Radiant Historia Has "Many" Endings

By Spencer . October 29, 2010 . 5:09pm

imageOne trip through Radiant Historia takes players between 30-35 hours, Beyond the final boss fight, Atlus prepared post-game content to complete.


During a webcast, the development team said Radiant Histroia has "many" endings. The endings are "parallel endings" for the main character. Radiant Historia lets players travel through time and change past events. After seeing an ending players can re-view it. Radiant Historia gives players three save slots, so it’s possible to save at key decision making points just to reload and go on a different path.


Radiant Historia gives players a choice between using the stylus or not using it. You can play through the entire game either way. Protip just in case Radiant Historia comes to North America. If you use the "steal" command and overkill an enemy you have a higher chance of getting an enemy item. Otherwise there’s only a low probability of obtaining something.


Radiant Historia makes its debut in Japan on November 3.

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  • Rarutos

    I hope this comes out in English! If Atlus is publishing it in Japan, then we may have a chance! <3

    Besides, Shimotsuki Haruka sings in it. :3

  • Odd, thats a awesome looking image of the game. Otherwise the multiple ending idea I am torn on in games. I never felt it to be a sincere way of enhancing replay value because of the expectation to play through a game to see an, at most, 10-15 second altered ending…Maybe if the endings were of more substance and actually much different and variable I would be excited.

    Though, Im commenting way too far in advance as there is no telling of how altered the dialogue options will be for the endings employed in this game since the game is not in hand yet.

    • Code

      Although I do enjoy multiple endings, I definitely understand what you mean about it not exactly enhancing replay value in a way that can be all that appreciated for a player who might not want to go through the game a ton of times. Although it could be handled similar to Chrono Trigger where your first play through you have access to several endings, but afterwords you can get a whole variety of endings without completely playing through the game. Like there’s one ending you can get 10 minutes in, and another like 30 minutes in and then a bunch even just a few hours into the game. If nothing else it gives you something fun to do if you feel like playing through the games again down the road.Although to date my FAVORITE alternate ending was in Metal Saga, in the first 2 minutes of the game your asked if you want to be an adventurer or stay at home and become a mechanic — and that second option will start the credit roll instantly — I’ve never beaten a game so fast, nor have I ever laughed so hard during a credit sequence.

      • Code

        rar, actually thinking on it Metal Saga has a NUMBER of favorite endings for me, the muscle cult ending was equally hilarious and by far one of gaming’s greatest achievements.

      • Draparde

        lol yeah extra endings are mostly fluff to me. though some i do enjoy getting, such as tales of symphonia’s though that was more of a major story change, rather than just the ending.

        i alwaays love those random endings lol, i almost think about losing the the rival character on every new disgaea just to see the ending that i know would ensue xD

    • Two words+(two words): Butterfly Effect (the theory)

    • PersonaBull

      Considering it says you can use the three save slots for branching (turning points in the storyline) I’d assume it’s not so much multiple endings as it is multiple storylines towards what could be vastly different endings.

      It sounds kinda like Ar Tonelico in that sense.

      Personally, if using a branching storyline would enhance replay value, I most certainly wouldn’t waste my save files on the same playthrough for that extra boost of replayable goodness.

      • There are branches, but I was implying that the save slots can be used that way. That’s what I would use them for!

        • PersonaBull

          Haha, yea, I know exactly what you mean :P For some reason, I’m one of those people that has to play a game beginning to end. I can’t just pick up a game I haven’t played in 2 months and start from halfway through >..>

    • Valid point, but even without the multiple endings, it’s still a 30 hour game: that’s more than most games you’d find these days. If the game having weak multiple endings is enough to deter you, even if the core game is amazing, I don’t know what to tell ou.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    In my mind this is the Chrono Trigger sequel I’ve been waiting for.

    • Code

      Yeahh, I kind of have similar feelings — although I don’t know if it’ll live up to Chrono Trigger for me, this game could finally give me my time traveling fix that has left unfulfilled for so very, very, long.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Those are some big shoes to fill, son.

  • Code

    rar, although I’ve watched this game casually, but with each and every post it’s becoming more of a “must have” title for me. Seriously I love time travel stories, and this looks like it could be an exceptionally good one, if that turns out to be the case you can count me in day one TwT

  • I love when they have multiple endings, it makes the game more personal xD

  • This game just keeps getting better.

  • The games with many ending need many routes too for more replay value.

  • Time travel + multiple endings + the control choice + adorable graphics + a decent looking, non whimpy hero…. there’s no way this can’t be epic win. (At least to me) If I hadn’t been before, now I’m sold for sure.

    I also cannot imagine Atlus US not publishing this. Probably the first RPG I’m really looking forward to since P4. Wohoo!

  • jj984jj

    Hopefully they fix the walking sound effect. It looks fun so they shouldn’t let something like that ruin their entire game. It’d be pretty grating to hear throughout the whole game, never mind multiple playthroughs.

    • Tokyo Guy

      It was not fixed in the final build.

  • FireCouch

    If this game gets good reviews it may make me touch my DS for the first time in years.

  • Joanna

    It’s great that even so late in it’s life, the DS is still getting such interesting games. I think I’ll be hitting 100 DS games soon. xD

  • Tokyo Guy

    There is no need to use 3 different save slots to replay the game. You can, at any given time, return to a main story branch point simply by visiting a save location.

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