Super Mario All-Stars Grabs Leaf, Flies To America

By Spencer . October 28, 2010 . 7:43am

imageThe limited edition Super Mario All-Stars package is coming to North America just in time for the holidays. Nintendo announced the Wii game, soundtrack CD, and 32-page history book will be in stores on December 12.


Super Mario All-Stars contains four Mario games remade with 16-bit graphics and a save file on one disc: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.


Nintendo’s 25th anniversary Super Mario-All Stars limited edition will retail for $29.99.

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  • Psh, who’s going to buy this game? Millions and millions of people, that’s who. They’d be foolish not to bring it to North America

    • Code

      I miss your old avatar when it was a lion T_T’

      • I do, too. I may just make a new profile so I can keep that picture and have it not change with my facebook picture

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        And so I did. This is the new me. Although I’ll miss my liked-comments-to-total-comments ratio

        • Kris

          I’ll help you out there.

        • Code

          Likewise I mean seriously, who wouldn’t vote for a Lion!

  • It flew to my SNES like 20 years ago

  • Arcm

    Nice and cheap A BUY!

    • malek86

      That’s actually the opposite of my definition of “cheap” :P

      • Tom_Phoenix

        I have trouble figuring out if you are claiming that it isn’t cheap by price or that it isn’t cheap by quality. :P

        • malek86

          It isn’t a cheap game for sure, because it’s basically a SNES port for more than half the price of a new game. If they at least added World and 64…

          When they released that Zelda Collection on GC, it had two NES games and two N64 games. Now that’s more reasonable. If they had put LttP too, it would have been even better, but I understand they didn’t want to cannibalize sales of the new-released GBA version.

          But i don’t think they should have the same problem now, so I can’t see any reason why they didn’t include a couple other old games for that price.

      • When you consider the price of each individual game on the VC – 500 pts for 1-3, 600 for the Lost Levels – that’s $21 right there. Then add in the soundtrack CD and 32 page history book, it really is a good deal.

        • malek86

          Hey, I never said the VC games were cheap either.Notice a pattern? :P

  • TO think that the most compelling first party Nintendo game for this year is a Wii version of classic games. THat being said, buying this on day 1, Im such a sucker for soundtracks. It will be an interesting experience to finally play these Mario titles.

    • neo_firenze

      Um… are you forgetting Mario Galaxy 2?

      Sin & Punishment 2, Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong Country Returns are also all pretty compelling 2010 first party releases to me.

      • Mario Galaxy 2: Naseauting, lacked innovation, too similar to the previous entry, mario fatigue, didnt bring mario back to his roots, dull/boring storyline, series fatigueSin & Punishment 2: Way too short, questionable price tag, compelling story, forgettableKirby’s Epic Yarn: Way too childish, a piece of cake, graphically captivating, too short, not really epic, not the Kirby we were looking for, forgettableDonkey Kong Country Returns: Yet to be released, seems fun, graphically amazing, questionable music choice, like Metroid: Other M may be a bit too revolutionary leading people to be torn on the game.DKC:R is perhaps a compelling title, I think but Im overly cautious about it.

        • Code

          lol, I assure you Other: M’s problems didn’t lay with it being “too revolutionary” >w<; Just to clarify; your referring to YFU’s post not mine, I was talking about Other M not Galaxy 2 >ww<'

          • You’re seriously faulting Galaxy 2 for lacking in the story department?

          • malek86

            Eh, I never even fault any games for their lack of story. Heck, I’m even willing to sit through a crappy story in a RPG, if the battle system is good. Like Carmack once said:

            “Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It’s expected to be there, but it’s not that important.”

        • HerrProblembear

          So wait… you’re criticizing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for not “[bringing] Mario back to his roots”–yet, according to a previous comment you made, you have yet to play those very root games? Quoth you:

          “It will be an interesting experience to finally play these Mario titles.”


          • I thought New Super Mario Bros Wii, which seemed to have successfully boosted Wii Hardware sales, and I did get New Super Mario Bros Wii, was a game that brought Mario right back to his roots, ie, 2D sidescrolling fun.

            A)The gameplay was innovative (multiplayer! yus!)

            B)The story was compelling (Peach’s Birthday get gifts, Bowser always one step ahead versus in Galaxy (mini stories in each planets world that had nothing to do with Peach nor Rosalina, why do I need to do a swimming race!? how in the world does that relate to rescuing her?)

            C)It embraced the limited power of the Wii, did not the developers claim that they couldnt have online multiplayer support because it was just so much already going on in the game.

          • HerrProblembear

            I don’t disagree with you on those points–but you have yet to address mine. Which is that you faulted Super Mario Galaxy 2 for not being true to the series’ roots–yet you have yet to play those very root games. Shouldn’t you play those root games first before you criticize a later game for not being true to those roots?

          • Perhaps I live in a world of inferences which can be made after making informed observations, but from what I saw Galaxy is divergent from the series roots. I can physically see it. Is that not enough to be able to say it strays from the series roots?

          • HerrProblembear

            But had you actually played those root games, you’d see that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is indeed an offshoot of this tree. Just because it may not visually resemble Super Mario Bros. 1 -3 doesn’t mean its mechanics and feel aren’t informed by those games. I suppose at this point this is only a matter of differing opinions.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Yeah, while I thought that Mario Galaxy was a decent game, Galaxy 2 is just total rehash with the added gimmick of Yoshi. Seems to me this kind of lazy production would have been met with much more praise had it been Super Mario 64-2, when 3D games weren’t as common and still quite revolutionary.

  • BelmontHeir

    Proof that there was no way that Nintendo was ever gonna release this on the Virtual Console for a measly 800 points. Not when they could charge us $30. ;D

    But I’m not complaining. Only thing that gets me is how little space these games will take up on the DVD. Seems like a waste. Why not make this package REALLY awesome and toss in Super Mario World 1 & 2? Yoshi’s Island is still, inexplicably, not on the Virtual Console. But I guess I shouldn’t expect so much from the big N…

    • Oh man, real talk right here. I just stumbled across some dude’s Let’s Play of Yoshi’s Island earlier today…while the LP was worthless, seeing the game for the first time in maybe seven years reminded me how great it was and how fantastic the visuals still are.

      …I didn’t know it wasn’t even on VC. Damn shame!

    • Aoshi00

      They’re saving that for Collection 2 :). I wasn’t going to get this at $45 importing it (I heard the CD only has 10 music tracks and the rest are sound effects), but at $30 now we’re talking, just for old time’s sake greedy Nintendo :P

      • 10 Music tracks?! Gosh, if thats the case, I am majorly disappointed.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, seems like the CD’s very short only around 25 mins, w/ one track from each Mario game. One would expect a beefier soundtrack w/ 25yrs of Mario history. They were advertising so much about the goodies, bait and switch :)

  • I’ll be content to stick with my SNES copy, but I do want to get a look at the art in the history book sometime.

    • Your SNES still works? Theyre so olde that I cant even remember the last time I saw one in person, let alone one in working condition.

      • Code

        It might surprise you but SNES’s will out live any modern system easily x__x; There’s no moving parts in a SNES, as long as you keep them clean, they’ll still playing games long after Wii, 360, and PS3 has fallen apart, it’s because those systems require moving parts to spin a disc, which causes gradual wear on the system. At least Microsoft is fairly smart letting you “install” games to the HDD which does help a lot when it comes to saving your disc drive. But sadly this technique hasn’t been universally adopted yet, looking at you Sony omo; And ultimately still isn’t going to let them out live any cartridge based system.

        • To be hoenst practically all of Nintendos hardware have never really had any major problems (atleast all the Nintendo systems i’ve owned have never messed up on me unlike Sony and Microsofts systems).

          • Well the Polar White DS Lite had major hinge crack issues and warranty a free extension of warranty and replacement program since it seemed to exceed over 10% of units. I and many others had it happen.

          • Code

            Yeah I’ve never really had any major issues with any Nintendo systems myself, my SNES still works like the day I bought it (and it’s still the same color too) >w<~! Although I've known at least two friends who have had Wii's die on them this generation. And at one point I had to run a cleaning disc in mine, because it was starting to sound like a buzz saw.

      • HerrProblembear

        I’m sorry, but your posts seem to be nearly unfailingly obnoxious. Yes, I get it–you don’t like “ye olde” games. Very good; that phrase wasn’t funny the first time you used it, and it certainly isn’t the umpteenth time.

        It may come as a surprise to you that the SNES (and most gaming systems) will probably last decades provided their owner takes good care of them.

        Moreover, I can’t imagine what sort of backwater you live in that you’ve never seen a SNES before. I see them for sale all the time at any game store I visit in this city. The SNES is a perennial favorite on the used market–even from people who didn’t grow up with it.

        I understand that you may be a barely pubescent gamer that has not really lived in a world beyond the PS2. Fair enough. But please keep your obnoxiousness to yourself. Or failing that, at least come up with a more clever catchphrase.

        • That was rather mean. The last I checked gamestops, walmarts, toys r us, nor Target carry, nor have carried an SNES in stock for as long as I remember.

          And for the sake of clarity, I’ve never held the platform that I do not like ye olde games. I just find them to be rather archaic and classic that I cant see “goodness” in them. They can be epic groundbreaking titles that set the gaming genre a blaze with all games of today still paying homage and borrowing elements from them, but to me, the best part, no, the true essence of a game, is in power, innovation, presentation, embracing modern technology and delivering an excellent experience in sound and drama, which is an essence in which games of olde are not able to capture nor capitalize upon; except through innovative rehauls/remakes. Plus series start to experience fatigue rather quickly.

          • Code

            Although to be fair, calling them “ye olde” games is rather mean too z_z; Bah everything I said before in one ear and out the other, you should try playing some older games you’d likely be surprised what all you’ve missed out on. Also obviously your not going to find older systems at a lot of those stores, you probably won’t find a Wii, 360, or PS3 at those specific stores either 20 years from now either.

          • I wasnt using it in the old sense and I didnt exaggerate, certainly thats worth something. How about if I just call them vintage titles? Will that make me look less mean and less “foolish”?

          • HerrProblembear

            Again, I can only imagine what sort of backwoods place you live in. In the major metropolitan area I live in, the SNES is relatively easy to find either in stores or still hooked into some the TVs of some homes. Of course, they’re not going to be carried as brand new products in the stores you just mentioned. But to say that you can’t remember seeing one, let alone one that works makes you sound foolish.

            If you were trying to explain to me that you aren’t unduly biased against old games, you did a pretty poor job of explaining this to me. Indeed, your explanation only served to reaffirm that you don’t like old games precisely because they’re old. No crime in this, mind you–but at least be honest about your opinions.

  • Joanna

    Hmm, I really want that artbook and CD…but I already own all the games except for Lost Levels. I guess I’ll see whether I feel like buying this in December. xD

  • Tokyo Guy

    I’m sorry but this game is just absolutely appalling IMHO. With respect to the Japanese game, Nintendo has managed to charge almost 4X the price of this game’s would-be cost as a Virtual Console title, and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to improve it. No graphical improvements, no added content, no additional games (such as Super Mario World). The art book is absolutely pointless: no character designs, no extensive retrospection, nothing substantial whatsoever. So basically Nintendo took the laziest, most shameless way possible to “celebrate” the anniversary of Mario. Seems to me that it could have say, made a NEW Mario Bros collection or even (dare I say it) make a NEW 2D “retro” game. It truly bothers me that it is selling so many copies. Nintendo has consistently done this (see the eReader Famicom games and how much they cost) and they always get tons and tons of sales. It’s a shame customers don’t have more common sense and a louder voice, because if they were to actually complain and call out companies like this for their downright greedy practices, maybe this would have been more than a lame emulation charged at near-new game prices.

    I’m sorry for being so negative here, but quite simply, there is no reason whatsoever why this isn’t an 800yen SFC VC game. I could understand if there was no VC platform and then Nintendo could “justify” the release in terms of their being no other way to deliver it, but when you literally emulate a game almost 20 years old, charge 2500yen (which is now $31) , and then throw in a lame book and a joke of a CD, it’s quite a birthday party-at the consumer’s expense.

  • YES

  • I Am so happy

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