never knows.

  • Radiant Historia? That was the game I was shocked that is still relevant in this day and age. Im surprised it is even being considered for localization…hopefully they give it some much needed voice overs.Solartorobo would be pretty amazing because its from my favorite developers (CC2, of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, and Ultimate Ninja Heroes).

    • Sigh. Radiant Historia isn’t even out yet. There’s no point in insulting or trying to educate you. It’s just impossible.

    • Ladius

      I’m sorry to flame on Siliconera, a place that I like for its relative peaceful atmosphere, but either you are a troll (well played, then) or you are by far the most obnoxious user here, ruining each and every article with baseless, biased, unpolite and uncalled for posts such as this (but the problem here isn’t the single message, but the trend).
      And no, it isn’t about you being more “mainstream” than other posters (that wouldn’t be a problem at all, everyone has the right to speak his mind and here on Siliconera we have fans of blockbusters and niche products): the problem here is your attitude and the way you act, devoid of any respect (and often any knowledge) for the things you speak of (aside from the Naruto games, which you are able to mention in almost any kind of post regardless of the news’ theme) or other people’s tastes.

      • He’s the latter.
        Edit: Whoops…

      • Dont be like that…My message in this article doesnt qualify as any of the things you list. Its wrong for me to be excited for Solartorobo, or to say my hopes for what I would want the game, Radiata Historia, to have? My posts mostly take the form of, as they say in the public relations, negative-positive sandwiches. Where I will identify that which I dont agree with, express a hope, then issue some sort of positive aspect.

        Im totally respectful and open to the thoughts and expressions of others here. Any comments made are done just for the sake of the seeking of more knowledge and inquisitions. I do nothing to purposefully be an obnoxious idiot on this site. I may have bias towards Naruto and newer stuff but I do not downright do things that are unpolite or uncalled for to people who like that stuff. Im just utterly appalled by this accusation. I think I will take my leave!!!!

        • I think you don’t realize what you’re doing yourself.

        • Ladius

          You see, it’s not a problem of not liking a game. You are fully entitled to dislike a title for its low production values, lack of dub, or whichever reason
          Heck, even a “it isn’t a Naruto game so I can’t bring myself to like it” kind of reasoning would be acceptable as a subjective statement, and I would gladly respect it as a different opinion expressed in a polite manner.
          The problem, instead, is 100% linked to your attitude: comments such as “relevant in this day and age”, “suprised that it’s been considered for localization”, “those are compelling must have games?!?!?” and countless others in the many blog entries you have sullen, are filled with ignorance, bias, prejudices, lack of respect for others’ tastes and an abscence of what makes a person able to live in a community, even a small and unimportant one such as that of a videogame news blog, i.e. the ability to discuss in a polite, knowledgeable way.
          If you aren’t a troll (and again, if you are you are a good one since you have been able to keep the balance between subtly flaming everyone and doing something so big that could warrant a ban) you should really try harder at understanding others and respecting their point of views, meanwhile trying to know at least the bare minimum about the things you speak of.

          • I just dont know and am shocked at others tastes. L( I dont know everything. It just takes awhile to embrace it.

            I could do a slightly better job at phrasing my inquisitions (“these are compelling games!?!?!?” could have been stated in a different way, like “So why are these games of interest?”). In reading back I guess I noticed that I had a way of exaggerating things a little too much, in a way that could be taken as mean. Sorry, truly I am.

            Respect, I think I do a good job in that regards. No ones gotten angry or flatout stated that I offended them, so I guess that isnt an isshu. Unless it is, as they say “speak or forever hold ones peace.”

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Darn it to hell. Ladius; you went and made him crawl back under his wittle bridge.

        Perhaps the next trip trap he hears will be the Third Billy Goat Gruff.

        • No, no. I would never leave. This here place is a learning experience and heh the hype that people here have for stuff leads me to check stuff out.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I can respect that response, sir.

      • SolidusSnake

        I know right? He’s either the most, skillful, dedicated troll I’ve ever seen, or completely and utterly insane.

      • Avojavo

        Ladius, thank you for stating your concerns, for they’re feelings shared by a good number of people. I don’t think using the discussion thread is the correct place to express them, as it detracts from the focus of the article.

        Yousuke Fullbuster Uzumaki, we appreciate the enthusiasm you bring when discussing the gaming world, and we respect your tastes and interests. We only request that you do the same: we have fond memories of games and genres you consider too retro, and it hurts a little bit when you disparage them so quickly.

        Back on topic: I haven’t bought a DS game in a really long time. Here’s to hoping for an English iteration of SaGa 3.

        • Thank you for posting such a thoughtful and articulate comment.

          We appreciate enthusiasm and criticism during discussion. It’s natural for people to have different tastes and opinions. The key element in conversation is respect for both parties.

        • Ladius

          I know that my post was partially off topic (“partially” because it still originated from that user’s comment on Radiant Historia and other games), and I myself labeled it as “flame” since, even if I tried avoding excessively blunt tones, I’m still attacking a user’s behavior.
          That said, since Siliconera isn’t a proper board and allows posts only as comments in the news, it’s sadly impossible to address “community issues” in other places. Staff members are free to ban me or delete my posts if they are deemed unsuitable, but still I felt better to speak up, seeing how the situation was degenerating in many news threads for the same reasons.

      • Don’t worry we’re not gazing at a big red ban button waiting to push it.

        The point you made about community guidelines is a salient one. It’s hard to address those issues since there isn’t a proper “place” (yet?). I appreciate the feedback.

    • “That was the game I was shocked that is still relevant in this day and age. Im surprised it is even being considered for localization…”

      You’re being hypercritical about Radiant Historia here. In fact you’re hypercritical about many things. That’s why everyone is getting on your case about things.

      • So the isshu is that my description of these things is in a way that makes it where I come across as just complaining about the most minor of details, constantly? I really do not think its my fault when it has mainly been about the same games of focus (tales games, classical style rpgs). But in thinking of the way I describe the stuff, I could reword it in a way that makes it less of an isshu than it really is? I guess thats what youre saying.

        • It’d be nice if you could.

          • I will definitely do just that!

            In the words of an awesome character, “I said it and I meant it, Ill never go back on my word, for that is my nindo, my ninja way”….

  • Ooh, I sure hope that means SaGa 3 is coming out in the States then. FF Legend 3 was one of my favorite of that bunch.

  • These games aren’t saga 2

  • neo_firenze

    Well, that’s a couple to potentially cross off my list of DS RPGs that I really want to show up in English:

    – SaGa 2
    – SaGa 3
    – Luminous Arc 3 (please Atlus?)
    – 7th Dragon (sadly looking very unlikely)
    – Shining Legend (not getting my hopes up)
    – Radiant Historia
    – Dragon Quest VI (getting a little nervous with no word for so long)
    – Fire Emblem – Hero of Light and Shadow (which Spencer also spotted in Nintendo Power back in July – http://www.siliconera.com/2010/07/08/fire-emblem-heroes-of-light-and-shadow-spotted-in-nintendo-power/)

    • Those are compelling must have games?!

      • Serge73

        Nobody said that but you….>_>

    • I would gladly put down money for all those fine games, if they were to be localized.

    • SolidusSnake

      Atlus has been pretty good about getting its own games localized over here, so the odds are looking good for Radiant Historia. As for Luminous Arc 3… well, I dunno ;_;

  • My heart stopped when I read SaGa 3—then I realized this wasn’t necessarily a confirmation of localization. Argh! Now my hopes are all up again! :'(

  • Serge73

    Radiant Historia looks reallllly good! I’m hoping it doesn’t get left behind with the DS generation coming to a close…

  • Joanna

    I think I shall remain pessimistic since a few first party Nintendo games were featured and never made it over: ASH, Last Window, Fire Emblem, and XenoBlade. So if the magazine can’t even predict it’s namesake’s future localizations, I wouldn’t put too much hope in third party games either. SaGa 3 looks unlikely since SaGa 2 wasn’t published and SE still has yet to release DQVI (they better not pull an Atlus! Or I shall be really bitter, especially considering the circumstances.) And Atlus…yeah.

    I’m a bit more optimistic about Investigation 2 and Solartorobo (I wonder who picked it up, XSEED or Aksys, if it is coming over. Whoever it is, will be getting my money. :P )

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