Chrono Trigger Song Gets A Christmas-y Remix

By Spencer . October 24, 2010 . 3:50pm

imageForget the fruitcake, nothing says the holidays like… Chocobos and Chrono Trigger? That’s the angle Square Enix is going for with their X’mas Collections music from Square Enix album.


This seven song CD has remixes of Final Fantasy VII‘s Golden Saucer theme, "Yearnings of the Wind" from Chrono Trigger, and Chocobo’s Happy Christmas.


Here’s the track from Chrono Trigger.



This is the original song from the 600 A.D. time period.



We’ll close with "Chocobo’s Happy Christmas" you can sample the other songs here. The album comes out on November 24 in Japan.


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  • All I want for Xmas is a Chrono game…

  • FireCouch

    That Chrono Remix can play in my household during Christmas.

  • malek86

    Ah, Yearnings of the Wind, one of my favorite RPG musics ever.

    But I don’t like that remix.

  • Code

    Usually not keen on Christmas music, but that’s not bad >w<; But I think it's more the fact the song it's based on is amazingly good. rar, maan, I miss Chrono Trigger, I should start up a new file sometime.

    • It was that good? Chrono Trigger is one of those games that Ive heard massive word of mouth about but never looked into.

      • YOU! yes you.

        stop whatever you are doing right now, put down the naruto, AND GO PLAY CHRONO TRIGGER RIGHT NOW

        you will not regret it

        • Well now that Im on the verge of finishing the story mode of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2, I will have some free time.

          But wow! Everyone Ive asked is making this seem like the greatest game that Im missing. lol. Lemme just find a FAQ on the game (to see if they are written well and appear helpful) then I will get to ordering soon.

          It better be an game that I wont regret! $17…

          • It’s worth $17 (that’s quite cheap for a squeenix game anyways). I don’t like games without voice actiing myself much and can’t bring myself to like most old SNES RPGs simply because they have to many annoying factors that newer RPGs no longer have (like inconvenient menu handling and random enemies and the likes) but Chrono Trigger definitely needs to be played at least once. I played the SNES version twice (and besides the Sailor Moon SNES RPG *coughs* it’s the only SNES RPG I played more than once… or even finished) and just recently I started feeling like playing the game again, so since I finished 4 Heroes of Light (which wasn’t even half as fun) I will finally play the DS version! <3

            Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

      • If you can get over your bias of “ye olde relics” and remakes, You’ll find a great series on the other side.

        • Kris

          They’ve ported it twice and added anime cutscenes, so maybe that will be enough to get him to play it?
          Definitely one of my favorite games of all time, and the DS port is pretty fantastic.

          • The DS port has anime cutscenes? Is it an modernized take on the game? (ie would I still be able to tell it is based on a ye retro olde game?)

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            JUST PLAY IT MY FRIEND. PLAY. PLEASE. NAO. You will have to convince your grandchildren the same way about the anime you currently love.

          • Kris

            It’s not exactly modernized, but Chrono Trigger has such a fluid and dynamic battle system that it’s more than up to par with modern RPGs. I hope that you enjoy it… And stop calling retro games “ye olde!” it’s annoying and doesn’t do much to help your rather unpopular viewpoint.

          • The PS1 version had the cutscenes too, but was basically the old SNES game. Not sure what the DS port is like.

            But seriously, when you wonder why we’re all so happy about nostalgia ports (btw, you do know that Skies of Arcadia did not have voice acting, right?), maybe it’s because there were some actual quality games, back in the day.

          • You won’t like it, it’s a 16-it game.

          • Code

            Yeahh, I’d definitely stick to the SNES or DS versions though, I adore the game and usually am really patience when it comes to load times — but PS1’s chunky load times reallly grinded my gears, the whole time back when I played it.

        • I lol’d at you and FireCouch’s comments.

        • lol, you make it sound so olde. Wikipedia describes it as an “enhanced remake” so that means it isnt just a remake but is enhanced, meaning it is the definitive superior version of the game. Therefore my interests have been piqued. I just hope for the love of all things under the sun, that the game doesnt feel retro :(

      • FireCouch

        It doesn’t have voice acting. You’d hate it.

        • As long as it doesnt have tomes of text then maybe, then I could maybe bypass the voice acting requirement I need satisfied…I hate to be left out not experiencing such a prolific game.

          • My friend, it was a JRPG made when mankind upheld good story, plot and battle system rather than a suggestive voice acting and a game that plays itself.In that age, the technology of voice acting was not known to men, and that is precisely why Crono travelled against time, fighting waves and waves of enemies trying to find his voice actor.Enough of my ramblings. My friend, you need to break out of that -no voice acting I won’t play it EVAR- and embrace the pre-2006 games. You’d be surprised on how many games that you’ve missed that wasn’t shooters and was fun. I’m quite sure most of the Siliconera-ites will have more than a dozen of titles to recommend to you that is not FF7. Heck, if you could play FF7, why can’t you play another game with ‘tomes of text’ that’s just as good, but not better?I’m not good with the language, but I’m trying really hard here, y’know? :DJust give some of them a try. But if ‘tomes of text’ really bother you, then probably you should just play current gen rpgs’. But they still have heckloads of text unvoiced :

            Edit: And notice my avatar. It’s from Shadow Hearts, one of the finest RPGs that ever graced the almighty Playstation 2 and probably one of the finest RPGs of all time, even it did have some difficulty probelms ^_^’

          • Aoshi00

            All hail Crono and Yuri, loved Shadow Hearts 1/2 too :) BTW, thanks for the input on RoF, will definitely try it out even though it’s very hard, give me the strength “Reanbell” (she will never be just plain “Leanne” to me!) to smite those formidable foes.. or just finish reading the tutorial lol..

          • If there’s ever an RPG series I’d want to see make it to the PS3, it’d be Shadow Hearts (and Suikoden). I loved the first two and really liked the third one. I started with Covenant, though.

          • kupomogli

            “rather than a suggestive voice acting and a game that plays itself.”

            I see what you did there. :P. While I enjoyed FF13 for about an hour, after it really kicks off and you play more of the game I agree 100% with this statement of yours(even if it’s not about FF13) to the point that I think FF13 is one of the worst RPGs I’ve ever played.

          • You really buff up the game. I never played FF7 actually, I was going to get it on the PSN but it just looked nasty.

            One last question about the game? Easy or casual mode? Does it have an actual true ending (I heard there are multiple endings but I dont like games that do that because then I can never tell which one is true)

          • SNES RPG = tomes of text.

            Shame, though, if you choose to miss out on it.

          • You can change the speed of battle and battle in Wait mode, where enemies don’t attack you while you’re picking a skill or item to use. It’ll make things so easy that you won’t even need a guide.

            Edit: Also the first ending you’ll most likely get is the true ending. You can try and confront the final boss earlier to get the other endings, but he’d wipe the floor with you unless you’re on a New Game+ playthrough.

      • malek86

        I must admit, I find CT to be a bit overrated, music aside. But it’s good enough to warrant playing through at least once. It’s not a massive game anyway, so you won’t waste too much time on it.

        • Ereek

          Seconded. I enjoyed the game and I think it’s good, but I don’t think it’s the best RPG of all time that people praise it up as. It’s worth a playthrough though.

          • It’s up there, though. I’d definitely have it in my top 10 RPG’s, but not #1 (which, incidentally, would be Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, followed by the original Valkyria Chronicles).

        • Aoshi00

          Don’t waste too much time? Are you kidding I must’ve played thru it like 15 times literally, or more lol. Come on man, when did you play CT the first time? I played it when I was 16 (right after FF6) and back then this had the graphics of FFX to PS2 or FF13 to PS3, everything about it was revolutionary, The battle system (enemy placement and free movement), Mass Effect-like conversation choices, dual and triple tech combos, and the story, char, multiple branched endings! The locales were so diverse and atmospheric I felt like I actually traveled in time, and what a memorable journey w/ Crono and gang. I remember I was looking and drooling over the screenshots of this game from some gaming mag in anticipation of its release. Of course if one plays it the first time years later, it’s going to be a different experience. I still think this is one of the best works from the dream team, that was “Square” for you.

          • This. <3

            Tho I was already 18 when I played it the first time, which was quite some time after FFX was released over here (which I didn't enjoy as much as CT. XD)

          • Aoshi00

            FFX was the last FF I thoroughly enjoyed, I bought that game w/ the PS2 system. CT was just so awesome back then, I was in high school, and just finished FF6 (FF3) by borrowing from a friend (I still have the gaming mag during the time of CT’s release, that was not internet back then lol), then I borrowed CT and eventually bought it from him because I want to keep the saves on the SNES cartridge. It just had everything and more that any RPG could ask for back in the 16bit days, even better than many RPGs today.. Like I said the graphics was unheard of during that time, I suppose the experience would be quite different for those who played it in 96 (or was it 95?) and those who get to play it years later.

          • I didn’t like FFX much, it looked georgous, right, but the characters where so lifeless to me. Yuna looked the same all the time. Gameplay- and landscapewise I adored the game alot. Some of the story elements also were quite cool and I liked the ending.. but uh, I dunno… I think I never really enjoyed any FF as much as others did. I love 9 and 6 and the others are okay to me. Tho Yuffie and Vincent are my OTP when it comes to video games… I think I mentioned that in a mail before… or not? …Speaking of mails…. *coughs* :P

          • Aoshi00

            Really? I thought they were so much more human and interesting than the whole FF13 crew, the interaction btwn the whole group was much more cohesive. I’m getting FF13 Int’l for the artbook and novel, I hope the goodies are worth it, easy mode is good too, I haven’t finished the Eng. ver on PS3 yet, I always thought the ending was very abrupt and was longing for a closure, the novel should do the job.

            Spira really marveled me, such a rich world w/ so much culture and history resembling our own (like Blitzball being their soccer :), 6, 7, & 9, 10 all had a special place in my heart, 8 much less so. Yes, I owe you and Vince an e-mail, lazy me *^*.. hope all is well :)!

      • SolidusSnake

        God, how is it that every time I view comments on silicon era I see this troll trolling and over 9000 replies telling him to STFU and play good games.

  • BK0000

    I wonder if they’ll include the Christmas version of Final Fantasy that they released on their website years ago.

  • It’s strange but I do actually find that Chrono tune kinda Christmas-y. I think I might just be importing a Christmas CD of all things.

  • Aoshi00

    It just proves that Chrono Trigger still has one of the best soundtrack in video game history even to this day. Usually I don’t like remixes or rearranged OSTs all that much, like the jazzy remix “The Brink of Time”, they took too much liberty and the music is beyond recognition, but the Chronotorious remix was amazing, all fans of CT have to give it a listen. Too bad the actual CD had a limited release, I could only buy the mp3s on Amazon, and they are missing a couple of tracks from the CD. Here’s some samples,

    How much I want a Chrono Trigger manga drawn by Toriyama, or Chrono 3, sigh..

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Didn’t someone try to remake Chrono Trigger and Square squished it?

      • Yeah, they were trying for an Xbox, GameCube, and PC release if I remember correctly. Looked pretty cool from what they had.

        • I could’ve sworn it was PC-only, but I could be wrong.

    • Kris

      Yasunori Mitsuda is one of my favorite composers ever, but Chrono Trigger still stands tall as my favorite soundtrack of his.

      • Aoshi00

        I can’t say Mitsuda’s my fav (I’m more of a Uematsu guy), but CT was definitely my fav of all time, I still listen to every track on that OST from time to time, never gets old. I mean Xenosaga Ep1 music was good, but not CT good, an awesome debut and still a classic, listening to it just gets your emotion flowing, and remembering all the epic, sad, and memorable scenes from the game.. Gooch/Horii/Toriyama + Mitsuda weren’t called the dream team for nothing.

      • I think Cross’s OST is slightly better than Trigger’s, but that’s just my opinion. But Yasunori Mitsuda still stands as one of my favourite composers. That is, after Shoji Meguro ^_^’

  • Kris

    This might be one of the few Christmas albums worth a purchase for me. I’m loving these arrangements!

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, I guess these are pretty good, still sound like the originals unlike some you can’t even tell anymore. Of course I’m a sucker for music from CT & FF7, both of which I consider the best from the respective masters.

  • I really want this CD now!

  • Draparde

    I find it funny how the XI Christmas music is just ripped from the game.

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