25th Anniversary Mario Red Wii And DSi XL Bundles Announced For U.S.

By Ishaan . October 21, 2010 . 8:20am

It’s been a bit of a wait, but Nintendo of America have finally announced the Mario Red Wii and DSi XL bundles for North America with some slight differences.


Mario Red Wii Bundle ($199.99)

Mario Red Wii

While the European version of this bundle also comes pre-installed with a Virtual Console copy of the original Donkey Kong, the U.S. version doesn’t. It only contains Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Red DSi XL Bundle ($179.99)

Red DSi XL

The North American red DSi XL bundle features a bigger difference: instead of coming with New Super Mario Bros. for the DS like the European package, the U.S. bundle comes with Mario Kart DS. It also contains DSiWare games Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, and a Photo Clock app.


Both bundles are scheduled for launch on November 7th. Additionally, Nintendo of America also officially confirmed the Flingsmash bundle with a Wii Remote Plus (a Wii Remote with the MotionPlus add-on built into it) for $49.99.


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  • cj_iwakura

    So uh, where’s the Mario anthology?

    • Edit: Nevermind. I was thinking of the 25th Anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros.

    • Chillin’ with Last Window and Another Code R, it would seem.

  • symytry

    I guess these are cool for crazy collector’s and people that don’t already own the pack-in games…but I think they could’ve done a better job choosing which ones were included.

  • Hmm. Gonna have to test drive one of those DSi XLs the next chance I get. I imagine it’s way, waaay too large and heavy for me…but if not, I’ll trade up for it.

    If my fiancĂ© hadn’t bought a Wii a little less than two years ago, I’d be jumping in now with that package.

    • Aoshi00

      I think the ease to see everything, bigger touchscreen area, and better speakers would be great improvement. I’ve seen many unboxing videos on youtube, they all say it’s not necessary if you alrdy have a DSi, but they all really appreciate and dig the bigger screen. I just ordered the bronze DSi XL 2 days ago and the package missed me today. I mauled over this for several hours now (and watching the red DSi / lite videos), I think I’ve decided to return the bronze and just get this LE one.. too bad the actual “Mario” is not on this and only on the DSi, stinking mushroom and flower…

      • Bigger screens are always nice, but too large and my portables stop being portable. DSi/DSL size is about perfect. The PSP is so wide that I have to stick it in my purse at a weird angle, so I basically can’t fit anything else in there other than a wallet if I want to carry it. :( I know the DSi XL is not as wide, but if I have to empty out my purse to carry it then it’s a no-go.I was very, VERY close to using a shopping service to order the 7-11 exclusive DSi, but couldn’t justify dropping $250-some on a second DSi when I have plenty of games to buy for 2010/early 2011. (That…and when I checked last night, they were sold out online…haha.)

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, I know DSi/Lite were good portable size, I don’t play outside that much anymore so it’s okay (I just doze off on bus commute).. I bought a Hori hard pouch alrdy, it’s pretty big, it would take up a chunk of space in my messenger bag I guess. I’ve thought long and hard, I sent back the bronze to Amazon and pre-ordered the Mario DSi XL. Oh, that DSi is 7-11 exclusive? didn’t know that (the box is sweet looking).. I definitely don’t want to get a 2nd DSi, in fact I wouldn’t have gotten the DSi if I knew the XL was coming, at least it was the Ace Attorney Investigation LE one, so it looks nice. I would’ve preferred Mario instead of the power-ups.. squinting at the DS screen takes too much out of me now, like playing Prof Layton, old age talking…I was okay playing Crisis Core like two years ago, but now I don’t feel like playing the PSP.. I still have a huge backlog of DS games, so I hope I could go back to them w/ the bigger screen. Nintendo has definitely got me, this is my 4th DS, they got me buying all the models..No prob on the MS point cards, I buy a lot of junk, but I try to save whenever I can, especially cheap when it comes to MS points / PSN $ :)

  • I knew this would happen when I went ahead and bought an XL last week. I have this unerring talent for buying consoles just before a cheaper/more interesting version becomes available.

    • Aoshi00

      I hear you, I just got home and saw the e-mail from Nintendo I was like “what the hell!?” I just done ordering the Bronze DSi XL several days ago and Amazon shipped it, but they missed the dlvy today, wonder if I should call to refuse the package… LE is cool and all, but I have Mario Kart alrdy, and red is kind of flashy around the screen, I usually like to go w/ black or white since it’s less distracting.. Also I got the pink & blue remotes w/ motion pluses not so long ago and then they came up w/ the true motion plus integrated remote :(…

  • Mario Kart is the odd choice in this package…mainly because it just keeps on selling on the Nintendo DS. Then again, Im guessing if it truly is keeping on selling, then those few souls who still lack the DS system are also lacking that game, so it becomes a wise choice and inclusion.

    I guess to offset that, New Super Mario Bros DS sales will continue to chug along too.

    Im still waiting for the Mario anthology.

  • thebanditking

    Well, its cool that all the territories are getting the LE Mario consoles but it stinks for those who already bought Wii’s or DSi’s as Nintendo’s DRM policy is by far the worst of the three. I would happily trade in my white Wii for a black or red one but I am not loosing or re buying all my virtual console titles and that whole “send both consoles to Nintendo” is BS.

  • EvilAkito

    WTF? Why Mario Kart? Doesn’t everybody already own that game?

    Oh well, I may consider buying this since I refused to buy a DSi (XL or otherwise) until it was released in red. But then again, it seems like kind of a waste of money with the 3DS coming out so soon. Ugh, decisions decisions!

    • Aoshi00

      I’ll get a 3DS later, but I’m also getting this for the bigger screen since lately I just don’t want to touch the portables anymore, and XL has better speakers too… yea, the choice of Mario Kart sucks, everyone played it ages ago, guess I could just dump it on ebay.. I’m a sucker for LE.. I just ordered the Bronze like 2 days ago literally but Amazon missed their dlvy this morning, I’m wondering if I should just stick w/ the Bronze or refuse the package and get this one.. the red seems too bright around the screen and distracting when you play games. It’s like aesthetics vs. practicality.. I like the black bottom on this (the bronze’s bottom is grayish) but I’m not sure about the red.. I’ve watched several videos of bronze and burgundy, but there’s none for the Mario red, I really want to see it live to compare..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3DTavWoSjw I wonder if the fingerprint on the cover would show up worse against the bronze or the red.. god I hate glossy surfaces..EDIT: At first I gave up on the Mario LE DSi XL because I didn’t think it was coming to the US, and I alrdy have a Jpn DSi, so if I’m getting a XL I want a US one.. I think I’m going to write a note and tell them to return the bronze and get this after all.. being limited edition and all, the red shouldn’t be that distracting right? I can’t decide… Maybe the fact that I missed the package today is god gives me another chance to get this Mario one?

      • EvilAkito

        Funny thing is, I was SO CLOSE to buying a blue DSi XL just a couple of days ago. Had I gone through with the purchase, I would have been so pissed off once I learned of this news.

        If I were you, I’d say return the bronze and go with the limited edition Mario one. The whole purchase of a DSi is hard to justify with the 3DS being just around the corner, but the limited edition Mario DSi XL will have more merit since it’s a collector’s item.

        • Aoshi00

          You’re totally right, that’s the conclusion that I came to too. Now that I have a “chance” to switch I should. It’s hard to live w/ myself knowing the LE Mario is available in the US and I’m still getting one of the lame default colors, you just gave me more confidence that I made the right decision. And w/ the upcoming 3DS, a 25th anniversary Mario XL would be more worth it. It’s kind of like I regret getting the Gyakuten Kenji DSi and then the XL was announced, but when I looked at the Blue Badger on the cover, I guess it was still pretty cool (good thing I didn’t spend the fortune on the DSi bundle). It would’ve been horrible if someone spent $500 importing this and then the US ver. is announced.

  • YoFace

    Well that’s cool that we’re getting an XL instead of lite. Definitely gonna pick it up.

  • Icon

    Is it me or, should this thing be grey instead? Americans didn’t have a Famicom, they had a Nintendo Entertainment System. Maybe I’m being too picky?

  • when is the dsi xl 3d coming out in the usa…What Are the colors that we are going to have out!!….

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